Top 5 Worst Shows

What’s the deal here? All of a sudden there seems to be some obsession with people’s top 5 shows. Suddenly top ten isn’t good enough? Now we need to narrow it down to top 5? Why don’t we skip the progression and just state our number one? Or go in the other direction and state our top 200 (I can’t do that, because I don’t have enough).

People are talking about how their top 5 and how it reflects them, but just to be different, and go against the grain of……..anime society. I’m going to tell you my top 5 least favorite anime. You may be surprised, overwhelmed, angry, happy, sad, and suffer from fits of giggles by the time this is over……or you’ll just skim through, not actually read it, and just look at the top 5. Remember, these are my top 5 LEAST favorite shows (ever).

BONUS: High School Girls

Apparently, High School Girls had pretty horrible animation.
Apparently, High School Girls had really bad animation…..was this supposed to be a fanservice anime? They failed pretty miserably.

Why is this show on the list? Well, I couldn’t tell you. I had ranked it as a 4 originally, but then I realized that I can’t remember a God damn thing about this show. I know I watched it, but due to the fact that I can’t remember one aspect, not a name, not a plot, not anything (except they had blue uniforms, and there were girls in high school (durrr)). Reading the wikipedia doesn’t even jog my memory. That shows me that this show MUST suck, because it did NOT STAND THE TEST OF TIME. I might have though that you were decent when I watched you, but for now, you can go fuck yourself High School Girls.

5. K-ON


No fucking shit, Mio.

I’m going to list:


  1. Eat cake.
  2. Dress up.
  3. Repeat for 4 episodes.
  4. Go to the Beach.
  5. Play a song.
  6. Eat cake.
  7. Dress up.
  8. Repeat for 4 episodes.
  9. Go to the Beach.
  10. Play a song.

The Characters

Moe bullshit.

Ritsu: Not bad actually.

Mio: Ugh.

Yui: Biggest moron/retard ever. You could put a scratch and sniff card at the bottom of the pool, and she’d drown if you told her what it was.

Mugi: Rich. Other than that, she doesn’t do much.

Azusa: How many times do they have to dress her up like a cat? We fucking get it.

Sawako Sensei: Was awesome for one episode (5). Then she sucked.

I shouldn’t have to explain this. If you read this site, you know I’m not fond of this show. Honestly, I didn’t think it was that horrible until episode 5 (the only actual decent episode). I just don’t see how anyone could like much of what this show has to offer.

4. Fruits Basket

Shoot me in the face.

Here’s one where some people are going to say shit like:

“Top 5 WORST? Even if you didn’t like it, there’s no WAY it belongs on this list!”

Chances are, that this person will be a girl, and that this person will not like the next one on the list either (maybe even less). Well I am not a girl, and maybe that might have something to do with the fact that I severely disliked this show, or maybe it’s because I

  • Didn’t like Tohru, the main character (I hate nice….she’s actually one of my least favorite characters ever).
  • Thought that the show was boring. Some may say that it was laid back, and that that is simply the style…but Aoi Hana was laid back, and I liked that, so how can you explain my enjoyment of one laid back type anime, and not another?
  • The characters all pretty much sucked. Kyo was the only slightly cool one (and Shigure to a point), but even he couldn’t win a fight for shit.
  • The general plot seemed okay but after the first episode, it went absolutely nowhere. I mean, you learn: “The members of the family turn into animals when you hug them!” and that’s all good and dandy, but after that the only changes in the plot are new characters being added, all of which I found to be boring and lame (except that girl who always kicks Kyo’s ass (which could really be any girl since he never wins fights) she was cool, because how could you say no to a skitso?).

Generally, this show was poopy.

3. Honey and Clover

I really don't like any of these characters.

This pretty much follows the same lines as the last one, except that the characters definitely had more depth.

But Glo, if that’s the case, then why isn’t this number 4 and Fruits Basket number 3?

I swear to God, Voice, one of these days….

Yea, yea, yea…..right to the moon…

Grrrrr…Okay, so Voice brings up a good point…why isn’t this number 4? Well that is because the characters, who had more depth than the ones of Fruits Basket, had shittier depth, annoying depth, and depth that I wanted to tie a boulder to and throw over the side of a boat, until it drowned in the depth of the water, which had better depth then the depth found in the depth of characters from Honey in Clover…..I just effectively confused my self…

Glo is confused



Glo hurt itself in confusion.


Fuck me, right? All of the characters severely pissed me off…’s an example (or two).

First Scenario: Love Triangle Third Wheel

Mayama likes Rika. Okay, that’s fine.

Yamada likes Mayama, even though she knows he likes Rika. Okay, nothing wrong yet.

Yamada CAN’T TAKE A FUCKING HINT THAT SHE HAS ZERO CHANCE WITH MAYAMA! I mean, I understand that your sad, but either get over it or just kill yourself (don’t look at me like that, she’s just an animated character, it’s not like anyone real is dying). I mean, Honey and Clover pounds this scenario into the ground. After 6 episodes, I don’t need to hear about it anymore. PLEASE. But noooo, Honey and Clover beats this dead and now decomposing horse into the hard ground for two fucking seasons. ENOUGH.

Second Scenario: Hagu’s Accident

Okay, so you got hit with some glass (which could prove deadly, I’ll admit), and now everyone is worried. They’re acting as though you’re fucking dying. You didn’t die, you were fine. That’s not really what pissed me off. What pissed me off is that they were talking about how you would “never paint again” and bullshit. cut tendon or something. She has her other arm, she’ll be fine. If she really loves art, she’ll learn how to use her other hand.

Glo, have some sympathy. Her left hand will never be as good as her right hand. Poor girl….

You fucking pussy. Ever hear of Jim Abbott? He was a right handed pitcher, and was pretty good, he actually never gave up a hit or walk in 58 minor league games. Then, one day, on his way to a game which he was starting, a huge fucking bear came out of nowhere and bit off his hand! He simply stopped by an Olympia Sports and purchased a left handed glove. When he got to he game, which he was starting in, he didn’t do much, just through a FUCKING ONE HANDED NO HITTER. YEA. He may have been on the Yankees (the stupidest team in sports), but give the man credit. a no hitter is hard enough to do with two hands, much less doing it while having your pitching hand bitten off by a ferocious bear on his way to pitch. Okay, so Jim Abbott was born with one hand….big deal. There are instances kind of like this one that are real.

Honey and Clover sucked. The end.

2. Samurai 7

When you look at this, you might think that this show would be sick, awesome, and maybe even badass. Nope.
When you look at this, you might think that this show would be sick, awesome, and maybe even badass. Nope.

This is probably the most disappointing anime I’ve ever seen. I watched the actual movie, 7 Samurai (Which the Magnificent Seven was based on), and it was phenomenal. But this series? A joke. No fighting (despite being about samurai) my favorite character from the movie was turned into some fucking robot, and generally, it was the most boring action anime ever. Even if it wasn’t supposed to be action, the story line sucked, because everything was dragged out so far. This could have been a pretty decent 14 episode show. 26? I never made it.

1 .hack//SIGN

You recognize this? It was in my top ten least favorite characters post.

Did anybody not see this coming? I’m all over this show with hate, and here’s why.

1. The Characters

There isn’t one single character that I like, am interested in, or can relate to. They’re all flat, shitty characters, who act like they have depth, when really they don’t. Let’s randomly take Bear.

Bear is a character who someone might think has depth. This is a lie. While some ass hole might say something like, “Bear has a lot of personal life situations that the audience can relate to, and it’s interesting to see how he goes about solving them while also helping Tsukasa.” These types of people are fuck-shits (I think I coined that word just now). Bear is a shitty father, because he spends all of his time in “the World” instead of being an actual father. Then he comes to “the World” and bitches about it to BT. Maybe if he wasn’t a piece of shit, he would be a great father, and have no problems at all. Other characters are similar:

Tsukasa: humongous Pussy, runs at the sight of normal conversation.

Subaru: Some bitch with a boring personality who likes Tsukasa. She has no emotions (not in an awesome way like Yuki). Basically, she’s a boring sack of fuck.

Bear: Shitty father, thinks he’s some kind of awesome veteran of “the World.”

Crim: Acts like he’s cool. He’s not. He tries to be the “guy with personality” in this show, but instead he comes off as someone who should have been in Samurai 7.

Sora: He was cool when he was just killing everyone, then he turned into a fag, who always thought he was being sneaky and confusing with his snide-ness. What a tool.

BT: BT stands for BiTch. She’s a slutty skank ass bitch, and serves no real purpose.

Mimiru: Lame girl who is lame.

The characters all were similar in that their personalities sucked. In fact, most of the characters reminded me of those from Samurai 7.

2. The Plot

So the plot is, Tsukasa is stuck in “the World” and can’t log out. So he and the above listed are looking for the Key of Twilight, which is an item that may or may not exist, whose  powers are unknown, to help Tsukasa log out. However, none of this actually happens until episode 17 or so. Anything up to that point is most of the same:

  • Bear talks to BT about how bad of a father he is, and then laughs it off.
  • Tsukasa meets up with Mimiru, but then runs away when she starts to talk.
  • The Crimson Knight look for Tsukasa, but fail.
  • Repeat.

The plot was a shitty piece of shit. End.

3. Watching It

I tried to finish this show on 4 separate occasions. After all 4 of those attempts, I’d say I managed to get through half of an episode.


Well, that’s it. Those are my top 5 least favorite anime. What does that tell you about me? I think it reflects that I don’t take bullshit.