Summer Wars

Well, somehow, I finally watched it without my computer shutting off. The answer? Veoh. Ahh yes, veoh. It’s been a while since me and veoh came together to watch an anime movie. I think the last time I watched a movie on veoh was when I watched Princess Mononoke. Either way, I found the quality pretty good, despite the fact that there were Korean subs and English subs (it didn’t bother me at all). So what did I think of it?

It was indeed a very good movie. Was it spectacular? Well, it wasn’t close to Mamoru Hosoda’s other work, but it was still quite good. Good enough, as it turns out, to make my top ten:

  1. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
  2. Akira
  3. Tokyo Godfathers
  4. Howl’s Moving Castle
  5. Steamboy
  6. Princess Mononoke
  7. Spirited Away
  8. Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea
  9. Perfect Blue
  10. Summer Wars

It gets the ten spot, knocking off Kiki’s Delivery Service (which was a decently good movie). Let me fill you in on a general outline of the movie, spoiler free.

In this world, an internet system called Oz has been developed, and you can pretty much do anything from shop to work on this system. It’s almost the same as the internet now, except that it’s much more personalized and people are able to interact with each other at a much closer and intimate level. It’s almost like the World from .hack//SIGN, except it’s not a 1st person experiance (you are still physically sitting at your computer in Oz). Anyway, this kid, Keiji, who is a math genius (pretty much), escorts this girl, Natsuki, to her county home for her great-grandmother’s 9001st birthday. That’s right, she’s OVER 9000!!!! (she’s actually 90, and that joke was a stretch). Keiji randomly gets a code as a text on his phone, and solves it, which creates a  wholllleeeee bunch of problems for the planet.

The beginning of this movie (actually most of the movie) reminded me of Live Free Die Hard. In fact, the similarities were almost mirrored. Perhaps I say this because I watched said Die Hard movie today, before I watched Summer Wars. This is a coincidence, because I had seen LFDH several times (it’s a bad ass movie), but I didn’t know the plot for Summer Wars. I found it amazing that the two were so similar (I’m obviously not going to say HOW. Go watch both the movies to find out. They’re both great movies anyway.)

I’m not going to say much else, other than one character in the film was wearing some attire that I GREATLY AGREE WITH:

Oh Japan’s got love for the Red Sox! I don’t see a YANKEE jersey in this awesome movie! That’s because the yankees suck! This might have well been a JOHN LACKEY jersey, as the Red Sox just signed him. Also, Halladay is out of the AL East (which doesn’t affect the Red Sox, since they always hit him. Personally, I think Halladay, while a very good pitcher, is a bit over rated. He’s going to be nasty for the Phillies though (the NL = AAA).

Hey, remember when the Phillies really sucked? It’s amazing how things change. I remember when the Giants (NFL) used to be able to stop an offense, but God knows they can’t do shit anymore. At least Eli hasn’t changed, he is still able to throw picks at the worst possible moments.


22 thoughts on “Summer Wars

  1. I just watched this movie a week ago, glad I did. This is definitely on my top 10 list as well, and oddly enough, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is my number one, right above Spirited Away xD.

  2. Umm..I’ve been puttig this one on hold for almost 2 weeks and everyone is talking about it…in a good way. May be it’s time to stop waiting for right mood and just get it over with. 🙂

  3. Sigh, guess now there’s another film to add to my backburner longer than Wakamoto can drag a “mIIIIIIIItsUUUhIIIIIIIIIDE Yoooooo”. But if it’s as good as people say it is, then I really shan’t be sighing.

  4. Eli Manning sucking is one of those things you can depend upon, like the fact that the Anti-Christ is gonna torture everyone for seven years or that Dick Cheney enjoys hiding in secret caves.

    So, unrelated, but I’ve been thinking of maybe having an asshat podcast, and I was wondering if you’d be interested, since I think you’re the only blogger who comes close to me in terms of intentional asshattedness.

  5. I don’t know the first thing about baseball. Well, I know that the candy bar is named after President Roosevelt’s daughter and not the Slugger himself, so there’s one.

    But I’m glad you liked the movie!

  6. Yeah, I remember when I heard about this over the summer. I’m definitely gonna get on this too. I second Netto’s comment lol. I like how you said it was like LFDH, and kept the spoilers out…but why in the heck did I NOT know there was some sort of “internet” aspect in there…? Again…I’m slipping.

  7. @ Netto: I think you’re like, the 3rd person who forgot about this movie until they read this post. I’m just doing my part.

    @ FaS: I think you’re like, the 4th person who forgot about this movie until they read this post. I’m just doing my part. I went into this movie not knowing a single thing about it, other then the director, and that the setting was in summer.

    @ bluedrakon: Good, you shouldn’t be disappointed. Although The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is still a lot better.

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