Shoujo Sect: Hey, I liked it.

Holy shit, I watched what was technically a hentai. This marks what I believe to be a first in my anime watching life. (The Rapeman is technically hentai I guess, but I consider it comedy/awesomeness, and I also watched this before I ever watched the Rapeman).

But if you don’t get off on hentai, why would you watch it in the first place?

I read the overview, and I thought, “Hmm, this might be good, with or with out sex”, and saw that it had lesbians in it, so needless to say, I just had to watch it.

But there are plenty of hentai shows with lesbians in it! Why this one?

I read about it on Yasashii sekai, and immediately became curious about the picture that was at the top of the page (lol, that was honestly the only reason I watched this show, is to find out what that screen shot was about). Plus it was only three episodes, so takes, like, no time at all. Plus, I was just over at Listless Ink, and decided, “She gets so many hits, maybe I should write something about yuri, so as to improve my dismal hit count of 250 a day on average.” Basically I watched this a long time ago, and am only just remembering that I never wrote a review. Honestly, I treated this as a normal show with above average fanservice, and some sexual lesbian scenes.

Shoujo Sect

This picture is probably more erotic than anything in the OVA.

So what is this about?

Shinobu Handa and Momoko Naitou met when they were young children. Shinobu fell in love immediately with Momoko, even though they were like…..5. Anyway, they’re now in high school, which is an all girls school, and apparently full of lesbians, and it seems that Momoko has completely forgotten about that incident long ago (or hide and seek).

So now these girls are in high school, and they’re completely different personality wise.

Shinobu Handa

Ba-Ba Ba-Ba BIMP!

The one on the right, with the orange hair. I can't remember who the other girl is, but I know she's a lesbian.

Shinobu is pretty much the epitome of a lesbian pimp. She actually has pimped out about 9 tricks so far, and has sex with all of them. See this scene above? In this scene, she has brought a classmate in to strip for her, and then she treats her like her own personal sex plaything. And by the way, this is her “club room” at school, which she turned into her own private sex room for sex. It’s pretty sick, I wish I could pimp out girls with the same pimping prowess of Shinobu. Shinobu lives in a house with a bunch of girls she’s pimped out, and they all get down with sex all the time.

So anyway, Shinobou only wants to have a relationship with Momoko, who can’t even remember when they played hide and go seek at the park (which apparently was so romantic that Shinobu fell in love with Momoko here……there was some reason behind it but I can’t remember what).

oh yea.

So what about Momoko?

Momoko Naitou


Momoko, unlike the slacking pimp that Shinobu is, is actually good in school, and relavtivly sctrict in following rules, and making sure others do the same. Eventually, she gets seduced by her teacher, who has sex with her in a random hotel. This is of course illegal in real life. But as youu can tell from the picture, this show isn’t real life, it’s animation. That’s kind of all I have. For a main character, Momoko is pushed to the side a bit. Shinobu is the real main character, but that’s because she’s a pimp. Momoko get’s awesome near the end, when she sees that Shinobu was forced into doing lewd acts, despite being a huge pimp. Momoko does something awesome that made me go BAM (like as in BAM moment), and was awesome.

There’s a bunch of other characters, but they’re all sluts, and none of them really matter.

Now, this is a hentai, so I’m going to have to talk about the porn aspect of it.

The Porn Aspect of It

Lookin for that A

Momoko is 16, so the teacher is actually a pedophile. I watched this OVA, does that make me a pedophile? No, because I never got turned on, and because Eye Sedso.

That scene is the one where Momoko is having sex with her teacher. Too bad her teacher gets deathly ill right after, and has to transfer schools. It looks like Momoko gave her the AIDS.

Basically, in this school, everyone is having sex with everyone. What kind of school is this? Obviously a good one. Even sisters are having sex! What the hell is up with that? Freakin Japan loves incest. In fact, I’d have to say that Japan is the most perverted nation on the planet, where anything from incest to getting raped by a octopuss is not only considered normal, but arousing. Japan is weird. I still want to go there someday though.

As far as me watching the porn (that’s right, I watched it), I felt that it pretty much the same way I think of blatant fanservice: Kind of unnecessary. Of course, one of the whole point of a hentai I guess is to show some sex, so I guess viewing this the same way that I view a regular anime would be wrong.

At least the sex scenes weren’t that graphic, and they were pretty short, as well as censored (which really didn’t make much of a difference). In some cases, they were kind of funny, but in general, I wasn’t really bothered by them or anything. I mostly used the sex scenes to clip my nails (I clip my nails pretty much everyday). I doubt I’ll watch any more hentai in the future. (does My Balls count has hentai? It might, but it’s a manga so it doesn’t count for this).

If you want to know more about this OVA, then read the wikipedia. I think that the episode recaps are kind of funny…..Time to make a post about Onani Master Kurosawa, possibly one of the best manga’s I’ve read in recent times. Already finished it. Until then, Shoujo Sect get a

FINAL GRADE = 5 (some of this was actually kind of stupid, so no 5* or 5^^)

Apparently the manga was better? I’m not going to read it though.

Bill the Ass Kicker has been in to bathroom jerking off to girls in his class.