Have You Seen Hataraki Man?

I have honestly never heard anything about this show. Not a word ever. Of course, that is probably because it aired in 2006, before I ever followed anime week to week (or realized that it could be done….yea, I’m retarded). That being said, based on the quality of the show, I assume that everyone has seen it and that they all have it marked down as a show that they really enjoyed, because it’s awesome.

I don't know why they decided to throw a girl who looks like she should be in middle school into an anime revolving around a workplace, but whenever Hataraki Man

I don't know why they decided to throw a girl who looks like she should be in middle school into an anime revolving around a workplace, but whenever Matsukata "transforms" into Hataraki Man, she immediately becomes her "hype man", and I don't think any other character would be able to do it as well as this loli, so it's fine.

After one episode, I can’t believe it took me so long to finally start it. I mean, if you want to know the truth, I thought that the plot seemed boring and rather bland: “Women works hard for magazine company blah blah blah”…..that isn’t really my kind of show.

If that isn’t your kind of show, why did you decide to watch it?

Good question. The answer is right here:

Besides DaiDai (Bleach’s….12th ending I think), this is the only anime OP or ED done by Chatmonchy (that I could find), the world’s greatest band. That was my only real purpose to watch this at first. But then I realized several other things that made me more inclined to watch or keep watching Hataraki Man:

  • Rie Tanaka as the main character.
  • The pursuit of actually having sex for once by the main character, Hiroko Matsukata. I can relate to this, although she’s in a relationship and still not getting any. If I were her, I think I would shoot myself (like, with a gun…probably just in the foot or something, I mean, I don’t wanna die).
  • It actually has some really good animation, which surprised me because after watching the ED, I thought I hated the general appearance of the characters, but now I actually think that they’re really well made. This show is quality, and the animation isn’t your typical anime style:

Although there are exceptions, I feel like the typical anime style is big eyes and pointy hair. Of course, The characters still have pointy hair, and relativly big eyes, but they're shaped differently. I could get into this deeply, but that would be stupid.

When I think of anime, I think of eyes that look like this, and a general facial structure along these lines. Now that I look at it closer, I guess Hataraki Man is pretty similar, except that the characters actually have lips. Here’s a picture to compare.


Personally, I think this is completely different. the eyes are differently shaped. there are more visible facial features….it’s just more detailed.

  • It isn’t cliche. It’s not a harem. It’s not really comedy. I guess you could call it slice of life, because I can’t think of any other way to categorize it. I don’t really think of it as drama (yet). It’s unique, and I like it.

There’s a bunch of other reasons why I like this anime so much after just one episode, but I don’t feel like writing about it anymore, and I’d rather just go watch the rest of this short series, which is only 11 episodes, and I will probably finish tomorrow.

SIDE NOTE: I actually watched another episode of Kanamemo, and the most awesome thing ever happened:

Oh hell yes.

Yes, that’s right, the lesbian pedofile gets smashed with a PAN. There are two reasons why this is awesome:

  1. When people unexpectedly get hit in the head with those yellow pans, I am ALWAYS amused. That’s one of the reasons why I liked Tsukuyomi: MOON PHASE so much.
  2. I HATE that bitch and am SO happy she got smashed.

By the way, I fucking MADE that gif, which I have never done before, so congratulations to me and a shitty job, using low quality pictures, all of which were taken by use of print screens of a moving animation (because if I pause it, a “pause” symbol shows up). That shit is hard to do….that’s why it looks like she’s sliding in the first bit.

Oh, and the episode still sucked.

EDIT: I guess the gif only works in the draft or the post, and not in the actual post itself. BULLSHIT, WordPress…..BULLSHIT.

3 thoughts on “Have You Seen Hataraki Man?

  1. Hataraki Man was pure awesome. I watched it back when it came out and was sad when it ended, since they don’t really tend to make anime like this.

  2. @ kluxorious: Watch it. I command thee.

    @ adaywithoutme: I almost didn’t want to watch it too quickly. But even when I posted this first impressions post, I was already almost done with the series. I have to write a final review sooner or later. It was grand.

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