Queen’s Blade GoTM 11: Err…Review?

Isn’t this series already over? Where are the subs? Whatever….anyway, to start things off, we learn why Aldra is being such a bitch:

Apparently, her half demon sister was abducted, and she’s been looking for her, which is why she destroyed Tomoe’s home. She then asks Tomoe to become her suborinate, but Tomoe refuses. Meanwhile…

I don't even have a comment here. The subs speak for themselves: she's a huge slut.

After a short time of Reina acting like a prostitute, and flashing her tits all over the place, we are suddenly thrown into the second to last Queen’s Blade Fight:

Semi Finals: Reina vs EH Risty (not Listy, Listy is gay sounding. Her name is Risty)

Die Reina Die!

Reina takes some hits early, but then she showes, EH Risty the double sided coin, and EH Risty suddenly seems to turn back to Risty, at which point Reina beats the shit out of her.  However, just when it seems that she is remembering who she really is, the Demon living inside of Aldra takes control, resulting in Red Eyed EH Risty.

Red Eyes always make a character better.

At this point Red Eyed EH Risty begins choking Reina to death, but was apparently doing it wrong, because Reina was still able to talk (which means she could breath too). If you are correctly choking someone to death, they wouldn’t be able to speak, because speaking requires air to flow through the vocal passages. Reina tells her to think of the children (gayyy) and Risty comes back to herself but then reverts back and forth and I really don’t know what the fuck is going on. Luckily, Flabby Pink steps in:

Flabby Pink....best name ever.

In the meantime, Risty completely loses it, and is CRYING BLOOD (damn!). She turns back to normal when Reina beats her.

Lose your top, lose the fight.

Anyway, after a small bit of trouble, Flabby Pink manages to get the milk onto Aldra, but wouldn’t you know it? It wasn’t enough. That’s because Nanael lost all of it, because she doesn’t understand what a bottle cap or even a cork is used for. If you keep the top open, shit is going to spill (dumb fucking angel). Anyway, Flabby Pink accoplishes what she set out for, but it doesn’t do shit (as far as we know). Anyway, this sets the stage for the final episode:


6 thoughts on “Queen’s Blade GoTM 11: Err…Review?

  1. Reina = Eli Manning. There’s no logical reason for her to ever win, but somehow it all luckily happens during one playoff run.

    Nanael = Jeff Garcia
    Tomoe = Tony Romo
    EH Risty = Brett Favre
    Aldra = Tom Brady?

    (Yes, I know I left out Ymir)

  2. I liked the part where Reina distracted Risty with the coin. It’s the only moment in the whole series where Reina showed some sign of intelligence when it comes to fighting.

  3. I never understood why that Aldra girl had a spiked dildo perpetually protruding from her pants.
    …But then again, on second thought, remembering that this is a show where women are meant to mercilessly butcher one another, I don’t want to know.

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