Queen’s Blade GoTM 5: Most Well Written Episode of the Series

This episode was a good anime episode by any standard. But wait, what episode of Queen’s Blade isn’t absolutely awesome?

Let’s look at the facts:

First off is the continuation of Reina (worst character ever) and that dwarf loli whose name I always forget (It’s Ymir, as I find out later in the post). During this fight, we are given a tutorial of not only how much Reina sucks as a fighter, but how bad she is as a character.

Reina struggling against a mere loli.

Reina can't beat a loli dwarf half her size. Loser.

That's cuz you suck

That's cuz you suck.

Holy shit you suck

Holy shit you suck.

At this point, Reina has been worn down considerably by the heat and attacks of Ymir the dwarf (I remembered her name!). She’s about to lose. Naturally, the outcome is…

I know, I cant believe it either.

I know, I cant believe it either.

Okay, so let me get this straight, she was losing the whole time, and then at the last second, she won because she thought. “I can’t lose”? That is easily the most unoriginal aspect a character can have in any show. “I can’t lose” doesn’t suddenly make you super strong. If Reina was smart, she would just use her Dragon move in the beginning. I hate Reina, and I hate the fact that she still hasn’t fallen off a cliff.


So next is the fight between Cattleya with child vs Airi, who, after this episode, became a favorite of mine, because…well, I’ll tell you later. In this battle Airi is can’t really get to Cattleya (who has some big ass arms by the way….obviously from all the blacksmithing). Then, she’s had enough playing around, and uses her…uhh….soul searchers? (Airi is a lot like Kikyou in that aspect, except Kikyou lose her clothes when she’s low on life force) and separates both Cattleya, her weapon, and her child. She then goes to attack Cattleya, who pulls out a big fucking sword, and….well…here:

All sorts of hell is about to be unleased all over you.

All sorts of hell is about to be unleashed all over you.

You are so fucked

You are so fucked.



The scene was fucking awesome. I shat all over my wall at this scene. not even lying (maybe a little bit). So Airi gets flung across the room into the yellow ice piss stone things, and one pins her down. Cattleya points her blade at Airi, telling her to admit defeat, when a HUGE BIT of IRONY happens (I LOVE irony….that reminds me, I still have to write a post about it….).

So you know the stone that is pinning Airi down, and could be the potential reason for her losing this match? It turns out, that in this stone, is the body of Cattleya’s husband! OHHHHH SHITTTTT!! Now the tables are turned. Instead of the stone giving the advantage to Cattleya, the advantage is suddenly Airi’s, as Cattleya becomes depressed, expressing apathy toward the match, and life in general. I guess her child is sad too.

I don't know why youre crying, he's obviously not dead, because that would mean that Mellon would be dead, but we all know that she'll be back sometime around the middle or end of the show.

I don't know why youre crying, he's obviously not dead, because that would mean that Melona would be dead, but we all know that she'll be back sometime around the middle or end of the show.

This awesome bit of writing surprised me. In fact, this episode in general had some pretty cool plot twists. As Airi escapes with the child, she runs into hot, evil Risty, who is both hot and evil. Hot Evil Risty (HE Risty) is about to kill Airi, when the child steps in, and HE Risty is reminded of the orphanage, and loses her head. Airi and the child escape, and end up teaming up blah blah blah. Long story short:

WINNER: Airi!? (unexpected!)

Next episode we have Claudette (who I hate) vs Celona? I forget her name too. But we also have some awesomeness, as HE Risty is ordered to kill Irma, who is fucking awesome and better not lose. By the way, some good directing when Aldra told HE Risty to go “kill a stray cat”, the scene flashed to Irma feeding a stray cat. Okay it wasn’t that great….but I liked it, so fuck off. I can’t fucking wait for next episode.

Now I will talk about Airi, and why she’s awesome. First of all, I did NOT expect her to win (although she pretty much lost)….I should say, I didn’t expect the writers to advance her to the next round, because she’s not that main of a character. I mean, Celona or whatever is definitely gonna lose, but this outcome was a surprise. Also, just like Transformers, she’s more than meets the eye. She pretends to be bad, but really, she’s probably the most normal (realistic) character in the show. Even her boobs are a normal size (still big….but not huge…a good size). She’s the only sane person in Queen’s Blade, and that’s kind of cool (it really doesn’t sound cool at all does it…… you know what? Fuck you then).

SIDE NOTE: Anyone else realize that there’s much less crazy fanservice in the episodes of late? Why is Queen’s Blade becoming more normal? I’m not sure about how I feel about that.


4 thoughts on “Queen’s Blade GoTM 5: Most Well Written Episode of the Series

  1. The Egyptian chick’s name is Menace.

    If you’re disappointed that there’s not enough fanservice, check out the Queen’s Blade OVAs. They make the plot of the regular series look Death Note in comparison.

  2. Yeah, this was actually a decent episode even by normal standards. Let’s see how long that’ll last.

    Like Baka-Raptor said, the Queen’s Blade OVAs are even more about fanservice than Queen’s Blade itself.

  3. OH MAI GAH! It’s Krauser-san’s 12 rapes in one line!!FUCK!!
    The only complaint I have about the OVAs is that they are too short.

  4. @ Baka-Raptor: Oh duh. I suck. I watched one of the Queen’s Blade OVAs, then I decided it was too fucking stupid even for me.

    @ TJ: I can’t wait till everyone breaks out of the frozen yellow ice piss stuff… Can you imagine all the perversion that will take place with Mellona, the tentacle raping weapon, and everyone else suddenly unleased?

    @ Dez691: 12 Rapes, YES. I have only seen one OVA, and yes, it was really short.

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