Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part VI: “F”

Well, at least I don’t have 3 damn shows this time….I should have just combined E and F. Whatever. Some letters are short, other letters (like M) are really long.

Fate/Stay Night – Saber

When you see this picture, you should imagine a choir singing as though it is a scene where God has appeared, and light is shining down on the world.

First of all, who doesn’t like Saber? That’s right, no one. No one except DOUCHBAGS. So yea, Fate/Stay Night kicked a lot of ass, and I’m very fucking excited about the movie that’s coming out (or came out, (depending on whether or not I ever finish this post). Saber. Is. Awesome.

  • She’s a nasty fighter, and in this aspect also remains to be FUCKING AWESOME COOL.

Excuse me, I have a boner. Not for anything perverted, but because my cock recognized FUCKING AWESOME COOL SHIT, and thusly, it stands for that shit. At this point, my cock doesn’t even want sex, it’s just showing appreciation. It’s that same as when you stand and clap when the President walks in to make a speech. It’s a matter of respect… cock does that…….

Yea so anyway, Saber’s personality is one that I like, cold at times, and a bit non understanding toward certain things. Hmm, that’s a bit confusing…..let me say instead, that her pairing with Shiro is a main reason as to why I like her so much, because their chemistry helps illuminate certain things about her, for example, Shiro always try to protect her, and she insists that she doesn’t need protecting, and all that kind of shit.

That’s it? That’s your example? You didn’t explain shit!

Fuck yourself.

FLCL – Haruko Haruhara

Oh hell yes.

I ahevnt- whoops -haven’t really talked about FLCL much on this beautiful ISSS, but for what it’s worth, this is one of the coolest fucking shows ever made on the face of the planet. If it wasn’t only 6 episodes (which is a perfect length for the series if you ask me), then I might have to put this on my top ten. Actually, fuck it, I should at least put this in my top twenty. (To be honest, I have no idea what my top anything is, it changes in my head 6 times a week. The other day I thought about taking InuYasha off the list completely, mainly because I’m so disappointed with the new season. That’s right, disappointed (EDIT: I wrote this like a month ago, so by “the other day” I mean “the other day a month ago”). My computer background is actually this, and I don’t think it will ever change in the next year.

Anyway, finding the best character in this show is slightly difficult, because the characters are all fucking awesome. In the end I decided on the default awesome character, and went with Haruko, because she’s a crazy mutha fucka.

Fruits Basket – Kyo


I feel like he’s the only one in this show who has a cool personality, besides Kagura (who is a skitso which is awesome). Actually, why isn’t Kagura my favorite character? She threatening him into proposing to her with a boulder! That’s fucking actually cool. All the characters in this anime seemed flat to me, but I’ve been over that. Kyo is cool because he’s always pissed. I suspect that the reason he is so pissed isn’t because he can’t win a fight, but because he’s stuck in FUCKING FRUITS BASKET.

He changes into a cat, and cats are cool, and he might not always (ever) win his fights, but he keeps trying, and doesn’t back down, and that’s respectable.

Fullmetal Alchemist (season 1) – Edward Elric

It takes a MAN to do this.

This was probably the hardest one yet…..sort of. I mean, by now you may know how I feel about some characters, but at the end of the series (episode 49 to be exact and precise), Ed became the fucking MAN, and I have to give him props for that. I mean, he transfigured himself. HELLO people. BALLS.

Besides that, there’s the fact that he:

  • Is nasty at alchemy.
  • Has automail for one arm and one leg, and transfigures his arm into a weapon at some points (oh sure he can do that, but when his arm breaks it’s somehow impossible to transfigure back).
  • He doesn’t need to draw a fucking gay circle to perform alchemy.
  • He gets made when people call him short, and this is funny to me (and never gets old….they could do a whole episode of short jokes and I’d probably like it maybe possibly).

So far I’m liking the second season even more (which means a lot., Bones is doing work. Oh, and in the new season, Riza Hawkeye is my favorite, hands down.

Full Metal Panic (all seasons) – Melissa Mao

More like Melissa WAO (as in was a play one wor-- you know what forget it)

That’s right, I didn’t choose Sousuke. I mean, this show is loaded with awesome characters, but I had to go with my main she-bitch on this one, Melissa Mao.

  • She drinks beer (why do I consider this a plus? what’s my deal here?)
  • She’s got that Ghost in the Shell haircut going, and to be honest, it works better for her than it does for the Major. (I’m a sucker for short hair on girls…but not TOO short)
  • Kind of like Shiro from Fate/Stay Night, she does good with Kurz, because she’s able to put him down whenever he makes a sexual advancement toward him, and this in turn does a good job of displaying her personality, which is at times, abrasive (like sandpaper…..sandpaper is abrasive too.)

I like her. BAM.


7 thoughts on “Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part VI: “F”

  1. Gilgamesh is my fav character for some reason that eluded me just because he has all these cool swords. Granted that he lost in the end but meh who cares. Rin and Saber tide at second though.

  2. The best Fate/Stay Night character is actually Dark Sakura.

    “Dark Sakura, a rancorous and psychotic distortion of her normal self. In this form, her reasoning and emotions are severely impaired and she is indiscriminately destructive to everything around her. Dark Sakura has an unlimited supply of Mana, but the amount she can expel at any derivative is limited by her number of magic circuits. Her touch is highly corrosive, dissolving organic matter and converting the base elements into pure Mana. When an astral being, such as a Servant, comes into contract with Dark Sakura’s shadows, that Servant’s mentality is corrupted by her evil influence, while their offensive power is considerably augmented. She is also capable of forming tentacle appendages from her body, as well as birthing shadow monstrosities that follow her general intent but otherwise operate independently. Finally, Dark Sakura can spontaneously regenerate, allowing her to recover from mortal wounds within minutes of receiving them.”

    Except she never showed up in the anime. I’m guessing she’s in the sequel or something.

  3. Definitely spot on for EVERY show. I definitely concur. However, I wish Ed had more resolve (like he already noted). He’s always like, “mmmeehhh, I won’t kill you cuz I’m a good guy.” Man fuck that shit. I wish he would have killed scar when he got the chance (in brotherhood), but of course he didn’t. What a dummy. Fooly Cooly…….idk what the fuck to think of that show except the end credits are a bit trippy. Besides that, it’s all gravy.

  4. @ klux: I didn’t really like Gilgamesh, and the main reason is because he looked like a feag. But his sword thing was pretty fuckin sick.

    @ Baka-Raptor: My bad, if I could do it all over, I’d rank Dark Sakura as the top character of Fate/Stay Night, the anime.

    But seriously, I wish Dark Sakura and Dark Saber were both in the anime. Maybe the movie?

    @ FaS: Wow every single show huh?

    @ animekritik: Pretty much everything about FLCL rules.

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