Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part XVII: “T”

To Aru Majutsu no Index – Misaka Misaka

If you remember the post this picture is from, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I love the character of MISAKA, which could be any one of the thousands of clones of Mikoto Misaka. Back then I described how awesome she was by the way she talks in the third person, and also narrates her life. This is awesome. Completely awesome. Compile that with the fact that she’s very emotionless, and you have a real winner of a character.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – Yuuki Onozawa

So there’s really not many choices here, and I’m going with Yuuki. Truthfully, he’s nothing special, but I like the fact that, despite being a child, he thinks like a mature person, in that he tries to carry burdens and not slow any other the trio down with his problems (this could also be veiwed as immaturity….I think it might be a little of both). He’s pretty much a class act, and it sucks that…..well I don’t want to spoil anything (even though I kind of just did).

To-LOVE-ru – Yui Kotegawa

This choice might be a surprise to many of you, but let’s face it, Rito is a bitch who doesn’t take advantage of Lala, and Lala is annoying a lot of the time. I realize most people would pick Golden Darkness, and going by my typical choices of character, I should be choosing Golden Darkness too. But I’m not, and this surprises even me.

Every scene with Yui is just somehow better others. I love how she is a strict person, and yet she’s always found in the middle of boob grabbing or something (so is everyone else in this show). I don’t know, I just like her general personality, I can’t really put my finger on it. Maybe I feed off her embarrassment? Who knows.

Toradora! – Taiga Aisaka

Here we have Rie Kugimiya’s best voice acting job ever. Taiga is certainly a tsundere type character, in that she has a mean streak a mile long, but also has a very emotional side, but keeps her emotions bottled up. However to say that she is a typical tsundere character is kind of wrong, becuase she is a bit different.

Unlike a typical tsundere character, who is simply just not honest with their feelings, Taiga actually is honest with her feelings. She knows that she loves Ryuuji. But she chooses to put her own feelings aside, because she wants Minorin (who also likes Ryuuji) to be happy. As a person, she is actually very giving (for Christmas, she buys presents for the unfortunate….how many of you do that?….I don’t). So yes, she won’t hesitate to beat your ass, and yes, she has a flat chest, and yes she has a soft side, and yes, she is short. But unlike characters such as Shana and Louise, she doesn’t really ask “What is wrong with me?” when she experiances love. She does’nt spend a WHOLE FUCKING SECOND SEASON ASKING PEOPLE WHAT LOVE IS. She doesn’t ask, “Why am I feeling like this?” She knows why she feels the way she does, she just doesn’t want to (at first), and this coupled with the awesomeness of Rie Kugimiya, creates an awesome character.

Touch – Shohei Haruda

He is the fuckin MAN. I mean, let’s look at the facts, he seems to already know everything that’s going to happen and that is happening. I mean, he seems to have been put there as a literary device in the form of a huge ass boxer who can kick everyone’s ass. He rules. Do I think he should have gotten more screen time? No. Also, he reminds me of Rocky. And yes, I did copy and paste this from my review of Touch.

Trigun – Vash the Stampede

Vash kicks ass. Just look at the picture. Do you notice any bullets in Vash? No, because you can’t hit him, he’s too nasty. Actualy, he gets wounded a lot, as you can tell from his body’s appearance in episode…….well in one of the episodes anyway. Vash is an ass kicker, and the way he goes about ass kicking is pretty ass kickerific. He doesn’t shoot to kill, but still wins every time (this is also the reason for his numerous scars). It’s hard for me to say exactly what is awesome about Vash. His peronality? His fighting skills? If you really want to know, what Trigun.

Tsukuyomi: MOON PHASE – Elfried

Honestly, there weren’t many characters to choose from, but I liked Elfried most, and I actully only have a vauge idea of why.

  1. Hazuki was annoying
  2. Kohei was boring
  3. The Grandfather was pretty cool, but Elfriede:
  • Has awesome appearance.
  • Has that demeanor like she secretly runs everything, and has control of everything.
  • Has awesome conversations with the grandfather

The reason in bold is the most prominant reason why I chose her. I loved it every time she talked, and her conversations with the grandfather were always amusing. It’s like she suddenly became older once she started banging him (they definitely banged).

Tsuyokiss – Sunao Konoe

This one is pretty simple. First I’ll say that I actually found this show to be very enjoyable. I liked it and it was pretty good the bee’s knees. As for the main character, I just like the fact that all she wants to do is create a drama club, and no one will let her, and she keeps trying and trying and trying. I love the determination. I also love the connection that she comes to realize she shares with Leo. This show kicked ass, and needs more credit now (how old is this show? 2006? 2006 was a great year for anime, there were so many good shows (Shana)).

The next part will conclude this epically long post. Hopefully I get back from yet another themed part tomorrow in time. THEMED PARTIES RULEEEEE!!!!