Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part IV: “D”

D.Gray Man – Road Kamelot

Road Kamelot is AWESOME

*This show was dropped at 41

So D.Gray Man was dropped because it was all pretty much bullshit. All fillers apparently. Too bad too, because it had such promise to be a great show. I hear that the manga is really good, and I don’t doubt that, but I’m far to lazy to actually read it. However, the anime did have some sick characters, the best of them belongnig to the Noah clan. And the best of these being, of course, Road (Rhode?). She’s awesome, and here’s why:

  • Her skin color is actually gray….I wonder if she can still get a cab?
  • HORIZONTAL STRIPED SOCKS (or whatever those are)! YES!
  • Purple hair! Helloooo, she’s gotta be in my top coolest looking characters list!

But enough about looks, she’ s awesome because she’s got that something about her, sort of an arrogance. Arrogance is awesome, especially when your dressed in high, horizantal striped socks and have purple hair and gray skin. She almost reminds me of Franken Fran with those marks on her forehead, which just adds to how cool she looks. Oh, and she likes candy. Oh, and despite her looks, she’s actually one of the oldest clan members. If you read this wikipedia page about her, you can see even more reasons why she’s one of the coolest characters ever. Sadism? Fucking awesome. Too bad Wikipedia is always sometimes wrong.

Deathnote – Light Yagami

Not afraid to kill.....everyone.

Okay, so the way that he kills people isn’t really “bad ass.” I might even say that it probably doesn’t even feel like you’re really killing someone when all you do is write down their name and picture their face. But, God damn it, Light has got to be the best tactician in anime. Lelouch couldn’t even put up with the likes of Light. I mean, Light planned….well, I don’t want to say exactly. But the longer that the show carried on without a BAM moment, the bigger the BAM moment was when it came. And it was mainly all Light (L was cool too, in fact it took me a while to decided between Light and L..but Light got the better of L in the end, soo).

Light can almost never be outsmarted (until the inevitable end….and a kid beat him? Really? That kid was like….13 years old.)

Denpa Teki na Kanojo – Ochibana

Awesome character

Here’s a character who could be one of my favorites, if she wasn’t just in one OVA episode (two more are slated to come out, however). Personally, I love the hair, I love the weirdness, and if you’re ever getting beat to death by a delusional girl with a bat, she’ll somehow come get you and rescue you. She’s almost the perfect female character.

Detroit Metal City – Soichi Negishi/Johannes Krauser II


Is there anything better than an alter ego/skitso/etc? Nope. Not much. I almost thought about picking the President, because whenever she talks it’s just fucking hilarious. But come on…really?

Negishi is a pussy. Krauser kicks ass. Put them both together and you’ve got a character that sometimes loses his mind, and calls the girl he likes a pig whore, and that he’s going to rape her. Then he makes up some excuse, and she believes him. Negishi kind of sucks, but without him, Krauser would only be a little bit kick-ass awesome. I don’t know if you noticed, but Krauser raped a tower.

D.N. Angel – Emiko Niwa

Oh son, don't forget to steal that thing tonight!

I’m going to summerize this choice with one sentence:

She encourages her son to steal.

What more can you ask for?

Dragonball – Goku

Kaaaaaaaa Meeeeeee Haaaaaaaaa Meeeeeeeeeee HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I mean, come on, Goku wins in this series hands down. You can’t really go wrong with a kid who’s pretty much oblivious to everything around him, including how unnatural his own strength is, and kicks ass all over the place. He’s just fucking awesome. And he’s got a tail. You know, I used to want a tail at one point in my life, just to see what it feels like.

Dragonball Z – Vegeta

This picture pretty much explains it all.

See that picture? I shouldn’t have to explain why Vegeta is the best character in DBZ. He’s fucking awesome. He’s a bad ass Sayain with a sick ass voice (dubbed version). He’s also evil (until they make a mistake and make him a good guy). He kicks ass and is the shit. Easily my favorite character in DBZ, and one of my favorite characters ever.

Dragonball GT – Goku/Vegeta Fusion

Yea. I’ll let that video be the explanation. Also, on farther inspection, I need to rewatch this show because I really can only remember bits and pieces.


15 thoughts on “Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part IV: “D”

  1. Krauser!! FUCK!!!

    I would have picked L but this is your fav characters, not mine. duh!! and Lavi would be my fav character in DGM but then again, you are not gay. Although lately (in the manga) Allen got really bad ass, which was the reason why Vegetta was one of my fav character in Dragon Ball too.

  2. SSJ4 Goku/Vegeta = the tits

    also i think Light just got lazy in the end and thats why he lost, cuz that kid was a lil bitch

    and you know that kid who always watches our vball games? he came over the other day and he had a Death Note shirt on… i was pretty pumped

    • As a nonpartisan bystander, this kid sounds like the weirdest person ever. Who watches other people’s intramural games? Freak.

      ALSO, I have noticed that alot of your favorite characters are your favorite characters because they are seeking revenge (although not so much in this post). This leads me to tell you:

      WATCH HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER. The Revenge in that movie is like

      BAM BAM BAM sahfajsdfhkjdsafsfd BLAMMY

  3. Mad respect for Krauser. The mere fact you have him in a favourite character list is irrefutable proof that you are neither a pedophile nor a communist. Congratulations.

  4. Well light DEFINITELY was a pimp, and why does ochibana look like tomo off of Azumanga DAioh? A frigging hot tomo @ that. Anyways, yeah, the end was some bullshit….like seriously. I guess him winning EvRYTHING might have been a stretch, but it still would have been frigging sweet and believable. I mean he’s a frigging genius. Wow, makes me want to watch it all over again 🙂 but yeah, light = the best

  5. Vegeta was the man, i remember when he was breaking peoples arms with super kicks and flipping off people. He introduced me to crude anime at an early age.

  6. @ Baka-Raptor: That would kick more ass than Bill the Ass Kicker.

    @ kluxorious: Would you believe me if I told you that I was actually going to put Lavi as my favorite character, to the point where I actually had a picture of him up, until I remembered the entire Noah clan is better than every other character in the show. I may take a peak at the manga.

    @ oballer: I did not notice that! Probably because I was too busy WINNING.

    @ Refuse to Come Wack: “As a nonpartisan bystander, this kid sounds like the weirdest person ever. Who watches other people’s intramural games? Freak.”

    – Hahahahaaha, yea kid’s cool though. I have never heard of that movie, but if it has anything about revenge, I’m going to watch it, and like it automatically.

    @ Panther: It’s over 9000!!!!!!!!!! If no one said something like that in response to this post I would have killed someone.

    @ Snark: Krauser raped Tokyo Tower, and made that uppity bitch cum. He’ fucking awesome.

    @ Hangmen: YES! I juggled between them both for a bit (I love how the president says fuck or mother fucker after everything in perfect Engrish. But in the end, I just couldn’t not put Krauser as my favorite…I mean, he raped Tokyo Tower (and made that uppity bitch cum).

    @ FaS: I kind of see it. A bit. Either way, Ochibana is probalyin my top ten as far as female characters are concerned, she’s like a hybrid of a “Yuki Nagato” type character, some higurashi character, and some other awesome character that I can’t even think of, because said character is too awesome to fathom.

    @ Cello: Vegeta reminded me of some kind of awesome snake that kills people (his original dubbed voice). He reminds us all that there’s more than one way to kick ass.

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