One could say that Avatar was amazing. One could say it was brilliant. One could say that Avatar was phenomenal. One could say these things, but if they did, then they would be undervaluing, under-appreciating, and underestimating this movie entirely. Here is the trailer, which pales in comparison in every way possible to the movie.

The fact is, you absolutely MUST see Avatar in theaters at LEAST once. It’s worth the money to go out and get the cinema experience, especially 3-D. Avatar, aside from being one of the greatest cinema feats ever, was on such a different level of other movies and films, that I don’t see anything better coming along within the rest of my lifetime, not just in movies, but in music, picture, anime, anything. This movie is jolted to the top of my list, and is the most astounding thing I have ever witnessed.

Whoa, hold on there. I shouldn’t jump the gun on this. Am I really saying that this movie, which I was blown away by only about 30 minutes ago, is better than Pulp Fiction? Hmm, I’m going to need a few days to think about that, but I will say this:

Remember that movie called The Dark Knight? It was pretty damn good, right? I mean, Heath Ledger as the Joker? All around a great movie. I know, because I saw it in theaters three times. Well Avatar makes me want to throw out my DVD copy of the Dark Knight, because Avatar makes The Dark Knight look like a piece of shit movie. Here’s a graph between the two:

You know what? Why am I picking on The Dark Knight? (that’s because both films were long, as Avatar is 2.7 hours long) but neither actually seemed long….if I could, I would’ve had Avatar be 12 hours long). Let’s take a look at my whole list of top ten movies:

Pulp Fiction
Fight Club
The Matrix
Kill Bill Vol 1 + 2
The Dark Knight
Lucky Number Slevin
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

.      .      .      .      .      .      .

Really? That’s my list? Seems kind of shitty to me. In fact every single movie seems like crap, after what I just witnessed. Wall-E? A great movie, definitely deserving of the list, but honestly Avatar kills it. Fight Club? It was pretty awesome, but there is more bad-ass-ness, and more greatness in Avatar. Pulp Fiction? The only one I’m on the fence about. I’ve got to be honest though, I’m thinking of making Avatar my entire top ten list. It’s in a different league. and here’s why:

Special Effects

Really? That’s your first topic? So it looks flashy, that doesn’t mean it’s story is necessarily any good.

Umm, yes it does. The special effects are INSANE and UN-REAL. If you watch the HBO preview, you can get a good idea of just how much work, effort, research, planning, and technological…..well…genius went into making this film. They created a new species, and I’m not just talking about character design, they created a culture, a social structure, fuck, they even created a new language for this species. It was amazing. Oh wait, I was talking about special effects. Well, I have never seen a 3-D movie, and I honestly felt like I was going to throw up during the previews, but about a minute into the movie, you adjust, and suddenly everything is really really really really really really awesome. At one point I thought that there were flies in front of me (the moron next to me was swatting at them). At one point, when a character jumped off a cliff, I held my breath, because I felt like I was jumping off a cliff. I felt IN THE MOVIE. And from an argumentative perspective, allowing one to be in the movie gives them a better connection with the characters, mainly that of the Na’vi (tall blue natives), and their planet, which is ten million times better than Earth, because of it’s incredible species (which looked outstanding) and it’s incredible wild life (especially at night, I was literally in awe). Ughhh, I want to live there.

The Cast

Probably one of the better casts. It had no weaknesses. Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephan Lang…..even Joel Moore (JP from Grandma’s Boy) managed to pull in great performances. I was particularly impressed with Sigourney Weaver, who proved that she’s still got it. The acting was just phenomenal all around.


I could talk about Avatar more. I could talk about is incredible development of character (especially the main character), the intense scenes, the epic (literally EPIC) battle scene at the end. The similarities to anime (such as was done by Canne, personally, I see it more as Princess Mononoke). I could talk about the plot, which even though wasn’t the most imaginative plot, was still a FANTASTIC story, and was written very, very well. Most of all, I could talk about the absolutely AMAZING and BRILLIANT directing by James Cameron, who, in my opinion, made his greatest film ever in this aspect. I could talk about these things 16 times each and it wouldn’t be enough. Bottomline is, it was worth 14 dollars, heck, it would be worth 25 dollars, and I want to see this again right now. Literally, I’m going to go every chance I get. I am DEFINITELY going to see it again. The movie experience for this film is a MUST.

You know what, the more I think about it, the closer Avatar becomes to Princess Mononoke. Both have a sacred forest (or deal with the sacredness of the forest, and life in general). Both have a guardian, or God spirit. Both have a common enemy trying to destroy or cultivate the forest. Both have a character that sees both sides of the argument. They’re both awesome movies, although Avatar is ten million times better, and I’m pretty much one of the biggest Miyazaki fans out there.

52 thoughts on “Avatar.

  1. I agree, one of the best movies of the decade and well deserving of all it’s praise. Of course, nothing is perfect, and Avatar has it’s fair share of problems, though it isn’t really much that takes away from the experience.

  2. ‘Well Avatar makes me want to throw out my DVD copy of the Dark Knight’
    OMG! you must put bulletproof glasses in your windows immediately because I can hear thousands of fully armed Dark Night fans gathering and marching towards you right now! 😉

    I’d recommend to see it in 3D to fully experience it 🙂

    • I dressed up as the Joker, in a very, very convincing costume, I might add (I spent almost $200 getting all of the pieces).

      People said I was crazy….”Why would you spend so much!?” I said, relax, I can just sell it on ebay and get the money back.

      I waited a year (for next Halloween) and then put it up on ebay. I made my money back easily. This proves that even a year after the movie came out, people will still spend dough to look like Heath Ledger, and that I am a genius.

  3. I loved the movie, it was great. Of course, this doesn’t take away the fact that the story is the ole’ hollywood go native etc etc crap. or that the na’vi are glorified maya..

  4. I watched on it’s opening night and was totally blown to bits by it’s awesomeness. Definitely the best movie of 2009. But for a life time? It is possible, especially after you experienced it on 3D.

    You speaks of no lies. Obviously.

    • I have seen many movies in my lifetime, but this was different. It was like an explosion in my brain. I honestly need to see it again. If I could’ve, I would’ve seen it twice in a row.

      I speak plenty of lies, just not in this post.

  5. if you want to go see it again… ill go with you.. because i really need to see it… and i wish you told me you were going asshole FUCKER NI………. DICKFORE… FUCKFACE CUNT ASS TIT LICKING CLIT NOSED BUKAKE LOVING FUCK ASSS@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    well you should have told me.. cuz i obviously would have went with you guys to see it

    • I noticed the matrix as well, in fact, most of the points of these guys were valid (although I’ve never seen Dances With Wolves). Here are the media outlets that I noticed to be similar to Avatar:

      – The Matrix – “logging in” to bodies (kind of like hacking into the matrix).

      – Full Metal Panic – Damn straight I’m putting an anime, those suits had the guns, and the knife, just like in FMP.

      – Lord of the Rings – Mainly for the length and for the fact that it ended in an epic battle scene.

      – A whole bunch of Miyazaki films – The Green aspect.

      Like whatsisname said, it’s not the plot, it’s what you do with it, and I feel like Cameron did pretty much everything he possibly could have, in all of the right ways, to this plot.

      Also, I believe that this movie WAS a big leap in technology (just watch the making of it), and I was blown away by the effects. At some points I was left asking myself, “how did they do that”. the floating mountains? Incredible, and I’m someone who really hates CGI. In fact let me talk about that now (this is getting long, I should’ve just wrote another post).

      I hate CGI. I hated it in the new Star Wars movies, I hated (I mean really despised it) in the new Indiana Jones movie. Generally, I think that CGI only makes a movie worse. The only exception to this I would say was Transformers. However, a movie like this, which is done using mainly CGI, and very very good CGI at that, doesn’t bother me, because everything still matches up. Unlike other movies where a severe difference can be seen between CGI and real life, I felt as though Avatar gave each a common ground. the CGI and real life blended together very well, in fact, better than I had ever seen.

      At this point I stopped watching, because the dude on the left said something that made me realize he has absolutely no imagination. He said he had a problem with the hair, and how they could use it to “plug” into other animals. I thought that this was completely awesome, and this guy is pretty much just saying that he has a problem with anything that is imaginative. In fact, his comments on the subject lead me to believe that he has no credibility at all. Yes, they literally have a connection with the Earth. That was how it was intended to be. It was intended to be literal. You make me angry.

      Awesome Rebuttal Completed

  6. Lol. For the first time ever, I watched the trailer 4 times. Aww… What the heck. Let’s make it five.

    Am now waiting for the crowd to die down before I go watch it. It’s the school holidays.
    God damn none-working kids hogging up the cinema! Grrrr!!

    Lol. Oh how I miss those days…

    • School was still in session at the beginning of this week, so me and my friends (adults as we are), were able to grab it on a weekday, with little to no crowds. I’ve actually never seen the movie theater parking lot that empty before. Of course, now with holidays, and no school for high schoolers, crowds might pick up. That being said, it’s worth a 20 minutes wait in line.

      • So. Erm. Yeah. Bought tickets for it. Am gonna catch the movie in 4 hours time. So. Yeah. See ya. Your blog and Canne is getting a little too influential on me. Good thing? Bad thing? We’ll see… Lol.

  7. I have just watched this movie in 3d in the cinemas and…
    Simply wow.
    I didn’t expect something like THAT. Althout the story was not really original (i mean it’s that human vs nature setting over and over again), but I am still amazed by the incredible imaginative setting and the absolute gorgeous scene, it’s like…, like you are located in an other world *hurr durr*
    The avatar thing reminded me a little of Matrix and the fight scenes in the second half was fucking epic.
    As the movie finished and I left the cinema, I felt that the world outside the cinema was somehow different.
    The real world outside was more dangerous, sadder, colder or just stranger than the world I was before.
    It was a really remarkable experience and I suddenly I felt kinda sad…

    Anyway, thanks to your post, I’ve been encouraged to watch this amazing movie. ^^

  8. Originally was going to see it on its opening night, but here on the East coast got hit with a blizzard. Saw it on the 19th instead, absolutely loved it. Maybe it was because I had no expectations at all (never even saw a trailer before; completely ignorant) that I found it so cool. But damn was it awesome.

    While I agree with many others that the story is a little…weak in general, but the execution was excellent. The culture surrounding the Na’vi is what made the movie for me, and I could have spent hours watching Jake getting introduced to it. I love world-building. The music wasn’t too shabby either, just picked up the soundtrack.

    Gonna go see it in IMAX tomorrow, and then we have 2 people lined up to get dragged off to it. Probably separate. 😉

    • The fuckin Imax was is sold out. That is a BOTHER.

      I’m on the east coast too, we weathered the storm to see it (actually we saw it when there was no storm). God damn IMAX. I was gonna go to the one in Manchester. Fuckin people buying all my tickets.

  9. Woot. Watched it last night. It was E.P.I.C! Although I would have to say not in Biblical proportions.

    There wasn’t a single redundant scene in the movie. And it was 2.5 hours. Freaking awesome.

    *I typed a much longer comment, but decided to delete it cause it mainly consisted of three words. Awesome, Great and Epic.*

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  11. How’d I know you’d get this many comments lol. Ok…I’ve only seenit one time and never got around to doing my follow up on why I thought it was soso…but I guess I’ll try to break it down right now instead…if I can:

    1. I like your taste in animenand movies…obviously. But I just don’t see how you could like this movie so much. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch this in 3D, so that DEFINITELY could have an impact on my way of taking the movie.

    2. The story was elementary. Forthe most part, emotional attachment went to the main character, his love interest, and the 2 other co-scientist workers (kind of). Basically everyone dies except the 2 main characters…that’s tacky. I feel like they took the easy way out of making avatar into a great movie partly because of this. Don’t get me wrong, everyone surging is completely ludacris, but I wish they would have put more effort into a couple people’s deaths.

    Like the chick off of the fast and furious. She was frigging harass…and she died like a bitch (no pun intended). I honestly thought shed jump out the helicopter with a parachute onto the tree or something…or at least give us some kamikaze action…but no. Whatever lol.

    3. Oh, and the whole “these avatars have carbon-fiber inside their body and are really hard to kill…arrows with neuro-toxin…?” LOL? did we see this in the movie at all…? I don’t think so…and initially, the avatar and his alien crew didn’t seem hard to kill at all. In fact, the “sky people” seemed like they were having a little fun. The toxic arrows, I just don’t remember seeing at all. Why would they say that if the movie doesn’t reflect it?

    4. Btw, speaking of arrows, what was the deal with the arrows bouncing of the helicopters’ windshields in the first part of the movie…then magically shattering it, AND killing the pilot inside…? Lol rrright. There wasn’t a part showing them reinforcing arms or anything. Meh…maybe I missed something.

    5. I could go on about other small stuff, but in additon to all the above, the movie was insanely predictable…like we knew he’d try to trans-avatar himself at the end, that he’d get the really sweet predater bird to win over the people, and that the dumb warrior guy to marry his girl was gonna die…

    Summary: anyways bro, I’m not saying this movie was bad. I’m nooottttt saying that. What I am saying however, is that it is better than maybe on of the movies on your list or another movie such as the incredibles – off the top of my head. Id give it a B. Not an A.

    • “Btw, speaking of arrows, what was the deal with the arrows bouncing of the helicopters’ windshields in the first part of the movie…then magically shattering it, AND killing the pilot inside…?”

      I actually wondered about this too….Bigger arrows maybe? I don’t really know. There were a few small things, but they didn’t bother me much, all movies have small things wrong with them, but I’m really good at not caring about them.

      Basically, I look at the movie as a whole, and I enjoyed this more than any others….as for the story, it’s only 1/3 of the way told, as there are two more movies in this trilogy.

  12. Oh and btw I meant “surviving,” not surging in #2. Sorry, I typed this on my iPhone and for some reason, scrolling through your text field is kinda hard…THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!

  13. Well, Avatar is like a wonderful PC game with lots of bugs. Is like Morrowind, or Fallout 2. The bugs cannot hide the jewel. (I’m an old gamer and I played games that would make the actual ”console-when-do-I-start-shooting” generation of ”gamers” pee in their pants). I think Avatar was mainly an emotional movie. When the tribes reunite and u are all an emotional mess with half of the cinema crying besides u, you forget all thew faults of the movie (btw, neuro-toxin? As if that huge arrow would not kill u in an instant. Why the need for neuro-toxin haha?). As for the story, Cameron himself said that the next Avatar movie will be more story driven. When do we go to Pandora?

    • I’m going to build a spaceship and find Pandora. Then I will return and post pictures of my trip, which will be better than your trip to Brazil, so THERE.

      Then I will go back to Pandora and live there forever.

  14. Wow, you really liked it. I did too. I never thought about the Mononoke connection until now though, which is odd since that is one of my favourite animated movies ever. I have to let this film sink in a little before I can start comparing it to my favourite films however.

  15. Hehehe, it was a great movie. You and I have a lot of the same favorites (My top films are The Dark Knight, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, District 9, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Fountain, Inglorious Basterds, and Gozu) – after seeing Avatar it’s no doubt an addition to my list, but I am not sure how I’m supposed to place it. It was an exerience like no other to the point that I can’t compare it to films. I feel like I have to say ‘it was the greatest cinematic experience ever’ and then I will only be able to say how much I liked it as a movie when I’ve seen it on 3D blu-ray and seen if it matches up. And I have no doubt it will – this will probably be in my top 5.

    • Any Quentin Tarantino movie is gold. He’s easily my favorite director, and I think I’ve enjoyed every one of his movies…even Death Proof. That list you’ve got is filled with great movies, I actually saw District 9 the other day, and enjoyed it a lot. I can’t wait for that sequel, which should be named District 10. I wish District 9 were 3D, that would have been awesome.

      The Fountain was kind of off for me, which is odd because I specifically chose it after reading the overview, and determining that it was a movie that I specifically would love. I have not seen Gozu.

      I too believe that it was easily, without question, the best time I’ve had at a movie theater (although the Dark Knight premier was awesome, considering that the theater was literally filled with my high school graduating class, so we were all starting chants like “Fuck you moooother” which we did for high school basketball games.

      In the end….Mind blowing.

  16. I agree 100%. After I watched Avatar on IMAX I was incapacitated for a few hours. I’m ready to mutate a 3rd thumb to give James Cameron. I’m watching it again. Three Thumbs Up!

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