Nyan Koi!: Series Review

As I finished Nyan Koi, I came to realize that this was the 150th anime series that I have completed in my short, meaningless life. That’s an impressive amount of time wasted watching anime! Needless to say, I’m pretty proud, not only that I have completed almost half as many anime as most anime bloggers out there, but also that number 150 wasn’t some shitty anime like Kanamemo.

Nyan Koi!

My likes and dislikes of an anime usually are based around wether or not I like the characters. Give me a show with shitty plot and sick characters, and I’ll most likely enjoy it a lot. The same can kind of be said for Nyan Koi. The plot isn’t really anything too special, a kid breaks a statue and gets cursed, and he must now do 100 favors to cats (which he can no talk to) or else he will turn into a cat himself. It’s not like someone sat around for days coming up with it, but still, I found this anime to be one of my favorites of the year (that’s right, the year), and that was due to character appeal and great comedy.

The Main Character

In case you're wondering, yes, I did steal this picture from Google, because I'm lazy, and this fits my description, in fact, I'll give you the exact site: http://brianandrew.wordpress.com/2009/10/05/nyan-koi-episode-1/

Junpei Kosaka: In most harems, the main character is usually just a dude with almost no originality or appeal whatsoever. He’s just normal. At least Junpei has a twist on this. He’s got some personality. First of all, he can talk to cats (and has this curse), which immediately sends him into crazy situations, which he as to somehow get out of. Most notably is in the last episode, which I will not spoil. He is also allergic to cats, and thusly is normally sarcastic about the whole situation he is in. Let me draw a comparison:

Junpei Kosaka to Keitaro Urashima (Love Hina)

While Keitaro is most notably a nice guy who lets others walk all over him, Junpei is mostly annoyed and sarcastic, except when he is around Mizuno, who he likes. Most harem leads tend to be overly nice (at least that I’ve seen), at least Junpei has some sarcasm (a great quality that I have a lot of. In fact, if I’m not sarcastic at least 10 times a day, I will…..uh…….do……something……………anyway, yea.)

Top Five Other Human Cast

I think you could guess which twin is which based on the usual facial expressions of tsundere characters (who quesion hemselves more) and stalker characters (who believe that what their doing is fine, cuz it is).

Kotone Kirishima – I have her in my character page (yes, I’m still adding to it) as my favorite character of this series, and that’s mainly due to the act that she is an awesome stalker (of Junpei) who feeds on misfortune of others. Some stalkers are good (notably, these two), and Kotone keeps this going. She’s got everything from camera and microphone bugs in his house to a GPS on Junpei himself. She get’s an A as a stalker.

Akari Kirishima – Kotone’s twin sister. She’s a tsundere type, and these two make a great combo.

Kanako Sumiyoshi – Here’s the person that I hope wins out in the end. She’s the typical big titted, strong “I’ll beat your ass because I can since we were friends some time ago” type of character. I wish she still had her awesome makeup from the first episode though.

Kaede Mizumo – Why is she awesome? Because she has odd little things about her like the rest of the characters. She loves pretty much anything to do with yakuza (mafia) and also loves cats (but has like, 4 dogs). She’s a bit to nice though.

Nagi Ichinose – Here we have the “tomboy” character, who is a girl (duh). While Kaede likes yakuza, Nagi happens to be yakuza. Isn’t that great? Also, she has a sarcophagus for some reason, but I can’t remember why.


This picture curtosy of (stolen from) Random Curiosity through Google Images.

Nyamsus – Junpei’s fat, black cat. Reminds me of Rosie O’Donnell for some reason.

Tama – The cat that lives at the temple. He’s……idk……..there……the cats aren’t really that important in my opinion. I’m going to stop talking about them. Let’s talk about the funny.

The Funny

I don't know what this thing is, but it looks pretty God damn content with sitting on this dude.

I love the comedy in this show, and there will be one spoiler joke in this paragraph. Sometimes it’s dumb, and I like that.dumb comedy and cheap laughs are among my favorite things. People have said that Family Guy has cheap laughs, and that’s one of the funniest shows on TV, besides It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and South Park. I’ll only give one example, because I don’t want to ruin any funny. Junpei always yells at cats to shut up (or something to that effect) and Mizuno thinks that he is yelling at her. This is moderatly humorous, but what is really funny is that they both kind of just stand there for a few seconds, and then Mizuno suddenly jets off at the speed of light. I LOVE those gags.

When it’s all said and done, Nyan Koi is very enjoyable. I can’t wait for the second season, that I’m sure will come (I think they announced it in the final episode, but I’m not sure if they actually knew or not themselves). For Nyan Koi, it receives a


Oh Bill.


13 thoughts on “Nyan Koi!: Series Review

  1. Kotone is the epitome of the stalker. She reached stalker nirvana and is going to the stalker heaven, where she talks with other stalkers and stalks people from heaven.

    Jokes aside, I really liked this show when compared to all the other shit airing right now, I’m really glad there’s going to be a second season.

      • hi, i don,t know why im writing this but, i also use the nikname dez691, not here but in general on any website,i saw that you had 22 years when you wrote the comment in 2009,now when I write this reply is 2011, I am 24, meeaning that we have the same age.
        I am curious from what did you nicknamed yourself dez 691

  2. the only reason why I hadn’t pick up the rest of the show (I have seen the first episode) is because of the harem theme. Also jingling boobs kinda killed my mood. But like the tard that I am, I have all the episodes in my hard disk and will see it sooner or later >_>

  3. Wao, high grade much?
    And Glo, you post at the fcking speed of light >.> imho.

    Hippos scare the shit out of me. They’ve mouths big enough to eat you in one bite, and even if they can’t they’ll just sit on you and turn you into a meaty pulp. And they sweat blood, fergodssakes, that’s pretty damn scary. At least it wasn’t Kaba Koi!, where Junpei can talk to hippos.

  4. Haha, so weird. My wife just found about this anime from someone and now we are watching it. Kanako Sumiyoshi is my fav too! The other is too much of a typical anime girl, shy and everything. One more thing, my wife loves cats too, she has one (we have one better said). God damn it, newt week I go spend my paycheck buying presents for everyone. Me, I want new headsets and new keyboard. And a new mobile phone. And a TV LCD. Ok and a larger desk. And that cat to stop making sounds at 3 AM. And a Nescafe 3in1 every morning. And my package from tfwa to arrive sooner. I dont ask too much, do I? And to finish that Berserk 5 review. Ayayayayaayyaa!

    PS: The snow is melting from the roof and the wind went strong all the night so the damn water found a place to invite itself in my room. I was sleeping and water started to poor down on me. Its going through the light projectors that I have on the ceiling. 6 of them, 3 more to go. Cant turn on the lights, figures. I want SANTA to fix that too!

  5. I think the fact that the show is fun to watch means that the overall quality of the show is not too bad. If aat least one of the main features like character, plot, animation, pace is great then the show can at least carry one. I haven’t finished this one yet but as far as I’ve seen, Nyan Koi’s character is the best thing about this show just like you said.

  6. @ Dez691: Epitome works for me. I was drunk when I wrote this post, although I’m 22, so I’m allowed.

    @ klux: I didn’t notice any jingling boobs, nor jiggling boobs. Usually I have an eye for boobs….I’ve really fallen off.

    @ Ningyo: I do give out a lot of high grades, although I do give out low ones too. Kanamemo just got a 2 or 3 or something, and Umi Monogatari is getting lower by the episode (I have 3 left. it started out good, but got increasingly boring).

    I do many things at light speed. It took me .0000001 second to type this whole reply. Hippos will straight up kill you. They’re probably one of the most dangerous animals around, and I have been saying this for sometime. Glad to see someone else is well informed.

    @ Andrei: We’ve got about a foot here. There’s nothing worse than a leaking roof. Except maybe a leaking roof that can talk, constantly tells you that you’re a loser. Of course, such a rood doesn’t exist, so a leaking roof is still worse. I always end up spending way too much on people during Christmas, I’m happy I got all of my shopping out of the way very early, but I also am pretty much flat broke. I just want some God damn socks for Christmas. I have no socks! There’s nothing worse than not having socks, except maybe a leaking roof.

    @ Canne: That’s what I felt like too. It was a fun show to watch, I can’t give it a bad grade if I enjoyed it.

  7. A very valid point…you have to look past plots…and I’m bad at that…*bows* thank you for the lesson sensei. 度もありがとう ミスタロバトウ!!! 

  8. @ FaS: No problem.

    @ bluedrakon: I talk to my cat, and I can understand what it wants almost everytime. It’s old as fuck though, and it probably going to drop dead any day.

    @ Yi: You should. Do I watch a lot of anime? 151 series over 10+ years? On average, that’s about 15 series a year….that’s actually quite a bit, especially considering that I’ve only watched anime seriously for the past 8 years.

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