Bleach: Fade to Black

Well wouldn’t you know it? I finally watched this God damn movie! Now I don’t need to put any more update comments on Klux’s post. So what did I think? Well, there were a few “meh” moments, and some dumb moments, but mainly (due mostly for the way I approached it), I found that this movie was quite good, and the fight scenes at the end were actually GOD DAMN AWESOME.

She......they look bored and I love it.

Mr. Black let everyone know that this movie might not be that great, and so I went into this movie treating it as if it wasn’t really related to the main plot of Bleach. Well, that’s not really correct. I should say I was prepared to disregard any inaccuracies toward the series, and just treat it as a movie (which it was). In that sense, I basically got rid of any expectations. Needless to say, it worked out, because I found it to be pretty good (not as good as the first movie, which had Senna, the coolest character in Bleach).

However, I don’t feel like making too long of a post, so I’m just going to talk about Rukia, and how God damn cool she looked.


Rukia gets captured. Ichigo has to save her. Everyone’s memories of Rukia and Ichigo are gone.

Well that was easy. Now I’ll talk about Rukia.

black eye Rukia

Looks like something right out of Nightmare Before Christmas, aka, awesome.

Now, we all know that Rukia’s got some really fucking big ass eyes, so when Rukia gets fused with the weird brother and sister that capture her, and her eyes turn black, she looks awesome. I was reminded heavily of Tim Burton’s movies (like The Nightmare Before Christmas). She kicked serious ass. I almost wanted her to win and Bleach to become a show where Black Eyed Rukia just goes from town to town in the real world and kills people. That would kick ass. But instead, the ending to Fade to Black was corny, sappy, and dumb. Was I supposed to be sad at the end? I almost shut it off with only 6 minutes left in the movie. This brings me to something that has been bothering me since the beginning of Bleach.

How exactly does one die in the after life? I mean, the people of soul society are dead people, right? So how can they die if they’re already dead? Do they move onto Soul Society II? What the hell is that?

I’m going to touch on the corny ending for a second, because I feel I need too. Don’t get me wrong, I thought this movie was good, despite the crappyness of the ending.

Analysis of the End

It was very predictable. The siblings that captured Rukia came off at the end as being basically innocent, they only wanted to see Rukia after all. The they die, Rukia cries, and then it FUCKING RAINS. HOW MORE CLICHE CAN YOU GET? Afterwards, Rukia is on that mountain with Ichigo, and Ichigo says some bullshit about being connected, and then the credits roll to Japanese techno music. No segway, it went straight from slow, sappy piano music right to bumping techno. It was almost comical.