Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part IX: “I-J”

Okay, at the beginning that I would post a new “letter” everyday, ie, I would put up a new section of this massive post each day. I’m sure that yesterday night you canceled all of your plans, or maybe even made plans with friends, in anticipation of viewing my next post, and I’m sorry to say that I didn’t put it up. You must all be heartbroken, but give me a break, it was Saturday, you don’t expect me to stay in on a Saturday night, do you?

Anyway, today I’m back with a shitty new header (or updated header) that I designed in MS Paint, which is the only thing that I use to alter pictures, because I don’t have photoshop and wouldn’t use it anyway, because the shittyness that is MS Paint actually appeals to me and this site (which is proportionally shitty). It took me about 1 minute, and it looks like shit, but I like it, so it stays.

Anyway, here is “I-J” (there’s only one “J”), and it is quite extensive, due mainly to one character.

Ichigo 100% – Satsuki Kitaoji

The obvious choice.

Junpei, like most harem leads, seems to make the wrong choice in the end and not choose Satsuki. I mean, Satsuki is perfect (for me). She’s the aggressive, athletic type, who obviously loves sex (athletic girls love sex, I just decided that now). Not only that, but DDD boobs? Come on Junpei.

NOTE: Satsuki would just be my final choice. I would still have sex with all of them.

Ikkitousen – Ryomou Shimei

Arrest me.

Let me first say, that Ikki Tousen was cool in that it used people from Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Dynasty Warriors). All of the fighters had a spirit of a fighter in them (or something, and Ryomou had Lu Meng, who was pretty cool I guess…….in Dynasty Warriors at least. But after that, I liked her serious attitude, nasty fighting skills, eye patch (eye patches RULLLEEE) and French Maid costume. Yizzerrr.

Inukami! -Yoko

She's a kitsune.

I actually like Inukami a lot. It was funny, perverted, and contained a solid cast, not to mention an acceptable plot. That’s why it’s a top 20 for me. It took me a while to decide who I liked more, Yoko of Keita. Both have great seiyu (Yui Horie and Jun Fukuyama respectively), but in the end I went with Yoko, because, like Dokuro from Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, she helps move the plot along, and is a general reason for most of the perverted funniness. For example, she has the ability to teleport things, mainly, Keita’s clothes. Usually when this happens, a police officer happens to show up right on que, and bring him to jail. Keita then becomes known as a pervert, and in jail he meets other perverts, and generally the whole show is hilarious.

Yoko is also not actually an Inukami (dog God?) but a Kitsune (fox God?), and that is kind of cool I guess.

InuYasha – Inuyasha


Wow. This was difficult. Sesshomaru is undeniably the most bad ass in the series, but in terms of overall characters, I think I had to give it to Inuyasha, and here’s why.

First of all, Inuyasha’s personality is pretty much: “What the hell? I’ll beat your ass!” He’s not exactly a tactician when he fights, he kind of just tries to muscle his way through any problems. Want an example? Fuck…pick an episode, I’ll pick episode 6 of the brand new season (a season which, despite being awesome, is moving way to fast for my liking).

In said episode, the gang comes to a man-eating tree, which has had a shard implanted in it by Naraku, thus causing it to revive, despite the seal that Kikyou put on it 50 years earlier. Most of the gang is scratching their heads as to why Naraku would do such a thing. Inuyasha doesn’t give a fuck, he just starts flingin windscars at the thing.

Basically, Inuyasha is an impatient half-bad-ass, while Sesshomaru is a patient bad-ass. I am an impatient half bad-ass. I can relate to Inuyasha.

Also, he has three forms, his human form, his half-demon form (regular form), and his full out crazy-ass demon form (the best form). Why is this a good thing? It just is. Since Ilike his full demon form, I’ll talk about that first:

When Inuyasha is full demon, he loses himself completely, and just wants to kill everything, whether they’re friends of not. Episode 52 of the first series? AWESOME. I’ve got that shit memorized. Especially when he jumps up, slices the moth-demon to pieces, and then he lands and like….slides across the ground in a sick-ass pose. Just awesome. But that’s only one reason why Inuyasha edges out his half brother for the top spot, because let’s face, it, Sesshomaru does this kind of thing on a daily basis, except he doesn’t need poses. Therefore, why else should I choose Inuyasha?

Well, he’s got a lot of….ugh…..depth? Not really, but kind of. Got picked on as a kid, and instead of crying about it, he simply decided that all people (or demons) were stupid, and decided, “fuck em.” This is a good point of view for anyone to take, and one that I have personally taken. People suck. On the other end of the spectrum, we have Sesshomaru, the bad-ass FULL FLEDGED DEMON who was always treated as such. People, what we have here is kind of a case of a golden child, and a brown child.

Inuyasha (like me) is a brown child (brown is the color of shit). He was the less liked sibling (apparently), where as Sesshomaru was the golden child, who was treated as the proper one. Now, I say that this is kind of a case of brown/golden child, and not a classic case, because as we see, Inuyasha was given the Tessaiga, and Sesshomaru was given the Tensaiga, a sword who’s purpose was to be absorbed by the Tessaiga. So in the end, Inuyasha was given the better sword by his father. Am I talking in circles? Probably. What I was attempting to say was that Inuyasha had to struggle through life, and that’s sick.

Another reason is the aspect of REVENGE. I love revenge like nothing. Any movie or show about revenge is something that is almost guaranteed to make me happy. In this sense, Inyasha (along with pretty much everyone in the series) is out for revenge against Naraku, who, at one point of another, fucked each character over, except Shippo, who is a pointless character. Sesshomaru does not have any reason for revenge, he just has….I guess I’d call it a gripe against Sesshomaru, which is different then revenge, which is stronger. I feel like, revenge insinuates that someone you’re trying to get back at someone for something that you lost, while a gripe is similar to a verbal dispute, like, “Oh, you did that, to my wife, I’m sorry sir, but I’m going to break your leg.”

Shit, I can’t really put my finger on my I like Inuyasha more than Sesshomaru…..this whole thing was a jumbled mess of shit. I like them both, I guess in the end, I like Inuyasha more because:

  • He had it tougher than Sesshomaru
  • He’s got a big ass sword
  • He’s transforms cooly (not to say that Sesshomaru doesn’t)
  • He’s the fucking man

Ippatsu Kikimusume -Kunyan


This girl gets into so many situations that are life or death…..and somehow she gets out of all of them…..this short (what was it, and OVA?) was awesome.

Jigoku Shoujo – Enma Ai

Not even a question

This one’s a no brainier. Or is it? Honestly, for a main character, Enma Ai doesn’t get much screen time, and when she does, it’s usually just her whisking some poor faggot away to hell. Or is it? I’m asking a lot of questions to confuse you. Let’s take a look at what makes her tick.

So she doesn’t say much…..when has that EVER been a bad thing? The great thing about Enma is that she doesn’t need words to express her self. It isn’t hard to see her general mood during certain times, like when she’s inspecting a customer’s situation. Am I going to use an example? Am I?

No. Watch the show if you want an example. (you fuckers should have watched it twice already anyway).

SIDE NOTES: I’m finally done with Pandora Hearts. I’m trying to catch up with all the shit I didn’t finish watching, like Bakemonogatari, Basquash, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Umi Monogatari, Kanememo etc.

Basquash is good so far, but if it’s soo good, why am I so unmotivated to watch it. I’d rather watch Ranma at this point for some reason. In fact, I’m pretty unmotivated to watch any of these shows.

Kanememo sucks, but I’m slowly nearing the end of it’s shittyness. As far as a grade, it’s eying a 3 with hopeful eyes right now.

Umi Monogatari has it’s moments, but the soundtrack never changes, even when there’s momemts of suspense. The music just doesn’t match sometimes.