Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part XV: “Q-R”

I only had one “Q”, so I just threw it in with the”Rs”. My list is starting to wind down, believe it or not. And I really haven’t watched as much anime as I thought (over time). Still, considering that I spent about a month and a half of my life watching anime (this counts shows like One Piece, which I have watched 377 episodes of), I’d say that I still watched a crap load of anime in my lifetime (think about that….a month and a half straight).

While I’m on that topic, you may realize that shows like One Piece and Bleach (shows that I’ve seen quite a few episodes of, but haven’t finished), are not on this character list. That it because they aren’t finished yet. I decided not to put the 20+ shows that I’m currently in the process of watching on this list because I have instead elected to add my favorite character from said show to The Character Page whenever I finish a show. Likewise, whenever I list a character from a show (in these posts), assume that the show in question has been completed unless I’ve said otherwise.

Queen’s Blade – Allean

Queen’s Blade is great. It has boobs. I’m not a fan of fanservice anime much. But hey, boobs are great. Allean kicks ass (as I’ve said and taken back many times). Allean:

  • Looks the best. I mean, with clothes, without… doesn’t matter, she’s aesthetically pleasing.
  • Her personality, frankly, I think she’s fed up with her stupid loli sidekick, but realizes that she’s kind of stuck with her (this might be nothing more than a hopeful assumption by me). But her personality is so serious, that it makes her stand out amongst the other characters, who are all ridiculous in some way. She has one facial expression, and that’s determination.
  • Just fucking look at her.

I think I made my point.

Rizelmine – Tomonori Iwaki

Tomo is the epitome of someone who is not a pedophile. He’s actually the man. In this series, Tomo is someone who only likes older women, specifically, his teacher, who is a hot babe. He even puts the moves on her, and in my opinion, could have had a serious chance at copping some sensei ass if he kept going.

Subsequently, he hates lolis. Take note of Rizel in the picture above. He usually gets annoyed with the simple fact that she even likes him, and routinely punts Rizel, abuses her, and treats her like general shit. That is, until, he sees what adult Rizel looks like. When this happens, he notices boobs, and stupidly loses sight of his babe teacher. Overall I actually liked this anime a fair amount. I thought it was hilarious, and enjoyed it’s repetitive humor (which I sometimes like, and sometimes dislike, in this case, it mainly involved punting lolis, so I found it acceptable). Rizelmine was awesome. And yes, Rie Kugimiya played the voice of Rizel perfectly.

Rosario + Vampire/Capu2 – Mizore Shirayuki

Speaking of Rie Kugimiya, here’s a somewhat surprising character for her to voice (in a good way). She may be smiling in the picture, but don’t let it fool you, she doesn’t smile much. This is a good thing, because her character type is that of a shy girl, who has a crush on the main character. Oh, and she’s a stalker. She is an awesome stalker. She takes her stalking seriously, and is very good at it. In fact, I’m hoping that she ends up turning into a real life person somehow, and starts stalking me. I would let her stalk me for ages (a week) until I gave in and let her become my slave for like. Let me list off some things that make her awesome (or else I’ll start to ramble).

  • She is a stalker.
  • She has high, horizontal striped socks (or thigh highs or whatever they’re called idk), and they’re PURPLE (best color ever since colors were brought into this world by
  • She has awesome Ice Powers that look really fucking awesome when used as claws.
  • She has an odd strap attached to her leg that as far as I can tell serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.
  • She enjoys lolipoops…….I mean lolipops.
  • Rie Kugimiya.
  • Will fuck you up.
  • She doesn’t talk much (typical stalker fashion) and knows for a fact that she will marry Tsukune.

That’s about it. The runner up (which I have to mention) can be none other than Normal Moka (with the rosary not attached) because she’s a true ass kicker who does give a shit. But I will generally always choose a stalker figure (I messed that up in Gantz when I chose the wrong person).

Rozen Maiden (all seasons) – Suigintou

Well it obviously wasn’t going to be Jun (he plays with fuckin dolls), so who could I choose? Well duh, obviously the most badass doll there is, Suigintou. Rie Tanaka (who is AWESOME) voices her (isn’t it weird that my two favorite seiyu are both “Rie”?) and does a good job as usual…

Now the thing about Suigintou is that she is considered at first to be the “bad guy” in that she wants to win the Alice Contest (I think that’s what it’s called…it’s been a while since I watched this). and will do so at any cost. She’ll use any tactics it takes, even if that means using some….err…harsh tactics to get ahead (she’ll kill you). Besides that, her character design is fuckin great and she also hates Shinku, and since I think that Shinku is a stuck up bitch, I can relate.

Rurouni Kenshin – Himura Kenshin

The main reason why Kenshin wins quite easily for me (besides the fact that he kicks ass), is his dark past, where he killed people like it was his job (cuz it was). In the English dub, he is called The Man Slayer. What sounds more badass than manslaughter? Nothing. That’s a bad ass name. However, Kenshin wants to make up for his dark past. Of course, even with accepting his new life at the dojo, he still has to beat ass on many occasions, and does so swiftly and with bad assary.

16 thoughts on “Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part XV: “Q-R”

  1. All the girls in Rosario+Vampire will fuck you up if you mess with them, although Mizore is one of the least-normal ones.

    Queen’s Blade would have been better if Allean stuck around for longer.

    • Nyx was awesome, until she lost. She better get revenge somehow. I WANT REVENGE!

      Also, the witch girl won’t fuck you up, all she can do is hit you on the head with pans (I love this humor)

      Fact is, Mizore looks fucking awesome with her ice claws….reminds me of a hot, female version of Edward Scissorhands, except completely different, and not weird.

  2. Yeah, I remember watching Kenshin on Toonami when that shit was actually good. I got tired of him talking all Yoda-like, but I guess you got used to it. It’s whatever though I suppose. I started re-watching it to finish it up and understand all the crap I didn’t when I was a bit smaller (that’s not what she said).

    • Toonami used to be great…..that’s where I watched most of Kenshin too. Then Toonami got gay, and then it got canceled. His talking is rather annoying. In fact, it’s probably the only thing that bothered me about him, until I watched it subbed.

  3. I love Suigintou in Rozen Maiden too. She is by far the best character from that series. Tragic, cool, and beautiful. Also I’m convinced she has a yuri thing going on with her medium.

    • Definitely tragic. That’s another reason why she’s so cool. I mean, she had no waist. And yea, she loves her God damn medium (I forget the name but I do remember that she started caring more about her medium as it went on…..maybe I’ll pick up the manga. Maybe I won’t. Maybe go fuck yourself.)

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