Cool Looking Characters Part…uh….3?

Okay this is another installment of that list of characters that I think look cool. I think I’m going to do this and then just post my top ten, because I really have no ambition of doing these posts.

Anyway, I can’t pick just one character from Saynara Zetsubou Sensei, so I picked several (in no specific order):

I was going to do that, but I really don’t want to, so here are just more cool looking characters:

Vizard Ichigo – Bleach

Shit that's cool.

With a picture like that, I’m thinking, “how did this not make the top ten?” Then I look at my top ten, and I think, “how did this not make the top ten?” Vizard Ichigo is fucking cool. I mean, FUCK. LOOK AT THE FUCKING PICTURE. THE EYES.THE EYEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!! GRRRAAAAAAARRYYAAAA!!!!

Dante – Devil May Cry

He looks cool.

“I tote guns, I make number runs, I-I tote guns, I-I tote guns.” Yea, Dante totes guns. And a big ass sword. BRRRAAT BRRRAAT. He also enjoys a strawberry sundae or too, but that only has to deal with image based on actions not image based on actual image.

Chihaya – Asu no Yoichi


Green hair, horizontal long striped socks, cool shirt, cool glasses, and she has a different outsit in every episode of this awesome show. I wish girls in real life dressed like this mre often….

Zero/CC – Code Geass

Pairing of Awesome.

Both these mutha fuckas gots da STYLEEE SON BALLLINNNN. Sorry, I’ve been listing to Red Cafe – I Tote Guns ft Diddy & Biggy Smalls on repeat for the past 10 minutes. I’m feeling real gangsta up in this bitch. I one time wrote a real hardcore gangsta rap for fun, it turned out to just be funny. I remember one line….well, if Robert reads this than he’ll let you know the line I’m sure. Wow, I didn’t say anything about the characters, did I? Lol, I suck at this.

Shunsui Kyoraku – Bleach


Nice hat, nice flower shit, I like the whole shpiel.

Kaname Tosen – Bleach


In case you haven’t noticed, by now, I’ve stopped titling the pictures. I’m also not resizing my pictures. But here’s this blind guy from bleach. Oh shit, he reminds me of LeVar Burton from Star Trek: Generations:


Wow Bleach ripped this off big. I mean, Tosen is the only black guy in Bleach, AND he has a similar eye thingy….no no this doesn’t make sense at all.

Red Cafe is nasty, simply because he always says, “Huhhhh??” after everything.

L – Deathnote

death note

You’re kidding, right? This is becoming a joke!

So okay, there’s not much special about how he looks. He’s got a white shirt and blue jeans. But he also has sick ass hair, crazy eyes, and he sits the same way that I do (I literally sit like this, my feet never touch floor… know, unless I’m in public).

Vegeta – Dragonball Z

DBZ           Vegeta Finger_ad

Dragonball Z WAS THE SHIT. And VEGETA kicked SO MUCH ASS. He was the fucking man. Look at those sick shoulder pads, that extended middle finger, that upstanding black hair, that DRAGONBALL. HELLO PEOPLE! VEGETA! AWesomeE.

Bankotsu – InuYasha


The best part in the InuYasha series was unquestionable the whole Band of Seven arc. That shit was the shit, and the best character appearance wise was the leader, Bankotsu. All of them had -otsu in their names. What a coincidence, huh? Anyway, he looks Indian in heritage, and he also looks like he could kick your ass, it he wasn’t such a fucking pretty boy. He’s got a big ass sword though (not pictured) and that compensates for his boyish appearance. I mean, he killed 99 demons with that shit. Hard body.

Allean – Queen’s Blade


Arguably my favorite character in general from Queen’s Blade, she definitely takes the cake appearance wise. I mean, sure the red cape accents the green other shit. But the best part is the fucking awesome hat that she has. That hat is just……it’s the epitome of awesome.

Well I’m done for now because I’m tired. I can’t believe I just wasted time on this, the most lazy and uninspiring post I have ever written. I think I’ll do one more before my top ten is revealed. By the way, the Nuggets are STILL UN-DE-FUCKING-FEATED.


8 thoughts on “Cool Looking Characters Part…uh….3?

  1. “I finally found my life’s calling as a killer
    My guidance counselor told me to be a builder
    So I killed her” – Glothelegend of Eye Sedso Fame

    Now THAT’S Gangsta

    • Other than the fact you pretty much whispered the whole thing for some reason this song is actually good…what the fuck is wrong with me?

  2. @ kluxorious: I really need to watch Bleach again.

    @ Refuse to Come Wack: I am a hardcore gangster. So what if I’m a white kid from Southington and live with my parents (I’m in college and I commute, get off my back people)?

    @ Baka-Raptor: I’ll take your word for it. I’d like to get a real life her in my….er…general area.

    @ TJ: I would prefer her naked, with the hat. Is that odd?

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