Most Underrated Show Ever Made

I wish I had a girl stalking me.

And I’m being serious too. Nyan Koi is awesome.


8 thoughts on “Most Underrated Show Ever Made

  1. Nyan Koi is great but it is by no means underrated. It’s got a ton of fans and the manga is one of the most-read manga in the US manga community right now. So uh… you’re wrong.

    The most underrated anime of all time is either The Legend of Black Heaven, Figure 17, or Neko Ramen, probably.

    • Yea it’s not really underrated, I just didn’t know what to put in the title. In the end I settled on underrated because I haven’t seen many people talking about it.

      Didn’t know about the manga’s success though.

      I’m going to look into those anime that you listed, another reason why I used “underrated” was to see what other people thought were underrated anime.

  2. I agree, not a lot of people like it for some reason, and I think that is because they probably never went past the first 2 episode.

    The twins are so cute! My favor character (^_^) Have you read the manga?

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