Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part II: “B”

Back for part II…Bs. If you didn’t see part one, it’s got a page all to itself, along with this post as well.

Black Blood Brothers – Jiro Mochizuki

Jiro has a silver sword so he wins.

  1. I remember that I liked this show, but unfortunaly I can’t remember shit about it. That’s pretty shitty.
  2. Jiro had a sword, so he wins (even thought he completely ripped off Alucard’s character design).

Black Cat – Train Heartnet

Train Heartnet.....that's just a sick name.

Let’s get one thing clear, Black Cat was fucking awesome, and Train Heartnet was one of the main reasons. Granted, this show was loaded with awesome characters, but Train man, he wrecked it all.

  • He can block bullets with his gun because he has the reflexes of…well…..a cat.

The end. He’s the man.

Black Lagoon – Revy

God damn!

This is a no brainer, as Revy is one of the most awesome characters in the history of the world (I know that sounds like exageration, but it isn’t). Btw, if you haven’t seen Black Lagoon, then not only should you punch yourself in the balls (or ovaries, depending), but you should stop reading this post and go watch this fucking show now. Revy is a bad ass, end of story, I can’t even explain this because I shouldn’t really have to.

And what ever happened to that third season of Black Lagoon promised wayyy way back? That was kind of annoying. Looks like I’ll have to pick up the manga (I hate picking up manga, but for more Black Lagoon, I’ll do it).

Blood + – Saya

This artwork was done by jehanaruto, and is fucking amazing.

This artwork was done by jehanaruto, and is fucking amazing.

That’s some great art. It makes Saya look a bit more bad ass than she is, but when her eyes get red, she’s fucking awesome. I first saw this show on Adult Swim, and decided that I had to watch it (subbed). I almost picked Diva due to the fact that she slaughtered everyone, but then I decided not to, because Saya is sickkk. (I love red eyes and samurai swords. And blood. In case you haven’t picked up on that during the past, like, 8 months or something).

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan! – Dokuro Mitsukai

hahaha I'm laughing already, but not really.

This is the funniest show ever. Plain and simple. Well, I mean,  Detroit Metal City is up there. Hmm, this is a debatable fact. DMC might be funniest…whatever, that doesn’t matter right now. I have seen it about three times, which is more than I can say for any other anime (although it’s only like, 6 episodes long). Likewise, this was a hard choice, as the characters themselves are all hilarious. In the end I give it to Dokuro-chan, because without her killing people by beating them to death and then bringing them back to life, this show would just be a little funny.