Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part VIII: “H”

Hataraki Man – Hiroko Matsukata

Switch On!

As the anime title implies, Matsukata is a real working man. She is often told that she is rather masculine, because she smokes a lot, puts all of her effort into her work, and when she puts her “switch on”, and really gets down to business, she seems quite manly, this is probably why she always eats natto rolls (isn’t natto filled with like….false estrogen? Idk I heard that somewhere).

She’s got it tough, I would have succumbed to a heart attack if I worked like she did. She does it all, and she’s fucking nasty at what she does. Raise a glass, Matsukata kicks ass.

Hayate no Gotoku! – Maria

Maria incogneto

Wow, two Rie Tanaka voiced characters in a row. Honestly, these two characters just show how awesome Rie Tanaka is at voicing, but I’m here to talk about Maria, who is obviously the best character from Hayate no Gotoku. That’s right, not Hinagiku. She’s third, Jenny is second. To be truthful, there isn’t a single character in Hayate that I don’t think is absolutely awesome. Frankly, I’m still bitter that she didn’t win the voting, but whatever, she wins in my own mind, and here comes a tremendous, in depth character analysis, right in your eye:

  • Age – 17,18
  • Height – 158 cm
  • Weight – 42 kg
  • Blood Type – O
  • Birthday – December 24th

Yeah, I copied that directly from Wikipedia, which I know I shouldn’t do  (cuz wiki sucks), but I trust it in this case. So why does Maria kick ass.

Maria is awesome at everything she does, she cleans, cooks, is a literal genius….I mean, she’s pretty much perfect. But it’s her inadeuacies that make her even better. For example, she sucks at disguises. For example, the picture above was a disguise to fool Hayate (which actually worked somehow). You know what, I’m just going to link to that page where I explained a whole lot of awesomeness regaurding Maria: Here.

There. Now with that link, I was able to put up more pictures of Maria that I wanted to put up, without actually putting them up (for this post these posts, I limit one picture per character). Maria should turn into an actual person, so I could marry her (why was she not first here? Bad decision on my part).

He Is My Master – Mitsuki Sawatari

Loli? Really? A loli is your favorite character?

Here’s a cute little girl in a maid outfit, right? Wrong, Mitsuki always acts innocent and happy, but really she’s a scheming plotting person. She uses her sister for her own profit and besides that, has probably not one care in life, which is awesome, and the reason why she takes this spot over Pochi, the awesome alligator (which is her pet). He is my Master is actually a pretty good show.

Higashi no Eden – Akira Takizawa

The man.

Nothing phases this guy. He never gets nervous or anything, and takes everything in stride. Not only that, but his plans are pretty sick. I mean, here’s a guy who wiped his own memory as part of his plans. He’s also not afraid to whip out his Johnny in front of American Police officers. “Thank God it was cold out.” He said.

High School Girls – Uhhhhhnderwear Girl?

I don't know who they are.

Speaking of memory wipes, I must have had one done on me after watching High School Girls, because even after looking up Bio’s for the characters, I don’t remember a God damn thing about them. I watched this show around the same time as Tsuyokiss, and I remember that show. What the hell? But anyway, I’ll pick the girl in the picture who’s sitting on the the girl, because he underwear is kinda cool, and this was one of the only pictures that I could find on google that wasn’t boring. That’s it.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni – Rena Ryuugu

Psycho is great

Well, this was the hardest descision yet. I went back and forth between Mion, Shion, and Rena, and even debated Keiichi for a while. But I think in the end I chose the best and I’ll tell you why.

First of all, Rena is weird. She digs through trash fro treasures, loves cute things (even if they aren’t really that cute) and generally is just an odd ball. But when she goes berserk, it’s just something awesome.

When I think of Higurashi, I think of two things, Rena’s axe thing, Rena’s crazy eyes, and this picture. God this show was good. But anyway, the fact that Rena goes from a girl who’s always happy and loves cute things to a psychotic killer is just awesome. IT AWESOME! Yandere superior!

Honey and Clover – Shinobu Morita

Morita was pretty cool.

Morita gave some comedy and coolness to what I thought was an otherwise dull and boring anime. Not only is he a bit on the odd side, but his treatment of Hagu coupled with his already strange ways was something that I, at least, found amusing. Not only that, but sometimes he goes missing for days on end, and then comes back with money. I can’t remember what is job was, or if they even mentioned it, but I would sure like to know.

Looking, back, I probably wouldn’t hate H&C as much as I do now if i were yo watch it again, but there’s no way that will ever happen. I have removed it from my top 5 most hated shows (there’s no way it was worse than K-ON). It would probably be closer to 13 or something if I were to actually rate all of my shows and actually put them in order (there’s no way I’m ever doing that…in fact, after this series of character posts, I’m taking a hiatus….maybe….probably not).

Hyakko – Suzume Saotome


Let me just get this out of the way and say that the character designs ruled for this anime. I especially loved the color schemes. Black, orange, and tan? Perfect. I also enjoyed the show, despite not liking it at first. As far as characters go, Suzume is the obvious choice for best.

  • She can eat forever.
  • She’s one of those awesome quiet types, I love those characters.
  • She follows Torako everywhere, like a slave.

Basically, Suzume is mysterious and unpredictable. I love it.