Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part VII: “G”

Okay then….here are the “G”s.

Gantz – Kei Kurono

Kei rules.

Compared to the manga, that anime for Gantz sucked balls. But by itself, it was pretty good if not for the shitty gay ending that sucked and was shitty. And Kei kicked some grade A ass in both the manga and the anime. Let’s see, by the time the anime ended, Kei had pretty much taken charge on every mission, and killed all of the aliens by himself. Yup, he’s the man. (The manga is 50000000000000000000 times better though…I’m not even supposed to be talking about manga in these posts, that’s how good it is).

Ghost in the Shell – Major Mokoto Kusanagi

She's a slut.

Oh yea, I used a topless shot of the Major to add a little promiscuity to this post.

Everyone has seen Ghost in the Shell. At least the movie (which was obviously good). Now, like Melissa Mao from FMP, she sports this gay haircut that actually is cool. It works for Melissa Mao. For the Major? Well, personally, I think her hair is too bushy, but honestly, it’s become the look she’s become famous for. Now comes to the actual substance of this character review:

The major does not actually have a body. Yup, that’s not her body. at the end of the first film, she was in a little girl’s body, which just goes to show…..uh……she……she’s cool?

Okay look, she’s sick at fighting has a great English voice actress, and she’s generally awesome. Trying to write why is as confusing to me as watching this show subbed is.

Great Teacher Onizuka – Urumi Kanzaki

I don't know what to write here. No one probably reads these titles anyway.

WHHHAAATTTTT!? You chose her over ONIZUKA!? DAMN RIGHT I DID! Onizuka was the fucking man, but God damn it, Kanzaki was the fucking woman.

Firstly, she’s a heterochromian. If I ever meet an actual female heterochromian (who is a noticeable heterochromian, not like, one eye is brown and the other is hazel…those are like the same color in terms of eyes) who is of age, then I will date her, even if she’s fat and ugly. The relationship might only last an hour or so, but I will be dating her non the less.

Secondly, she’s a fucking genius. So smart, in fact, that the school pretty much lets her do whatever she wants. Oh, you don’t have to come to class, don’t worry about it.

Thirdly, building on the fact that she’s a genius (literally), she is also not someone you ever want to cross or fuck with, based on her cold personality. SHE’S SO FUCKING AWESOMRGONOSEFSIN!!!

Gunslinger Girl – Triela

Hittin marks like a marksman markin his name

It’s been a while since I watched any Gunslinger Girl action. The anime is good, but I still only saw the first 5 episodes of Il Teatrino (the second season). I gotta hit that other shit up you know (you won’t really get that link unless you’re Robert, or skip in to like, 5 minutes). But yea, Triela takes that cake with some ease for this one. She’s a little bit more mature than the other girls, and she’s also a little more fucking awesome than the other girls. She’s got that sarcastic awesomeness with the badassery dressery (she dresses fucking awesomely). Just look at her. She’s got the tie the vest the shoes and the rest…..even she doesn’t have a hint of a breast…………ICE. (garantee I lost almost everyone there). Triela isn’t just awesome, she’s the fuckin shitttttttt.


11 thoughts on “Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part VII: “G”

  1. I should check out Gantz the manga and major is fucking awesome because she can kick all the male butts in the series plus one. I don’t even who Urumi was, so I’ll stick to Onizuka >_>

  2. Major Kusanagi – completely agree with you
    Kei Kurono – not really, especially for the anime version. He surely is tough and sophisticated but not likable at all. I prefer the female stalker with long straight black hair (What’s her name?); she’s sweet and creepy.

  3. Lol your posts are like the saw movies: there are 15 million of them, but we love each post just as must as the other 🙂 after seeing gantz, I was thoroughly pissed @ the being and I thought kei shouldve stayed on “powertrip” mode. Instead he got feelings. Pussy. Gunslinger girl…mmm only saw like one episode on adult swim…don’t really know about her. And in ghost in the shell, it’s pretty much her cuz everyone else sucks balls….but nice post 🙂

  4. Kurono is the ultimate survivor: he survives even after dying TWICE! Death isn’t enough to stop this guy, which is even more impressive considering he’s a otherwise normal human (no crazy regenerative powers).

  5. @ kluxorious: Everyone should check out the Gantz manga, the anime is a pile of steaming crap when compared. I’m so furious (punching my ball sack repeatedly out of anger) about your other comment that I’m not even going to address it.

    @ Canne: OH MY GOD. I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THE STALKER GIRL! FUCKKKKKKKKKKK I MIGHT HAVE TO CHANGE THIS, I LOVED THE STALKER GIRL (for the few episodes she was in…or was she in a lot of them? I kind of mixed the manga and the anime together).

    @ FaS: I loved Saw I, I loved Saw II. Saw III sucked and I haven’t seen any of the others (although I heard that one of them was really good, and that the new one was awesome too).

    @ TJ: Not only did he die, but he actually multiplied! (I haven’t been reading the manga, I’m letting it coagulate for a while. I hope I used “coagulate” correctly.

  6. Kanzaki really is far far better than any other characters in GTO or any school life anime. She’s a genius, she’s hot, and she’s super cool
    Also, agreed on Triela. Beautiful series, awesome cool character.

  7. For mentioning Urumi Kanzaki @ GTO, you have transcended Gawd.

    She would definitely be in my list of coolest anime characters ever, not only in GTO.
    Well if I ever had a list that is…

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