Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part XIII: “N”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. My Thanksgiving was hit and miss, off and on. I had a lot of fun, but also apparently made a jackass of myself (I can’t remember). Looks like I suck. Anyway, while I actually have some time, here’s this.

Naruto – Shikamaru Nara

I find myself only now semi-agreeing with…whoever it was I sort of half disagreed with (I can’t find it, but they had him in their top ten characters….crap I thought I was subscribed too). But yea, Shikamaru is pretty awesome, for these main facts:

  • He really doesn’t give a shit.
  • He’d rather sleep.
  • He’s still a fucking nasty tactician.

He’s not really the greatest fighter of the cast (I mean, if it’s cloudy, he’s kind of fucked). But damn it, he used his skills (as well as other people’s skills) to the best of their ability. Why else do you think he’s so much farther than everyone else, class wise? It’s because he’s a genius. But at the end of the day, to him, everything is just “troublesome”.

I actually liked Naruto, but then I did a stupid thing and watched all of the filler episodes…….Naruto sucks.

EDIT: It was YUMEKA! (smacks himself in the face)

Natsu no Arashi – Sayaka

I was close, my friends. Very close, to choosing Salt Guy, because he gave us (or me at least) a running joke that will never get old. I love running jokes. But then I remembered, Sayaka is the shit.

Whenever I hear or read, “Natsu no Arashi”, the upward picture immediately pops into my head. That’s such a sick pose. So we already know that Sayako is good at poses, but what else? Well, she’s a con artist. Con artists are awesome. They’re almost as cool as bounty hunters! Now, when I hear the term, “Con artist” I immediately think of Sawyer from LOST. Sawyer kicks ass.

The only drawback from Sayako is that she really doesn’t understand Time Travel. Whenever something goes bad (like milk) she tells them to go back in time and return it, or drink it. It’s still going to be spoiled even if you bring it back in time……I mean a person doesn’t age when they go back in time, so there. I guess in the end I just like how her character is a bit rough around the edges.

Negima!? – Motsu

Personally, I think that this is the only logical choice. Well, okay pretty much every character kicked ass in this anime. So funny, so great, so awesome. Who directed it again (BAM). So yea, Motsu wins simply because he gave us the quote, “in a good way”, in a good way. I mean, no matter what the subject matter of the sentence is, he seems to end with, “in a good way” every time. I wish everyone saw this so I could actually use the quote, “in a good way” more often. It’s just not funny if no one gets the reference.

Besides the quote, Motsu somehow gets sucked into becoming Sasaki’s father, which is hilarious in itself. The anime was actually awesome.

NOTE: I have sense started reading the manga, and it’s good.

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Misato Katsuragi

Most people tend to go for either Rei or Asura. While both are indeed quite awesome, it is in my opinion that Misato is the best character of this entire show. Her mere presence in scenes makes the show better, and I found myself more interested in her story than Shinji the emo’s story.

Misato is great, and don’t just take my word for it, Shinji’s entire class seemed obsessed with her beauty awesomeness. One kid even video’s her. And as you can tell, she enjoys her beer, and also lives with a genetically altered penguin, which is pretty fuckin cool.

Misato, besides the traits already discussed, Is great at her job. I mean, she’s pretty much the most important person at NERV:

  • She brought in Shinji and others.
  • She is in charge of battle operations (or something).
  • It is her job to rule and kick ass.

I also like her backstory, about how she was in the first, Angel incident, and was in fact the only survivor. Everything is cool

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – Hazuki Sakurazaka

Haruka might have had what it takes to be a good wife of mine had she been a living, actual human, but that doesn’t mean she’s my favorite character in this anime. Hazuki kicks a serious amount of ass in this show, and if you don’t believe me then you’re a big stupid head.

One of the main reasons why I prefer Hazuki could be because I feel like Kaori Shimizu (Lain, Serial Experiments Lain) does a fantastic job voicing her. She gives her that dull, emotionless, deep voice, and as you must surly know by now, the emotionless characters are of my favorite genre.

But what’s better than an emotionless character? How about an emotionless character with emotion? Is that even possible? Yes. As it turns out Hazuki loves stuffed animals, and her entire personality seems to change when she’s around them. This is just awesome. She has also been known to wield a chainsaw.