The True Story of Thanksgiving

Oh, hello, this post is late. Oh well, I’m going to make it anyway (if it were up to me, Thanksgiving would last all November). Anyway, you thought that the Pilgrims and Indians gave thanks on Thanksgiving, and celebrated the harvest and all that bull, didn’t you? Well you were wrong. They just wanted to get drunk. I bet you also thought that they had no technology, like digital cameras. Wrong again. In fact, I have real footage from the first Thanksgiving, which actually took place on November 25th (which is coincidentally my birthday…yea I’m 22 years old and a waste of life, and I don’t care at all).

Here, we see fellow settlers from the Mayflower and local natives posing before their celebration. Take note of the small child, who won the costume contest (even though they weren’t wearing costumes, as this is how they dressed back then).

Here we see Natives and Settlers exchanging a peace treaty, a full Cornacopia for the world’s first ever Corona. Put both items together, and you have a Coronacopia (ba-dum kishhh)…..Anyone? Anyone?

Here we see Natives dressed in their attire from the time (no, they weren’t cold, they were men). Note the indian all the way to the right. He started the first casino, and was an inspiration to many.

Here, it appears as though some Indians got a hold of the fire water a bit early. Shhhhotttt doogggggg!

Here, we see an Indian embracing the ways of God, and the Puritan church. Stupid Indian, everyone knows that Puritans are hypocrites.

Here, we have the famed, Thanksgiving Asian. He was known as the only Asian during Thanksgiving (except for the other two that show up later), and was  known to drive his horse and buggy back to his hut while still a bit too rambunctious, resulting in a fender bender. He became the backbone behind the stereotype that we now refer to as “Asians can’t drive for shit.”

Here we see the first ever game of beer pong. It was a game played by Natives, and was first shown to Pilgrims (and Asians) on this fateful celebration. it appears that bicycles and garage doors were also invented during this time.

Here we see another Native custom, called, “Pin the Beer on the Beer”. In this Native game, a blindfolded native or Pilgrim is given a  paper printout of a Corona bottle, and must place it on the missing beer. I have come to believe that Natives also were able to travel through time, because they somehow got pictures of me in my flamingo outfit. Amazing.

At this point of the celebration, the Indian who had plans of building a casino had already built, and prospered from said casino, and here are two employees of him. I don’t know, they look more like ginnys pretending to be Indians.

I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf mutes.”

Contrary to popular belief, no one ate Turkeys on Thanksgiving. Instead, they admired the hot bodies of the Turkeys, who had hot bodies.

Here we see one Indian (front) looking like a huge fag, while the Indian in the back is apparently trying to kill the hottest of the turkeys (it’s an Asian turkey I mean come on). However, The turkey fends off this Hatchet attack with an Italian Scuzzatch move (take you fingers as she is doing, and move them up and down while saying something like….ba fungul!). The Indian was not beheaded for his rash actions.

At this point in the celebration, a Pilgrim called out a Native’s mother, and moods were high and tempers flarred, due to the alcohol, and it was decided that the Pilgrim must be beheaded for the sake of Peace.

Instead of beheading the Pilgrim (seen on the left) the Pilgrims got more drunk, and played Never have I Ever, and King’s Cup, both of which are shitty games invented by Pilgrims (Puritans are boring). this game made one Indian (seen right) blackout drunk.

I have a feeling that this must be an ancestor of mine, considering that he looks God damn amazing….look at those hammys! Certainly a proud warrior….probably 22 years old.

If you’re wondering how I managed to find these true depictions of the first Thanksgiving, I have no answer for you. I just found them Happy Thanksgiving everyone (belated).


Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part XV: “Q-R”

I only had one “Q”, so I just threw it in with the”Rs”. My list is starting to wind down, believe it or not. And I really haven’t watched as much anime as I thought (over time). Still, considering that I spent about a month and a half of my life watching anime (this counts shows like One Piece, which I have watched 377 episodes of), I’d say that I still watched a crap load of anime in my lifetime (think about that….a month and a half straight).

While I’m on that topic, you may realize that shows like One Piece and Bleach (shows that I’ve seen quite a few episodes of, but haven’t finished), are not on this character list. That it because they aren’t finished yet. I decided not to put the 20+ shows that I’m currently in the process of watching on this list because I have instead elected to add my favorite character from said show to The Character Page whenever I finish a show. Likewise, whenever I list a character from a show (in these posts), assume that the show in question has been completed unless I’ve said otherwise.

Queen’s Blade – Allean

Queen’s Blade is great. It has boobs. I’m not a fan of fanservice anime much. But hey, boobs are great. Allean kicks ass (as I’ve said and taken back many times). Allean:

  • Looks the best. I mean, with clothes, without… doesn’t matter, she’s aesthetically pleasing.
  • Her personality, frankly, I think she’s fed up with her stupid loli sidekick, but realizes that she’s kind of stuck with her (this might be nothing more than a hopeful assumption by me). But her personality is so serious, that it makes her stand out amongst the other characters, who are all ridiculous in some way. She has one facial expression, and that’s determination.
  • Just fucking look at her.

I think I made my point.

Rizelmine – Tomonori Iwaki

Tomo is the epitome of someone who is not a pedophile. He’s actually the man. In this series, Tomo is someone who only likes older women, specifically, his teacher, who is a hot babe. He even puts the moves on her, and in my opinion, could have had a serious chance at copping some sensei ass if he kept going.

Subsequently, he hates lolis. Take note of Rizel in the picture above. He usually gets annoyed with the simple fact that she even likes him, and routinely punts Rizel, abuses her, and treats her like general shit. That is, until, he sees what adult Rizel looks like. When this happens, he notices boobs, and stupidly loses sight of his babe teacher. Overall I actually liked this anime a fair amount. I thought it was hilarious, and enjoyed it’s repetitive humor (which I sometimes like, and sometimes dislike, in this case, it mainly involved punting lolis, so I found it acceptable). Rizelmine was awesome. And yes, Rie Kugimiya played the voice of Rizel perfectly.

Rosario + Vampire/Capu2 – Mizore Shirayuki

Speaking of Rie Kugimiya, here’s a somewhat surprising character for her to voice (in a good way). She may be smiling in the picture, but don’t let it fool you, she doesn’t smile much. This is a good thing, because her character type is that of a shy girl, who has a crush on the main character. Oh, and she’s a stalker. She is an awesome stalker. She takes her stalking seriously, and is very good at it. In fact, I’m hoping that she ends up turning into a real life person somehow, and starts stalking me. I would let her stalk me for ages (a week) until I gave in and let her become my slave for like. Let me list off some things that make her awesome (or else I’ll start to ramble).

  • She is a stalker.
  • She has high, horizontal striped socks (or thigh highs or whatever they’re called idk), and they’re PURPLE (best color ever since colors were brought into this world by
  • She has awesome Ice Powers that look really fucking awesome when used as claws.
  • She has an odd strap attached to her leg that as far as I can tell serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.
  • She enjoys lolipoops…….I mean lolipops.
  • Rie Kugimiya.
  • Will fuck you up.
  • She doesn’t talk much (typical stalker fashion) and knows for a fact that she will marry Tsukune.

That’s about it. The runner up (which I have to mention) can be none other than Normal Moka (with the rosary not attached) because she’s a true ass kicker who does give a shit. But I will generally always choose a stalker figure (I messed that up in Gantz when I chose the wrong person).

Rozen Maiden (all seasons) – Suigintou

Well it obviously wasn’t going to be Jun (he plays with fuckin dolls), so who could I choose? Well duh, obviously the most badass doll there is, Suigintou. Rie Tanaka (who is AWESOME) voices her (isn’t it weird that my two favorite seiyu are both “Rie”?) and does a good job as usual…

Now the thing about Suigintou is that she is considered at first to be the “bad guy” in that she wants to win the Alice Contest (I think that’s what it’s called…it’s been a while since I watched this). and will do so at any cost. She’ll use any tactics it takes, even if that means using some….err…harsh tactics to get ahead (she’ll kill you). Besides that, her character design is fuckin great and she also hates Shinku, and since I think that Shinku is a stuck up bitch, I can relate.

Rurouni Kenshin – Himura Kenshin

The main reason why Kenshin wins quite easily for me (besides the fact that he kicks ass), is his dark past, where he killed people like it was his job (cuz it was). In the English dub, he is called The Man Slayer. What sounds more badass than manslaughter? Nothing. That’s a bad ass name. However, Kenshin wants to make up for his dark past. Of course, even with accepting his new life at the dojo, he still has to beat ass on many occasions, and does so swiftly and with bad assary.

Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part XIV: “P”

That’s right, I have no “O”s…..well, unless you count the Japanese spelling of something like Spice and Wolf (which is such a good show that it isn’t even funny). Apparently I didn’t, so here is “P”.

Pandora Hearts – Alice

I literally just finished this today, Nov, 23, so I had to go back into my draft and add this. It was honestly one of the easiest decisions I’ve had yet. The only person who cam anywhere close was Echo, who was awesome, but not nearly as awesome as Alice was. I might even go as far as to say that Alice is one of the coolest female characters ever (most characters I’ve chose have been predominantly female for some reason…..probably because most male characters are never actually the main character (even in a Harem, they aren’t so much a main character as they are a reason for the girls to act like they do), and are all pretty much the same.

Alice kicks complete ass for several awesome reasons:

  • She loves meat. Like, almost as much as me. In fact, I watched an episode today, and immediately went and grilled 6 steaks (not lying). Being meat, they were all really good.
  • She likes to beat people’s asses. This is awesome.
  • From the second you first meet her, you can tell that she knows she’s the shit. She has that whole aura about her that immediatly makes you think, “This bitch is BA and she knows it.”
  • She’s a half tsundere.

That’s right, a half tsundere. Most people would argue that she’s a full tsundere, but in one episode, when Sharon tells her about romance, she remarks “What is this romance? Is it tasty?” She doesn’t really bottle her feelings of love for the emo stricken, stupid OZ, she simply doesn’t know whaat those feelings are……..ugh, okay that is exactly what a tsundere is pretty much……I can’t explain it, but as of now, she is a half tsundere. Anyone know if there’s going to be another season? Because there wasn’t any conclusion at all, and that leads me to believe that there will be one….I don’t know how I fell about the series, I’ll probably write a review sometime, and just talk more in depth about Alice, who is fucking great.

Pani Poni Dash! – Himeko Katagiri

Smart Idea: watching Pani Poni Dash!

Not Such A Smart Idea: Watching Pani Poni Dash right in the beginning of one’s anime watching career (not that it’s actually a career….that would be nice).

Pani Poni Dash deals heavily with parody, such as anime, and to tell the truth, Ididn’t get many of the parodies. Did this mean that I disliked the anime? Fuck no, I thought it was great. But I want to go back and rewatch it one of these days.

Himeko grabs the top spot for this anime because she’s….well….eccentric. She’s crazy, odd, and….well she’s a lot like Tomo from Azumanga Daioh. She’s just full of energy (like me most of the time). I wish I had a picture with her ahoge, which is her defining feature (its a thing of hair that sticks up). I like the ahoge because it pretty much has a life of its own. I can move and….stuff….uh…..I lost myself….I remember one episode where they pulled it off, and she suddenly had no energy. That’s a weird trait if you ask me! I love weird traits.

Himeko wins (I hope I didn’t misremember anything here.)

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Cal Devens

I previously stated that she was my favorite character, and this is mainly because I found the characters to be kind of flat in this anime, but she was not. She was awesome. First and foremost, she defies the laws of time, as she transforms from a small, 12 year old, flat chested loli, into a tall, busty blonde, who kills people and looks like a 24 year old. Personally, I don’t like the small child form much, because she lived me dream of having a stack of wrapped burgers in front of her, and that cause jealousy. No, I like the older, killing machine Cal, because she’s almost bad ass.

Older Cal rides a motorcycle. She rides it, into a Chinese restaurant and kills everyone in there, even people on her side. Point one for older Cal.

Younger Cal cries and whines. Point down for Younger Cal.

Older Cal takes out her pocket watch, lets it play, and when the song finishes, she and whoever she’s trying to kill have a duel. She always wins (……).

Younger Cal was eager to become an assassin, and was a natural with a gun right off the bat, and even did a bad ass impression of Robert Di Nero from Taxi Driver. Okay, give a point to Younger Cal.

Older Cal is hellbent on misguided revenge. Definitely a point there.

Younger Cal is hellbent on misguided revenge, but wants Reiji to do it for her. What a pussy. Minus a point

Final Tally = OC: 3 YC: 1

Okay, so what does that mean? Nothing. That tally actually has no effect on anything, other than stating that I like older Cal more. They’re still the same character though, which means I obviously like how Cal grew up from an innocent girl into a cold blooded killer. What’s better than that? A lot of things, but it’s still an awesome concept. One thing with the watch….I’m almost positive that that’s from a Clint Eastwood movie. (I said this last time, yet got no answer….I really want to know).

EDIT: It was For A Few Dollars More (my favorite of that trilogy).

Potemayo -Guchuko

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I actually did waste my time and I actually did actually watch this show. Why? Because it had Rie Kugimiya in it, and I will watch literally anything she’s in (why do you think I’m wasting time struggling through the shit pile that is Kanememo?) What did I think about it? It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. I ended up giving it a mid range 4 (which isn’t good, but isn’t bad). Who was my favorite character? Well there are two options:

Option #1: Guchuko

Guchuko is a scythe wielding…..uh….furby? Let me explain that. Potemayo and Guchuko are both these weird creatures that came out of the main character’s fridge, and have no purpose except to me moe. In fact, the only reason I’m considering Guchuko for the top spot is because she is the only character that carries a weapon, and she cuts shit up. Not only that, but she also doesn’t like people, nor does she interact with them. In fact, she just shoots energy blasts at them from her worms or whatever she has on the side of her head. This makes her 12 times more bad ass then the next closest character to being bad ass in the show, and that character would probably be my other option. Other then that, she’s pretty much the tsundere form of Potemayo. This show would have sucked if not for the semi-decent comedy, which was pleasantly semi decent, and sometimes sexually humorous.

Option #2: Nene Kasugan

Guess who voices this character? Duhhh. Rie Kugimiya. And she has such an unusually high pitch for it two, but the character of Nene (who has the same name as the best fuckin Center ever) constantly changes her voice to do impressions, which are always perfect. She also kicks the shit out of her brothers, and even her mother, both mentally and physically. Hmm….who should I choose (If you looked at the picture, then you already know who I choose, but I’m not there yet).

Okay, Ichose Guchuko, because she just seems to hate people (except what’s her name, the girl who found Guchuko). This show probably had one of the stupidest plots ever made. At least it was moderately funny.

Puni Puni Poemi – Nabeshin

No, this isn’t some sort of typo, but who would have though that a character would appear TWICE on this list? Granted, this was a two episode OVA, but I think that it was the funniest two episode anything ever. Most people think it annoying, but I was laughing my balls off (they literally fell off. Luckily, I can re-grow my balls). The amount of 4th wall breakage, random ass shit, sexual humor, and more random ass shit, was just ultimately amusing for me. And Nabeshin was awesome, even though he wasn’t in much.

Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part XIII: “N”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. My Thanksgiving was hit and miss, off and on. I had a lot of fun, but also apparently made a jackass of myself (I can’t remember). Looks like I suck. Anyway, while I actually have some time, here’s this.

Naruto – Shikamaru Nara

I find myself only now semi-agreeing with…whoever it was I sort of half disagreed with (I can’t find it, but they had him in their top ten characters….crap I thought I was subscribed too). But yea, Shikamaru is pretty awesome, for these main facts:

  • He really doesn’t give a shit.
  • He’d rather sleep.
  • He’s still a fucking nasty tactician.

He’s not really the greatest fighter of the cast (I mean, if it’s cloudy, he’s kind of fucked). But damn it, he used his skills (as well as other people’s skills) to the best of their ability. Why else do you think he’s so much farther than everyone else, class wise? It’s because he’s a genius. But at the end of the day, to him, everything is just “troublesome”.

I actually liked Naruto, but then I did a stupid thing and watched all of the filler episodes…….Naruto sucks.

EDIT: It was YUMEKA! (smacks himself in the face)

Natsu no Arashi – Sayaka

I was close, my friends. Very close, to choosing Salt Guy, because he gave us (or me at least) a running joke that will never get old. I love running jokes. But then I remembered, Sayaka is the shit.

Whenever I hear or read, “Natsu no Arashi”, the upward picture immediately pops into my head. That’s such a sick pose. So we already know that Sayako is good at poses, but what else? Well, she’s a con artist. Con artists are awesome. They’re almost as cool as bounty hunters! Now, when I hear the term, “Con artist” I immediately think of Sawyer from LOST. Sawyer kicks ass.

The only drawback from Sayako is that she really doesn’t understand Time Travel. Whenever something goes bad (like milk) she tells them to go back in time and return it, or drink it. It’s still going to be spoiled even if you bring it back in time……I mean a person doesn’t age when they go back in time, so there. I guess in the end I just like how her character is a bit rough around the edges.

Negima!? – Motsu

Personally, I think that this is the only logical choice. Well, okay pretty much every character kicked ass in this anime. So funny, so great, so awesome. Who directed it again (BAM). So yea, Motsu wins simply because he gave us the quote, “in a good way”, in a good way. I mean, no matter what the subject matter of the sentence is, he seems to end with, “in a good way” every time. I wish everyone saw this so I could actually use the quote, “in a good way” more often. It’s just not funny if no one gets the reference.

Besides the quote, Motsu somehow gets sucked into becoming Sasaki’s father, which is hilarious in itself. The anime was actually awesome.

NOTE: I have sense started reading the manga, and it’s good.

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Misato Katsuragi

Most people tend to go for either Rei or Asura. While both are indeed quite awesome, it is in my opinion that Misato is the best character of this entire show. Her mere presence in scenes makes the show better, and I found myself more interested in her story than Shinji the emo’s story.

Misato is great, and don’t just take my word for it, Shinji’s entire class seemed obsessed with her beauty awesomeness. One kid even video’s her. And as you can tell, she enjoys her beer, and also lives with a genetically altered penguin, which is pretty fuckin cool.

Misato, besides the traits already discussed, Is great at her job. I mean, she’s pretty much the most important person at NERV:

  • She brought in Shinji and others.
  • She is in charge of battle operations (or something).
  • It is her job to rule and kick ass.

I also like her backstory, about how she was in the first, Angel incident, and was in fact the only survivor. Everything is cool

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – Hazuki Sakurazaka

Haruka might have had what it takes to be a good wife of mine had she been a living, actual human, but that doesn’t mean she’s my favorite character in this anime. Hazuki kicks a serious amount of ass in this show, and if you don’t believe me then you’re a big stupid head.

One of the main reasons why I prefer Hazuki could be because I feel like Kaori Shimizu (Lain, Serial Experiments Lain) does a fantastic job voicing her. She gives her that dull, emotionless, deep voice, and as you must surly know by now, the emotionless characters are of my favorite genre.

But what’s better than an emotionless character? How about an emotionless character with emotion? Is that even possible? Yes. As it turns out Hazuki loves stuffed animals, and her entire personality seems to change when she’s around them. This is just awesome. She has also been known to wield a chainsaw.

Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part XII: “M”

Okay, I’m going to post this earlier today because I have a fucking awesome ass 22nd B-Day party to attend to, where the theme is Pilgrims and Indians, and I will be an awesome Indian with an almost loincloth going on, which I am excited about. I’m going to get hammered, so you can see why posting later might be troublesome for me. Anyway, I have a lot “M’s” then some previous posts, so this one won’t be as short.

Magipoka – Liru

Meat = Win

Liru is awesome. She’s got energy, charisma, and she’s a werewolf, which can only mean one thing: She likes meat. I like meat. Meat is awesome. There’s nothing better than a good steak. Liru pretty much made this series good (yes, I thought it was pretty good). She’s a much better character than that shitty robot girl, Aika. Aika sucked.

Mahou Sensei Negima! – Setsuna Sakurazaki

This one was kind of difficult…not because of the characters, but because I’m not really sure if I should include “Negima!?” the second series/retelling thingy or not. I mean, it has all of the characters, but it is a completely different show. In the end, I decided that I do in fact have a different favorite character for Negima!? then I do for Mahou Sensei Negima! (On a side note, I heard they were making a new season? If that’s true, that’s awesome!)

So what makes Setsuna so God damn great? Well there are actually several things. First and foremost, she carries with her a completely awesome samurai sword (of course, all samurai swords are awesome, I know, I have one). Girls who wield samurai swords (whether it be in a manga, anime, real life, novel etc.) are all fucking really cool (so are guys that wield them…I know, because I ha-

We get it. Enough.

Errr, right. So besides the sword what else makes her better than say, Asuna? Well, at this point I’d like to direct you to the awesome picture that I provided for you. See it? Are you looking? Obviously not, if you’re reading th-

Stop with that shit.

…why do you keep interrupting me? This is my post, not yours. If you were writing it then I sure as hell wouln’t interru-

Oh, if it were MY post? When the fuck am I going to be able to write a post? I’m just a voice of disagreement in your posts, I say things to disagree with you. That’s my job. That’s my purpose, so to write a post would completely defeat that purpose. How th-

How about this, if you stop interrupting me, I’ll let you write a post? Okay?

…fine. It’s a deal, and I’ll hold you to it.

Okay, so as I was saying, are you looking at the picture? Notice the hair. Is that not the most awesome hair you’ve ever seen in your days? If I ever saw a girl who was Japanese, and she had hair like that, I would date her. The end.

However, there is one more reason to her greatness, and that can be summed up in on word, a word that begins with “Y” and ends with “I”. I am, of course referring to the word, youcandefinitelytellthatSetsunahasfeelingsforKonokaandthatmeansthatshehasshadesofyuri. It’s a pretty long word, but it does well to add to her greatness……Time to start the manga methinks, because after I wrote this, I took a look at her bio and realized that she’s way more awesome then she was in the anime.

Mai HiME -Miyu “M.I.Y.U” Glear

First of all, what a fucking great anime, even if the end was kind of corny and stupid (everyone suddenly comes back alive? Gay. I can’t remember how the manga ended, but I know that the manga was fuckin awesome too.). So the obvious choice for the anime is Miyu, the android babe who is, like the show, fuckin awesome.

So wait, let me backtrack for a bit. What was the best part of Mai HiME? Obviously, it was the sick fighting, and even sicker use of technology, and that especially includes the animation of such technology being used. And of these technologies being used, Miyu’s was certainly the most awesome, most unique, and looked the coolest. Don’t believe me? Just look.

So I think we’ve established that Miyu certainly kicked ass, and besides that, her personality is one of all business. That’s it. That’s why she wins. To be fair, I liked pretty much all of the characters in this show.

Mai Otome – Arika Yumemiya

I actually agonized over who to choose. Mai Otome kicked ass because, unlike Mai HiME, it didn’t focus on stupid love as the main source for their powers, and instead focused on actual technology (nano bots). This made the show awesome, and so did the fact that the characters were all from Mai HiME, except that they were playing different roles. This was fucking awesome. The characters had the same names, same seiyu, and same appearance, but everything about them was semi-different (there’s a sentence that contradicts itself). There were a few settings that were exactly the same (like the bar) and that made it even better.

As far as character goes, I have no idea if I made the right choice….I could have just chosen Miyu again, but she didn’t do that much (she was still awesome). I was going to choose Mai or Mikoto (because I think Mai did a fucking sick move in one episode, and Mikoto is pretty much a cat, and cats are cool), but in the end I went with Arika, because she gets so nasty at the end that I pooped. Not literally, I pooped emotionally. It was sick. Props to Arika for not sucking. (should I have chosen Nina? FUCK).

NOTE: I am still not entirely sure about this pick.

MajinTantei Nougami Neuro – Neuro Nougami

Umm….hello? He eats riddles/puzzles/mysteries as food. Yeah. Do I have to say anything else? The only one who can figure out that riddle is Neuro Nougami.

Maria†Holic – Matsura Shinouji

She barely talks, but when she does say something, it’s usually to make fun of Kanako. Not only that, but she has no emotion, and always has on the same blank stare (I love blank stare characters)…..what character could possibly be better? No one. This is the second most awesome maid ever (Maria is obviously first).

As for the show, it was stale at times, but overall, I enjoyed it. I was going to use this picture, just because, but then I elected not to (it didn’t look good when shrunk….too grainy).

Miname-ke – Chiaki Minami

Her sarcastic, and sometimes cruel, personality is just to fucking great to ignore. She actually EASILY takes this one, despite the show having a pretty solid set of characters that all work good together. Not only that, but she sort of has that dull listless look in her eyes. as in, her expression rarely changes (except when it changes to an awesome expression, just like in Kyou no Go no Ni (same people made that)).

Mnemosyne – Rin Asogi

The part of Mimi (Rin’s lesbian counterpart) was played by Rie Kugimiya. But she’s not my favorite character in this anime (despite still being awesome). That’s just proving that I’m not completely bias toward Rie Kugimiya (the best seiyu ever). No, no, no, the best character in this show is Rin Asogi, and the reason for that is because she kicks some serious ass, and is pretty much really cool. I mean, how many times did she die in this anime? (She went through a jet engine, a jet engine that was on and functioning (in the sky), and survived…..that’s just…)

If you don’t believe me, then watch the first episode, and see Rin kill some dudes with something that resembles a yo-yo. It was fuckin sick. One thing I liked about this show was that the characters were all like, really really really old (like 1000s of years), even though they didn’t look like it, and likewise, the anime moves many years into the future as it moves from episode to episode. One thing I didn’t like was the end. It was a bit weird (I can’t remember it that well, which is pretty bad considering that this show was only 6 episodes (45 minutes episodes though). I still think that Mnemosyne was great.

Monster -Heinrich Runge

Okay, as I am typing this, I still haven’t picked a favorite person. Right now there is no picture and no name. The way I see it, there are three people that all are worthy of the top spot, Johan, Tenma, and Runge. Johan is your typical serial killer who has no emotional attachment to pretty much anything, and is a literal genius. Tenma is the neurosurgeon that saved Johan’s life when he was shot in the head, and is now hunting down Johan, feeling that it’s his fault Johan was given a chance to kill everyone. Runge is the detective hunting Tenma down, because he believes that Tenma was the one behind Johan’s murders (Johan is a genius, he doesn’t get caught ever…or does he?). Johan came up with a couple real BAM moments, Tenma was the fucking man (rebel on a mission here), and Runge, well fuck, I just like the guy, and I’m going to tell you exactly why Runge was the man, because it turns out that he is my favorite character.

At the start of the series, Runge seems like your average run-of the mill genious detective. But as the series progresses, we find out a whole lot of awesome stuff about him:

  • At this point in his life, he’s pretty much said fuck you to his family, deciding that work is more important. His family leaves him and he doesn’t really care. He’s hell bent on getting Tenma.
  • He fucking remembers everything. He’s pretty much a super detective, and while we’re on this subject.
  • The way he remembers things is AWESOME. He types with his fingers (just like by his side in the air), as he thinks them, and then he never forgets (like an elephant). This small habit is what pushed him over the top for being my favorite character. I love weird quirks that characters have.
  • He becomes a gun toting mother fucker at the end, and grows into being a bad ass detective (well maybe not bad ass, but fucking awesome).

Runge is awesome. (although I have to give props to Johan for his final plan at the end. I won’t say what it was, but you should know, because you obviously should have watched this show already.

Murder Princess – Falis

This isn't falis's original body....durr.

Here’s a show that was shitty. Choosing the character was easy though, because bounty hunters are always fucking awesome. (OBVIOUS REFERENCE). Given that bounty hunters are fucking radical (that’s right, RADICAL) how can anybody but Falis (that name is really funny phallus? lol). So anyway, Falis, a bounty hunter with a SAMURAI SWORD, ends ups somehow switching bodies with the princess, which makes for complications and princesses “murdering”. I don’t think I saw a drop of blood in this anime. It was very misleading. but bounty hunter with a samurai sword? Can’t not have her be the best (especially since all of the other characters were really fucking gay).

Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part XI: “L”

Here’s another piece of poop. Spelling doesn’t count, and I have completed all shows in question.

Love Hina/Love Hina Again – Motoko Aoyama


Okay, so here we have the classic awesome “girl-dressed-like-a-miko-who-has-a-sword-and-talks-big-but-is-actually-still-a-girl-in-the-end” character. Motoko is awesome and I’m just going to list some reasons:

  • She’s got a sword, and anytime a girl has a sword in an anime it sets that character up to be awesome right away.
  • She’s dressed like a miko. Cmon, that’s great.
  • Even though she gets angry a lot, she get embarassed a lot (which is like all girls….well…..all girls according to anime at least (IRL girls are more….normal))
  • She’s afraid of turtles.

That’s right, a samurai girl afraid of turtles. I love weird random traits that charcters have. Afraid of turtles? RANDOM = AWESOME. END.

Love Love? – Hikaru Jougasaki

Nice moves, bitch.

At one point, I actually dropped this show. Then I picked it up, finished it and liked it. Apparently it’s a sequal to Smash Hit. I haven’t seen Smash Hit, but I could follow this fine. I actually was watching Smash Hit at one point, but then I dropped it (just like Love Love?). I’ll pick it up later, finish it, and like it.

As far as characters are concerned, Hikaru wins for the simple fact that she is a tomboy. I love the tomboy characters, they’re awesome. In case you’re wondering, Hikaru was raised by 6 brothers.

Lucky Star – Konata Izumi

A parody of "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time," which is my favorite anime movie.

A parody of "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time," which is my favorite anime movie ever.

While looking for a good picture of Konata (of which there are a SHITLOAD), I found a few that were different, and so here they are. What’s so special about those? Nothing, one was a DMC parody, and the other two were just different artists. That’s it. So why is Konata the winner here? Well, I did write a whole post about it before, but I’ll write some stuff anyway.

Lucky Star, if you’re wondering, had a pointless plot, but I still find it to be one of my favorite shows (top 30).

Why? Isn’t it the same thing as K-On?

No. K-On was an attempt at a show with no substance other than to try to make the characters more moe than the pervious episode. It actually wasn’t even a real show. Lucky Star at least dealt with different things from episode to episode, and it had this guy singing some endings. Holy Fuck, maybe that guy should be my favorite character?

. . . . . .

Nah, I’ll stick with Konata, because she’s funny with her repetitive otaku jokes. Whenever she talks, you know she’s going to talk about gaming or manga or something, for example, the whole “I’m reading” scenario that Baka-Raptor, an avid Lucky Star…..err…..non-liker, talked about. These kind of jokes, for whatever reason, amuse me. That, coupled with the parodies of other shit, make me like Konata and Lucky Star. That’s it.

Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part X: “K”

Err-hem……okay so yea here’s K. Some characters chosen still kind of suck, but I had no choice. As usual, spelling doesn’t count.

Kamisama Kazoku – Tenko Kamiyama

Tenko was cool, right?

What can I say? I’m a rooter. Poor, Tenko went through so many emotions. What can you expect though? She may be an angel, but she’s still a young girl in an anime, which means she has no idea what the hell is going on in regards to love or anything. Honestly, she was the whole backbone behind this series. Samatarou was pretty much just another guy, nothing special. I mean, sure, he was the son of God, but that’s neither here nor there. This anime was really about Tenko’s feelings, discovering those feelings, and expressing them, and all of that bullshit, and Tenko fit the bill to the dime. I really liked this anime, and Tenko was awesome.

Kanokon – Nozomu Ezomori

Kicks ass.

One thing about the “quiet, business” type character, is that they’re all the same, to a degree. They all look similar to Yuki Nagato. Nozomu is no anomaly to this typecast. like Yuki, and many others, she has:

  • The blank star
  • The semi short hair
  • The small/nonexistent breasts
  • The quietness, aka, she speaks only when absolutely necessary

Unlike Yuki and many others, she is horny for the male lead, and she can turn into some kind of wolf spirit. What also sets her apart from the other Yuki clones (most of which will be my favorite character in every show that they’re in), is that she loves to make jokes, in her emotionless way of talking, about Chizuru, her rival for Kouta (Kouta, by the way, is one of my least favorite characters ever). She makes fun of her huge tits and her horniness, all in her monotone way of speaking. I love it. The show itself? It was okay.

Karas – Yousuke Otoha

Karas = Kick Arse

Ummm, excuse me, Karas was the fucking shit? Yes or yes? Yes. Karas kicked ass. One of the main reasons why, was the sick nasty fighting done by this bad ass main character, Yousuke. Not just because he can fight nastily, but because his armor can change into pretty much whatever the fuck he wants. Okay, okay, sick ass fighting and nasty graphics don’t really make a character, so how about this?

Apparently, Yousuke’s mom fucked her own brother (what is WITH Japan and incest?), and silly old bad ass Yousuke was the child of this conjoining of blood related uglies being bumped. Now, as you know, one of the main reasons why people stopped doing the two person tango with their own relatives is due to the problems which usually showed up in the off spring (hillbillies still haven’t grasped this basic principle). In Yousuke’s case, he was born with a problem. HE CAN’T FEEL PAIN. HOLY SPANKY DOODLE DANDY. B-A = BAD-ASS.

Kaze no Sigma – Kazuma Yagami

Now those are some Gyad Dayum Blue Eyes Shiyetttt.

So what’s the deal with this fucker? Why do his eyes look like they’re buggin? Well, this mutha fucka was banished from his family, because he was a weak bastard, and lost to a girl. Feeling like a piece of shit he has returned year later with some nasty fucking fighting skills, and he’s pissed. Eventually he doesn’t end up looking for revenge, which is too bad, but the fact that he came back with some serious skills to flaunt, thus surprising everyone in his old family, was awesome.

I don’t think I’ve ever stated this, but I love to see other people regret. Hmm, let me re-iterate, because I don’t want to seem like a completely heartless bastard. I love when someone counts someone else out, but then the latter comes back stronger, and the former regrets that they ever counted the latter out. For me, that’s a BAM moment.

Kemeko Deluxe! – Misaki Hayakawa

This was the only semi decent picture of her on Google? Really?

Wait, is this the first Rie Kugimiya voiced character on the list? I can’t believe it took so long, and I also never expected to put this character as my favorite character for this specific show. Basically, I didn’t expect Misaki to be on this list (although I never ruled it out).

Kemeko Deluxe was pretty good in my opinion. It was funny, I loved the OP, the characters were awesome (although I didn’t like Izumi, and her huge ass boobs) and the plot was pretty cool (I thought). But I’ve said before, I like characters that have a bit of an odd side, especially if these characters are female, and Misaki definitely is a bit weird….just look at the OP, around the 40 second mark. What the fuck was that about? She looked like she was about to get f-

Anyway, Misaki is only seen in her school swimsuit or her PE clothes for the most part, and that’s weird.Oh, and have I mentioned? Lesbianistic qualities (though maybe not full blown lesbian, yet). She often has…..provocative thoughts about Izumi, who she wants to she wants to play rock, paper, scissors with, but without the rock or the paper (get it?). Rie Kugimiya, we haven’t seen the last of you on this list, that you can be sure of.

Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 – Allelujah/Hallelujah Haptism

Hallelujah for Hallelujah........okay even I admit that was lame.

This picture was actually from Eye Sedso, that’s why it’s shitty quality. So why is Allelujah so great? Well, he’s got a split personality disorder, and that pretty much shoots any character right to the top of my list.

I’ve already shown that a character doesn’t have to be a main character to make this list (Taxi Driver in CANAAN?), and Allelujah never really got enough air time, I felt…..or I should say, Allelujah never got enough time to show off how awesom his split personality was. I mean, when Hallelujah took over, he became a killing machine. He became bad ass. He became….my favorite character from this show, which actually had a good amount of good characters, except for that princess….what a worthless piece of shit she was

I also found it funny how Allelujah’s GF had a split personality, but I guess they both came from that lab or whatever. Maybe that had something to do with it, or maybe birds of a feather flock tog-

Let’s do the next one, because it’s going to be interesting.

K-On – Sawako Yamanaka

Split Personality

Somebody made the picture, and it wasn’t me. I don’t know who made it, I found it on Google. Anyway, here’s another crappy show where almost every character was a piece of poop decorated with a shell of moe (but poop was inside).

I talked before about how split personalities were awesome (common knowledge really), well, here’s a case where it worked for a while, and then failed miserably afterward. We were really introduced to Sawako in episode 5 of this season (coincidentally, the only episode that was good). At first glance, it appeared as though she were some sweet teacher figure, but then, once she heard the guitar, she turned into a psychopath. It was awesome. “Finally,” I thought, “a character that makes K-On not as gay.” Well I was wrong, because that awesome split personality between crazy, rock obsessed Sawako and cute, fun-loving teacher Sawako became fused from the next episode on. Now, Sawako was a teacher who was obsessed, not with the awesomeness of rock and metal, but instead with dressing up the girls in costumes……every…..single……episode. This is the stupidest show ever. I should have made it number one on the shitty shows list.

Sawako wins simply because she single handily made an episode of K-On good, which is no easy feat. Ritsu was second. Mio and Yui can go die.

Kurokami – Steiner


For some reason, I feel like I’m one of the few people who actually thought Kurokami was fucking awesome. The fight scenes rocked, the story was okay, the animation was fair……okay I only watched this for the fighting, and when it comes to fighting, all foes need to do one thing, and that’s GET THE FUCK OUTTA THE WAY, BECAUSE HERE COMES STEINER.

Just say the name….STEINER. That’s a powerful name, and unlike Kuro’s gay Exceed, which is just a normal punch (lame), STEINER (yea, I’m always going to capitalize his full name) has a sick ass exceed, and is ultimately more bad ass than anyone else. It’s called Stampede, where he splits into a bunch of clones and pretty much beats the shit out of anyone. He’s UN-FUCKING-BEATABLE……until he dies halfway through the anime, by making the ultimate sacrifice (that he really didn’t even half to make).

Kyou no Go no Ni – Ryota Sato


You know, I had almost forgotten what made Kyou no Go no Ni so good, then I remembered: the funny situations tha sometimes came up, and most of all, the AWESOME, SERIOUS EXPRESSIONS that the characters would suddenly have. It’s like one minute they’re little kids, and the next, high school battle warriors (or something that doesn’t sound as gay as “high school battle warriors”….God wtf was that?).

Ryota was I guess the person I’d consider the best, because he’s pretty much…….uhh…he’s sometimes lazy, and he likes to fuck around….in short, he’s an average boy at that age. Honestly, almost all of these characters are simlilar.