Queen’s Blade GoTM 12 & Final Review

As this is the final battle between Aldra and Reina, I’m actually not going to do an episode review, and instead I’ll just say this:

They're fighting in a colloseum, so you know it's going to kick ass.

Okay maybe I will review it. Basically, in the fight, Reina is getting pounded. Right when she is starting to think that she has no chance of winning, Risty shows up and mutters (from deep within the crowd), “Fight Reina” or something to that effect. Immediately Reina becomes unbeatable. Now I’ll talk about something that isn’t actually completely retarded.

Airi, remember her? She died right? That’s what I thought, but if you remember, they never added a montage for her like they did with Shizuka, and sooo……

Sheeeee's BAAAAAaaaaackkkkk.

Sheeeeee's BAAAAAAAaaaaccckkk.

That’s right, Rana, who easily surpassed the non existent security in the castle, found Airi’s scythe still lying on the ground in the room with the frozen people. Apparently the castle guards or Aldra or whoever doesn’t bother to clean up or anything. Anyway, one lone guard shows up, and Rana throws the scythe at her. The scythe happens to have Airi like…..in it or something, and…..well……just look at the above picture. As Cattleya and her tits are reunited with her husband and son, Nyx finally completes the transition to awesomeness and stands up for herself while not under the influence of the rape staff.

Meanwhile Nanael creates a new name for Flabby Pink (Melona), which is a pretty awesome name, but personally, I prefer Flabby Pink.

What the fuck is plasticine?

I have a better name for Melona. Consider this, she is played by Rie Kugimiya, and she’s small. She is now riding on Nanael for transportation. Obviously, she should be called Melona-tan (like Shana-tan). Next thing you know, she’s going to be pulling out Nanael’s hair and eating Melon Bread (or Melona Bread [that was a shitty pun]) on top of her head.

Anyway, in the fight, Aldra supressess Reina with her Eye Flash technique, and then people question about whether or not she is a demon. She retorts by subsequently freezing all of the people in the audiance (except people like Tomoe and Risty, who somehow didn’t get frozen).

Randomly, all of the weapons belonging to the fighters of the Queen’s Blade start glowing, Apparently these are somehow Reina’s feelings. At this point, I’m getting pissed at the stupidity of this fight. As Reina starts to win, Aldra brings out her secret weapon:

I think it would hurt if you tried to pleasure someone with it.

Finally, Aldra shows us what he metal strap on dildo can do, as she fires penis projectiles all over the place, breaking off Reina’s armor until she is suitably barely dressed. After Reina then kills her in one shot, the fallen angel, Demonstra or some name like that, comes out of Aldra and makes a huge dramatic entrance, claiming that he will kill them all or some shit like that. Nanael waits till he finishes talking, and then simply pours some Holy Milk on him and then everyone kills him.

So it ends, everyone is happy (except Shizuka, who is dead) and Reina is the new Queen (much to my dismay). How about the series?

Series Review

When comparing to the first season, I thought that this season had much better writing, and as a show, was a lot better as well (not to mention the tournament, which I love, and which was the reason why I started watching this in the first place). However, I was mad at the following parts:

  • Less completely stupid and ridiculous fan service to make fun of.
  • Reina didn’t fall off a single cliff.
  • Reina didn’t die.
  • Nyx never got her revenge, and instead just ran back to Lord Fuzikawa or whatever the Rape Staff’s name was…..what a whore.
  • The names of the characters (like the first season) are ambiguous. Sometimes it’s Reina sometimes it’s Leina, Risty can be Listy…….They’re R’s people. R’s. Mellona can be Melona (I prefer Flabby Pink), Nanael is sometimes called Hopeless….I mean, jeez. Pick a name and stick with it.

Besides these minor details I really enjoyed this series overall. In fact, it was one of the better series of the year. I gave the first season a grade of a 4, but I’m going to up that to a


That’s right, a 5. A quality grade for a quality show. That’s all I’m saying on the subject of Queen’s Blade. Hopefully Baka-Raptor or TJ will write a Queen’s Blade post that is more in depth than this.

Kept getting hard when he tried to fight Queen's Blade. What a pervert!

6 thoughts on “Queen’s Blade GoTM 12 & Final Review

  1. @ Ningyo: Yup, kind of a crappy final fight.

    @ Baka-Raptor: Yea I know, the move was called a Neck Breaker, shouldn’t it have broken her neck? I just read TJ’s post, and yes, he brings this up.

  2. I initially though the Neck Breaker was a slash to the neck, but it’s probably a kick looking from the screen cap or else Reina’s head should have flown off. Still, that looked like a pretty nasty hit and probably should have KOed Reina.

    Yeah, kind of crappy final fight… but then again, this is Queen’s Blade, but then again, I was expecting something craptacular instead of crappily mediocre. At least we got Airi and Nyx back though. Too bad about Shizuka.

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