Oh Cruel Irony!

Who the hell said that line (referring to the title)? Irony isn’t cruel, it’s awesome! Time to elaborate in this much belated post.

Irony. To sum it up, I’d say it’s like……hmm….it’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife, it’s like meeting the [person] of your dreams, and then meeting [their] beautiful [significant other]. In case you need more explanation about what irony is, check this out:

So what’s so great about Irony? Well, basically it’s just amusing (to me at least) to watch something, and have a character or characters (or even myself) expect one thing, and then have the complete opposite happen instead. Let me see if I can find an example…OH! Great one. Okay, anybody else here like Jigoku Shoujo? That anime is filled with all sorts of sick nasty awesomeness, from revenge to loads of irony. There’s just so much to choose from! How about the second fucking episode ever?

Want to try dying this once?

I’m just going to copy this right from wikipedia:

Ryōko Takamura is being stalked, so she and her family seek the aid of investigator Kōichirō Kisaragi in tracking down and arresting the stalker, not knowing that he is the stalker. Ryōko then sends him to Hell.

How about the CEO of the computer company who couldn’t use computers?

HELL YES! (get it? HELL?) That is just awesome! There’s irony all over the place in Jigoku Shoujo! Personally, I liked the second season more, and I still haven’t watched the third season, because I like to space good anime out. God damn this show kicked ass. Long live Jigoku Shoujo! (that statement is sort of ironic, since that show is all about death!)

Okay, now I’m really getting into it, but I have to go to class. Here’s a few pictures of Irony that I found on Google:

mobile! (If you can guess which post/blog from which I ripped that sentence off from, you win. Hint: It’s my favorite post I’ve ever read ever)”]Ding Ding! Here comes the irony mobile! (If you can guess which post/blog I took this from, you win. Hint: It's my favorite post I've ever read ever)

This one's funny because it's really fake, in an ironic sort of way....holy shit.....DOUBLE IRONY!

Here would be an example of double, super irony:


Cause: Ku Klux Klan member get's injured from trying to burn a cross. LOL! Jokes on you fella!

Double yay!

Needless to say, the burnt fella will need medical help, so how ironic would it be that a bunch of black people are the ones that save his life? LOL! THAT'S DOUBLE IRONY!

Okay, I’m back from class, which I skipped to play basketball at the gym. It was much more fun than class. Back to irony, and how much it rules.

So if you didn’t know before, you know now that Jigoku Shoujo rocks because of its themes of irony and revenge (not even mentioning all of the other awesome aspects), but what other anime shows have irony? The answer? Every show has irony to some level. If you name a show that I’ve seen, I bet you I could find irony. To try and prove this to myself, I’m going to randomly select a show from my List, and see if I can describe its irony:

Great….I landed on fucking Honey and Clover…..well, I’m not going to do that one because I don’t feel like getting shit on for my opinions (even though I really don’t mind it…..not literally getting shit on, I would mind that)….For the record, I realized I had forgotten D.Gray Man, and that subsequently replaced Honey and Clover on my least favorite anime list, Honey and Clover was boring, but not top 5 badness, K-On also moved higher up (switched with Fruits Basket….there’s no way Fruits Basket was worse than K-On…was I high when I wrote that? No, because I stopped smoking weed forever.)

Well I just got way off topic. Let’s try this again…..Oh, I landed on Bleach.


This picture makes the anime look like the awesomest thing ever. However, in reality, it's just regular awesome, because the awesomest thing ever is Gantz (manga). Hold on, why is Samurai Champloo not in my top ten? I need to change that.

Bleach is not only a good show (that I haven’t watched in like a while) but coincidentally, I was just updating on klux’s wall that I still haven’t seen the fucking movie. I want to see that shit, but it’s a fucking movie. I don’t have time for a whole fucking movie ever. That’s gay. Anyway, (nothing wrong with a homo or two unless you can hear them have sex) Bleach happens to be filled to the brim with irony. Example:

Ichigo and the Shinigami all try and kill hollows, correct? But later on, it turns out that Ichigo gets a lot of power from his hollow (or something). There’s some irony. Ironically, the same type of thing that the Shinigami’s consider to be evil and bad can make them stronger (vizards). That’s kind of weak though, and not a good type of irony. Jigoku Shoujo is unmatched in irony, as far as I’m concerned.  Oh shit, I have to go to my volleyball game. We’re going to lose anyway, because half are team is female and as you know, females suck at all sports. There’s even a girl who plays actual volleyball on our team, and she blows cock, (just in skill….she’s actually a real life lesbian (not hot I think…I can’t remember, I was drunk last game….wow I’m a piece of shit))……will be back in time, here’s some more pics in the mean time.

Okay I’m back. And we fucking won nastily. I had two serves where I smacked the ball as hard as I can and aced them both. My third one smacked the back of the wall (I wish). Good fun time. Anyway, where was I?

Oh yea, fucking Irony. Let’s take some literature. One story in particular, taken right out of my Lit class. The story is of course, “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin. I linked to it, and it’s short, and it contains awesome irony in stupid nasty ways, so go read it now. I’m going to explain it and it might seem dumb if you don’t know the story, or maybe it won’t, only you, the reader, knows for sure….well, technically, no one will know for sure, because this is an opinion. However, I can prove opinions wrong (Refuse to Come Wack), so….

Anyway, The Story of an Hour is about a women who is married. This woman has some heart trouble, so when her friends get news that her husband has died, they let her off as easy as possible. She sobs and goes to her room to be alone. (this story is fucking awesome). Up there, she thinks. She realizes suddenly, that she is now free. Free to spend time by herself, where she is most comfortable. She is suddenly relieved and almost happy that her husband has died. She now has her whole life ahead of her to do as she pleases, with time to herself. It’s like a great weight has been lifted off her shoulders. It turns out, that her husband didn’t die, and in fact had just come home as this women is walking down the stairs. She sees her husband, whom she thought was dead, and then dies of heart failure.

This story has so much awesome foreshadowing, irony, and literary elements, that I could write a paper on how sick it is that would be about 10 times longer than the actual story, but I’m not going to, because this is supposed to be an anime blog (and other shit, obviously).

But this story captures irony perfectly, and I can’t think of a better way to end this post, so I’m done…..oh wait, here are a shitload of more Ironic pictures.


Oh, Cute Irony!

This is saying that black people enjoy the ganja. They do.

I just like this art

I LOVE this.

thats irony

Irony. It rules.


10 thoughts on “Oh Cruel Irony!

  1. Thank you very much, but girls don’t suck at sports. I was on my high school football team, and I did actually play – no mean feat when you consider the coach didn’t even want me there in the first place (I ended up only being on the team for a year, though, because the coach sucked and I was swimming on two swim teams and assistant coaching a third). Not only could I probably kick your ass at most sports, I could shoot you from 300 meters away* if I felt like it. Beat that, bitch.

    * No – really.

    • I really do have to say, I love dropping the whole, “Oh yeah? Well I can shoot you!” thing into debates. It amuses me to no end.

  2. @ kluxorious: I’m gonna do it…….someday…

    @ adaywithoutme: Yea, I was just bitter about losing, and the fact that one of the girls, who was a volleyball player, bitched me out one one play, saying that the ball was hers (mind you that I still got it over the net), and then she completely botched the next play. That pissed me off. But yea, the next game (during the time this post was written) everyone played good.

    And if I could say “I could shoot you from 300 meters away”…..well that’s just fucking awesome. The fact that you were on the football team and that you could shoot me from 300 meters away is pretty fucking bad ass. You’re one bad ass chick.

    @ lovesickdead: I really don’t hate women. In fact, in some ways, they’re a lot better than men. One of these ways is that they have a vagina and boobs. But also, they can produce life, and that’s seriously fucking awesome if you really think about it. Sometimes it blows my mind. I mean, they can create a fucking person. WHAT THE FUCK THAT’S INSANE. Give it up for the babes.

  3. I try my best to be as badass as possible. It always bummed me out that I never played hockey, though, I feel like that would’ve upped my badassery by a factor of about eighty-thousand.

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