What’s Your Ultimate Seiyu Cast?

TIME OUT! Before I get into this post, I am going to throw an edit at the top (right here). You can ignore it if you want. WHAT THE HELL!? WHY ARE STORES SO DUMB!? All I wanted to find today when I went out was a dvd of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. I went everywhere from Best Buy, to Fye, to Borders, to another Best Buy, to another Borders, to Barnes and Noble, to Walmart, to Target, to the mall, to the other mall, and even to the video store (which also didn’t have High Plains Drifter *$&@*!) and not one of those places had The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Sure I have it burned to a dvd, but for some reason, there are no subs, and the audio isn’t that great. I want the dvd! I don’t want to order it (looks like I’ll have to) because I wanted to watch it NOW, not in a week. These places had almost every other anime movie. They had Grave of the Fireflies. They had Appleseed. The had Sword of the Stranger, JinRoh, and Shigurui (all movies I haven’t, but want to see), but they didn’t have The Girl Who Leapt Through Time! Connecticut needs an anime store. I am upset. Yes I did link this entire paragraph to a picture of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Now onto the regularly scheduled post.

What is your ultimate seiyu cast? Here’s the deal, I’m going to create a cast of ten characters of some kind (I’ll describe them). What characters would you choose?(most likely this post will be heavily unorganized). You could either do that, or just ignore this post and go leave a comment about you favorite seiyu or about how stupid this stupid post was. Either one works, in fact, I like being bashed (masochist).

Seiyu essentially means the same thing as voice actor/actress (it applies to both genders). I only say seiyu, because I’m a dipshit, and want to sound like I know some Japanese, when really, I only know a little bit. Anyway, here’s the cast of my anime or something (I’m giving them all weird ass names that aren’t real).

The Cast of My Anime or Something

Nokoninino – The main female protagonist. Tsundere type. Is short, and has small breasts (okay so I was completely bias when writing this first one, and only had one person in mind). Likes the main protagonist.

Bob Saget – The main male protagonist. He is very eccentric, and constantly gets the characters into sticky situations. No relation to the actual Bob Saget.

Kiipii – Nokoninino’s rival. She’s shy, and also happens to be friends with everyone. Get’s embarrassed easily, but has an uncontrollable fetish for fingernails.

Ribbity-dojo – The friend of the main hero. He knows kendo, and carries a wooden sword around. He also has a bad temper and loves to drink, but can’t hold his alcohol.

Y – A girl who seldom talks or shows emotions. That’s why her name is so short. Although no one knows in the beginning, her parents are actually both ghosts.

Spanky – The male protagonist’s friend. All he thinks about is sex, and he loves to touch boobies. Of any girl he sees. Literally, ANY girl.

Gina (pronouced, J-EYE-NUH) – A girl in who acts very boyish, but actually has a hidden girly side that she doesn’t share. Knows karate and secretly likes N, even though he’s a pervert. Enjoys the smell of sweat.

Pooky – A short kid in the class. He wears glasses and is pretty much a huge pussy. However, whenever someone calls him pussy, he throws that person out a window (if no windows are around, then one will somehow appear). Somehow, he is dating the hottest girl in the class.

Aiko – The hottest girl in the class. She thinks of Pooky the way a princess thinks of a knight. Example: instead of saying, “Oh, he’s so brave!” she’ll literally say, “Oh, he’s such a pussy!” and she’ll get stars in her eyes and stuff when she says it, kinda like this, except stars, not hearts….and her mouth should be a big smile. And she has brown hair. She’s completely whipped by Pooky, and he’s a pussy, so they’re relationship is quite odd.

Rotfl (pronounced, (ROW-TIF-L) – The main antogonist. He is the huge, muscular teacher of class 17-Z, and constantly tries to punish his students because he seriously believes it will help them learn, but his punishments are usually lame, and don’t do anything. Nevertheless, he acts like a bad ass, and is generally awesome.

Hiku – Another teacher, who realizes that Rotfl is a complete moron, but still somehow likes him. She’s also the only person that Rotfl is genuinly afraid of, and she doesn’t have to be loud to get scary. She get’s these faces alot. (top row, second column, seventh row, first column). She sucks, however, at making jokes.

This is the dumbest post you ever wrote.

I wrote it when I was overtired, and I don’t feel like deleting it, because I spent time writing it.

It’s going to give people bad thoughts of your site.

You know what movie is awesome? Wall-E. I just watched it the other day, and it really is good.

Okay just ignore me. What do I know, I’m only the voice of FUCKING REASON.

Anyway, I want to make more characters, because it’s pretty fun, but I’ll stop at eleven, which is one more than I wanted to do.

Rie Tanaka can voice any type of character, fit into any oufit (no matter how tight), and look REALLY HOT.

Anyway, here are my choices of seiyu for the previously explained characters:

My Choices of Seiyu For the Previously Explained Characters

Nokoninino – Rie Kugimiya

No surprise here. I wrote the part for her.

Bob Saget – Jun Fukuyama

I think he would do good with the eccentricities ofthe main character, who I kind of borrowed from Katte ni Kaizou (Katsu), whom I could also see him playing.

Kiipii – Mamiko Noto

No surprise here, Soft spoken should be a siren going off saying, “Mamiko Noto.”

Ribbity-dojo – Kazuya Nakai

Pretty much written for him.

Y – Chiwa Saito

That’s right, I went with Chiwa on this one, not Minori Chihara (Yuki Nagato). For some reason, I want Chiwa in this role.

Spanky – Daisuke Sakaguchi

He would be perfect for this role. In fact, I can’t see anyone else doing a better job then him.

Gina – Orikasa Fumiko

I know her from her work as Riza Hawkeye in the recent FMA series, and she also voices Rukia from Bleach, so I think she would fit the part well. Romi Park is another one I would consider.

Pooky – Ryoko Shiraishi

I was thinking this from the start. The voice of Hayate from Hayate no Gotoku, I think she would work perfectly here.

Aiko – Aya Hirano

I was trying to put my finger on a voice for her, someone who would sound obsessed with a person or thing. Then I remembered Konata, and how she was obsessed with anime. I like how she talked about it, and that’ what made me realize that in an all star cast, Aya Hirano needs to be included, but what’s more, she fits perfectly in my idea of this role.

Rotfl – Norio Wakamoto

He would make this part his bitch. In fact, he would make this whole anime his bitch. I just love when he tells someone to shut up…..UUUURRRRRuuuu – sAAiiiiiiiii. He draws it out and makes it awesome.

Hiku – Rie Tananka

One of the most skilled seiyu out there. She has proven that she can play pretty much any part.

I feel bad leaving Yui Horie out, but there it is. Actually, I just realized that this post has nothing to do with the title. Here are my top 10 favorite seiyu (this is what I wanted to do originially).

  1. Rie Kugimiya
  2. Rie Tanaka
  3. Norio Wakamoto
  4. Kazuya Nakai
  5. Jun Fukuyama
  6. Aya Hirano
  7. Chiwa Saito
  8. Tomokazu Sugita (I just started watching Gintama again)
  9. Yui Horie
  10. Satoshi Hino

Certainly there are many, many other awesome seiyu, but there you go. Bye.


Romi Park is really awesome. I think I’ll marry her insead of Rie Kugimiya…

…nahhh (her hair looked much better in the second video, and also, wtf is wrong with me?)

DOUBLE EDIT: I’m trying to use different font sizes in my posts now. Good idea, or bad? Actually, it doesn’t matter if you like it or not, I’m going to keep doing it.

TRIPLE EDIT: I’m actually not a masochist, and Rie Tanaka looks bangin up there.


17 thoughts on “What’s Your Ultimate Seiyu Cast?

  1. most of my fav seiyuus are male. If I am to do this, it would definitely be harem. This post kinda has a ‘tag’ feel to it.

    and Wall-E is wonderful. I think in the end it’s an ultimate love story.

    (you made me want to watch The Girl Who Leapt Through Time again)

    • I don’t get what you mean by “tag” feel, so I’ll just agree with you on that aspect, and I’ll also say that Wall-E is definitely the ultimate love story. It’s SO GOOD! Best movie ever! )not really, Pulp Fiction is the best movie ever).

      You should watch it again (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time). And when you’re done, watch it again.

    • She’s not really over rated, because a lot of people consider her over rated (get what I’m trying to say? I hope so, because I don’t). I haven’t seen a lot of her roles of late (just Queen’s Blade) and her character (Nanael) is really annoying. But I feel like she voices it pretty well.

      I also have not seen White Album, because I’m a loser. (I hear it was really good)

  2. I think the idea for the post is great, but 11 characters is like 5 too many! I myself suck at identifying seiyuu so i couldn’t really contribute here (I’d end up having characters playing the roles, rather than the seiyuu). Hell, why not.

    Here’s my list:

    1. Konata from Lucky Star
    2. Itsuki from Haruhi
    3. Sayaka from Mazinger Z
    4. Saionji from Utena
    5. Rei from Evangelion
    6. Harlock from Space Pirate Captain Harlock
    7. Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena
    8. Simon from Tengen Toppa
    9. Haruhi from Haruhi
    10.Jet from Cowboy Bebop
    11.Jung-Freud from Gunbuster

    Character no. 12, played by me, is the Sweater, a magical sweater that enhances the wearer’s athletic skills but needs lots of sweat to survive. Gina will wear me and dump Spanky.

    • That’s a pretty good cast (the ones I know, which are….5 of them I think?). You have Aya Hirano twice (Konata/Haruhi) which is completely fine, and in fact, encouraged.

      Personally, I love character 12. Congrats, you’re in my anime.

  3. yes, fukuyama does do the protagonists well, doesn’t he? But I on the other hand would give every part to wakamoto. have you seen (heard) him in Taimanin Asagi? damn.

    • I think that 1-6 on my list are the only seiyu that I can tell who they are by their voices, the rest are ones where I can sometimes tell, but for the most part look up who does the voice, and realize that I like a lot of the parts done by them (that last sentence was odd, let me re-phrase, the last 4 seiyu are ones I realized I like through research).

      You’re definitely not alone.

  4. Honestly, I don’t know many of the Seiyuu’s names. That’s one aspect of anime I don’t really keep up with. I do keep up with the ones that also sing though.

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