Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part XII: “M”

Okay, I’m going to post this earlier today because I have a fucking awesome ass 22nd B-Day party to attend to, where the theme is Pilgrims and Indians, and I will be an awesome Indian with an almost loincloth going on, which I am excited about. I’m going to get hammered, so you can see why posting later might be troublesome for me. Anyway, I have a lot “M’s” then some previous posts, so this one won’t be as short.

Magipoka – Liru

Meat = Win

Liru is awesome. She’s got energy, charisma, and she’s a werewolf, which can only mean one thing: She likes meat. I like meat. Meat is awesome. There’s nothing better than a good steak. Liru pretty much made this series good (yes, I thought it was pretty good). She’s a much better character than that shitty robot girl, Aika. Aika sucked.

Mahou Sensei Negima! – Setsuna Sakurazaki

This one was kind of difficult…not because of the characters, but because I’m not really sure if I should include “Negima!?” the second series/retelling thingy or not. I mean, it has all of the characters, but it is a completely different show. In the end, I decided that I do in fact have a different favorite character for Negima!? then I do for Mahou Sensei Negima! (On a side note, I heard they were making a new season? If that’s true, that’s awesome!)

So what makes Setsuna so God damn great? Well there are actually several things. First and foremost, she carries with her a completely awesome samurai sword (of course, all samurai swords are awesome, I know, I have one). Girls who wield samurai swords (whether it be in a manga, anime, real life, novel etc.) are all fucking really cool (so are guys that wield them…I know, because I ha-

We get it. Enough.

Errr, right. So besides the sword what else makes her better than say, Asuna? Well, at this point I’d like to direct you to the awesome picture that I provided for you. See it? Are you looking? Obviously not, if you’re reading th-

Stop with that shit.

…why do you keep interrupting me? This is my post, not yours. If you were writing it then I sure as hell wouln’t interru-

Oh, if it were MY post? When the fuck am I going to be able to write a post? I’m just a voice of disagreement in your posts, I say things to disagree with you. That’s my job. That’s my purpose, so to write a post would completely defeat that purpose. How th-

How about this, if you stop interrupting me, I’ll let you write a post? Okay?

…fine. It’s a deal, and I’ll hold you to it.

Okay, so as I was saying, are you looking at the picture? Notice the hair. Is that not the most awesome hair you’ve ever seen in your days? If I ever saw a girl who was Japanese, and she had hair like that, I would date her. The end.

However, there is one more reason to her greatness, and that can be summed up in on word, a word that begins with “Y” and ends with “I”. I am, of course referring to the word, youcandefinitelytellthatSetsunahasfeelingsforKonokaandthatmeansthatshehasshadesofyuri. It’s a pretty long word, but it does well to add to her greatness……Time to start the manga methinks, because after I wrote this, I took a look at her bio and realized that she’s way more awesome then she was in the anime.

Mai HiME -Miyu “M.I.Y.U” Glear

First of all, what a fucking great anime, even if the end was kind of corny and stupid (everyone suddenly comes back alive? Gay. I can’t remember how the manga ended, but I know that the manga was fuckin awesome too.). So the obvious choice for the anime is Miyu, the android babe who is, like the show, fuckin awesome.

So wait, let me backtrack for a bit. What was the best part of Mai HiME? Obviously, it was the sick fighting, and even sicker use of technology, and that especially includes the animation of such technology being used. And of these technologies being used, Miyu’s was certainly the most awesome, most unique, and looked the coolest. Don’t believe me? Just look.

So I think we’ve established that Miyu certainly kicked ass, and besides that, her personality is one of all business. That’s it. That’s why she wins. To be fair, I liked pretty much all of the characters in this show.

Mai Otome – Arika Yumemiya

I actually agonized over who to choose. Mai Otome kicked ass because, unlike Mai HiME, it didn’t focus on stupid love as the main source for their powers, and instead focused on actual technology (nano bots). This made the show awesome, and so did the fact that the characters were all from Mai HiME, except that they were playing different roles. This was fucking awesome. The characters had the same names, same seiyu, and same appearance, but everything about them was semi-different (there’s a sentence that contradicts itself). There were a few settings that were exactly the same (like the bar) and that made it even better.

As far as character goes, I have no idea if I made the right choice….I could have just chosen Miyu again, but she didn’t do that much (she was still awesome). I was going to choose Mai or Mikoto (because I think Mai did a fucking sick move in one episode, and Mikoto is pretty much a cat, and cats are cool), but in the end I went with Arika, because she gets so nasty at the end that I pooped. Not literally, I pooped emotionally. It was sick. Props to Arika for not sucking. (should I have chosen Nina? FUCK).

NOTE: I am still not entirely sure about this pick.

MajinTantei Nougami Neuro – Neuro Nougami

Umm….hello? He eats riddles/puzzles/mysteries as food. Yeah. Do I have to say anything else? The only one who can figure out that riddle is Neuro Nougami.

Maria†Holic – Matsura Shinouji

She barely talks, but when she does say something, it’s usually to make fun of Kanako. Not only that, but she has no emotion, and always has on the same blank stare (I love blank stare characters)…..what character could possibly be better? No one. This is the second most awesome maid ever (Maria is obviously first).

As for the show, it was stale at times, but overall, I enjoyed it. I was going to use this picture, just because, but then I elected not to (it didn’t look good when shrunk….too grainy).

Miname-ke – Chiaki Minami

Her sarcastic, and sometimes cruel, personality is just to fucking great to ignore. She actually EASILY takes this one, despite the show having a pretty solid set of characters that all work good together. Not only that, but she sort of has that dull listless look in her eyes. as in, her expression rarely changes (except when it changes to an awesome expression, just like in Kyou no Go no Ni (same people made that)).

Mnemosyne – Rin Asogi

The part of Mimi (Rin’s lesbian counterpart) was played by Rie Kugimiya. But she’s not my favorite character in this anime (despite still being awesome). That’s just proving that I’m not completely bias toward Rie Kugimiya (the best seiyu ever). No, no, no, the best character in this show is Rin Asogi, and the reason for that is because she kicks some serious ass, and is pretty much really cool. I mean, how many times did she die in this anime? (She went through a jet engine, a jet engine that was on and functioning (in the sky), and survived…..that’s just…)

If you don’t believe me, then watch the first episode, and see Rin kill some dudes with something that resembles a yo-yo. It was fuckin sick. One thing I liked about this show was that the characters were all like, really really really old (like 1000s of years), even though they didn’t look like it, and likewise, the anime moves many years into the future as it moves from episode to episode. One thing I didn’t like was the end. It was a bit weird (I can’t remember it that well, which is pretty bad considering that this show was only 6 episodes (45 minutes episodes though). I still think that Mnemosyne was great.

Monster -Heinrich Runge

Okay, as I am typing this, I still haven’t picked a favorite person. Right now there is no picture and no name. The way I see it, there are three people that all are worthy of the top spot, Johan, Tenma, and Runge. Johan is your typical serial killer who has no emotional attachment to pretty much anything, and is a literal genius. Tenma is the neurosurgeon that saved Johan’s life when he was shot in the head, and is now hunting down Johan, feeling that it’s his fault Johan was given a chance to kill everyone. Runge is the detective hunting Tenma down, because he believes that Tenma was the one behind Johan’s murders (Johan is a genius, he doesn’t get caught ever…or does he?). Johan came up with a couple real BAM moments, Tenma was the fucking man (rebel on a mission here), and Runge, well fuck, I just like the guy, and I’m going to tell you exactly why Runge was the man, because it turns out that he is my favorite character.

At the start of the series, Runge seems like your average run-of the mill genious detective. But as the series progresses, we find out a whole lot of awesome stuff about him:

  • At this point in his life, he’s pretty much said fuck you to his family, deciding that work is more important. His family leaves him and he doesn’t really care. He’s hell bent on getting Tenma.
  • He fucking remembers everything. He’s pretty much a super detective, and while we’re on this subject.
  • The way he remembers things is AWESOME. He types with his fingers (just like by his side in the air), as he thinks them, and then he never forgets (like an elephant). This small habit is what pushed him over the top for being my favorite character. I love weird quirks that characters have.
  • He becomes a gun toting mother fucker at the end, and grows into being a bad ass detective (well maybe not bad ass, but fucking awesome).

Runge is awesome. (although I have to give props to Johan for his final plan at the end. I won’t say what it was, but you should know, because you obviously should have watched this show already.

Murder Princess – Falis

This isn't falis's original body....durr.

Here’s a show that was shitty. Choosing the character was easy though, because bounty hunters are always fucking awesome. (OBVIOUS REFERENCE). Given that bounty hunters are fucking radical (that’s right, RADICAL) how can anybody but Falis (that name is really funny phallus? lol). So anyway, Falis, a bounty hunter with a SAMURAI SWORD, ends ups somehow switching bodies with the princess, which makes for complications and princesses “murdering”. I don’t think I saw a drop of blood in this anime. It was very misleading. but bounty hunter with a samurai sword? Can’t not have her be the best (especially since all of the other characters were really fucking gay).


18 thoughts on “Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part XII: “M”

  1. Wow… this made me realized how fucking phailed my M’s anime is. I’ve only seen Mnemosyne O_O

    and yes, Rin was awesome. The end of the show however was borderline hentai, which blows because it was a great series, it didn’t need to stoop that low for rating v__v

  2. Wow… this made me realized how fucking phailed my M’s anime is. I’ve only seen Mnemosyne and Maria+Holic O_O

    and yes, Rin was awesome. The end of the show however was borderline hentai, which blows because it was a great series, it didn’t need to stoop that low for rating v__v

  3. Well, I usually prefer more insane/borderline characters. As for Mai Hime, I’d say Fujino Shizuru (the student council president). Love her icy looks and taste in women!

  4. @ klux: You needn’t have repeated yourself, I understood the first time lol. I didn’t especially like the end of Mnemosyne either….I just wanted to see Rin beat everyone’s ass.

    They should make a show with no point, where the only plot is a guy or girl kicking everyone’s ass.

    @ FaS: Go watch Mai HiME, Mai Otome, and Monster right now. Do it…..NOW.

    @ Canne & Baka-Raptor: I of course know that Baka-Raptor would choose part of the ShizNat duo, so this is no surprise whatsoever. In fact, right when I got to this character, one of the first thoughts in my mind was Shiznat.

    Shizuru is definitely a great character, I didn’t forget her. But Miyu was awesome in Mai HiME and in Mai Otome (I wish she had more screen time in the latter).

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  6. @ klux: this is late, but I will respond…..Wordpress sucks…..the end.

    @ Hyedris: I combed all of the Miyu video’s, and deemed yours the best. I wish I had an award to get you, but I don’t.

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  10. I actually know someone with the last name Runge who wanted to get into law stuff, so I thought it was hilarious. This show came on the sci-fi channel once a week for me, so it took about a half year for me to get through Monster. He’s pretty fucking badass.

    • Friday, 2nd graders were doing a lesson where they create snowmen portraits out of oil pastels, and one girl’s snowman looked EXACTLY like this and I almost lost it:

      Kids suck at drawing.

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