The Decade Awards

This post looks long, but that’s only the pictures….okay it’s kind of long, but whatever.

This decade was good for anime. How does it stack up to other decades? I don’t know, this is the only decade in which I’ve really watched anime. (maybe a few years earlier, but that was really only anime like Dragonball Z and other shows that I went back and watched). Here are the best whatevers from 2000-2010:


The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

This was a masterpiece directed by Mamoru Hosoda. I don’t want to give anything too heavy, but it centers around a girl named Makoto Konno, who one day discovers that she has the ability to time leap, that is, go back in time and re-do certain moments. I love time travel, I love shows about time travel. This is a movie about time travel. Not only that, but a great movie. I really don’t want to give away too much about the fantastic plot, amazing animation, or splendid work by Riisa Naka (who voices Makoto). This truly is a great movie of the decade, and I really don’t ever see another movie replacing it as my number one movie of all time.


Revy – Black Lagoon

I wondered about this one, for a few seconds. Other characters that I liked included Horo (Spice and Wolf) and…..well there were so many. But Revy is just too bad ass and awesome to keep down. She surpasses and beats out all of the stalker characters, quiet characters, Rie Kugimiya Characters, and other bad ass ones, and pretty much any other character I can think of as my favorite. If you don’t know why Revy is awesome, it’s because she kicks ass, enjoys kicking ass, loves to drink, can hold her liquor, is awesome, and will kill you dead. Aside from that, her personality is awesome, especially when she gets caught off guard by Rock. For the reasons, she beats out the folllowing notables as the best character of the decade:

  • Shana – Shakugan no Shana
  • Taiga – Toradora!
  • Horo – Spice and Wolf
  • Spike – Cowboy Bebop
  • Konata – Lucky Star
  • Mugen – Samurai Champloo
  • Inuyasha – InuYasha
  • Sesshomaru – InuYasha
  • Insert Name of Higurashi Character Here
  • Saber – Fate/Stay Night

There were more, but I’ll stop at 10.



Wait, Ranma 1/2 was in the 90’s!

Ah-ha, but you forget the special episode at the It’s a Rumic World convention, and Happosai was in it, so he count’s for the 2000’s. Happosai, you suck. I’m not even going to get into how much I hate you.


Samurai Champloo: Nujabes – Battle Cry

Some days, some night, some live some die in the way of the samurai some fight, some bleed, sun up to sun down the sons of a battle cry…..

We need more hip hop in our anime OPs….


Live Version:

OP Version:

Recorded Version:

InuYasha: Hitomi – I Am

I doubt any of you realize how much I like this song…..especially when the guitar “solo” starts about 2:45 of the Recorded Version.


Suzumiya Haruki no Yuutsu: Aya Hirano – Hare Hare Yukai

Personally, I like the full dance version more. (who doesn’t?). But yea, this is the most addicting ED ever.


Suzumiya Haruki no Yuutsu: Aya Hirano – Hare Hare Yukai

Yup, same thing. This wins two awards.


Mirror’s Edge

This game is the only reason why I went out and bought an Xbox. Even though my Xbox doesn’t work, it was still worth the money to play this game, and beat it many many times. In fact, I would still be playing this if my Xbox never broke. Chances are, I’m never going to fix my Xbox, or get a new one, until the second Mirror’s Edge comes out (because it’s that good). This woul also win best Video Game Sound track, best graphics, coolest character, coolest looking character (both Faith, seen above)…..pretty much it would win everything. I love this game.


Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

This one was TOUGH. Detroit Metal City man….I honestly think that this is a tie, but I’m going to go with Bokusatsu for this reason:

This show is pretty much your average anime, with an outwardly cute appearance, that is to say, it looks like a show that is cutsey wootsy (or I guess moe). Yes, this show is moe. BUT, underneith it’s apparent cuteness, one discovers that it is anything but cute. It has crude humor (like poop humor, which is awesome) and Dokuro kills the main male protagonist over and over again in very bloody ways. It essentially takes two things that are as different as can be (moe + bloodyness) and combines them. Higurashi does this too, but not in the funny way that Bokusatsu does.

In the end, Bokusatsu is filled with such stupidity, randomness, and hilarity, that I have no choice to choose it as funniest of the decade.


Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

There were a couple tear jerkers (if your one who’s tears get jerked). Others could include Clannad: After Story and Fate/Stay Night (the only ones on my list that I would consider here)…but yea. You watch this without getting choked up at the end. You can’t do it. Especially with the montage. I got choked up. I might have even shed a tear or two. A montage will always be sad (even the one in Queen’s Blade was almost kind of sad….sort of maybe [not really though]) Truth be told, I haven’t watched many sad anime in my life, so who knows.



I was going to put Deathnote, but frankly, nothing touches the amount of shear awesomeness and suspense that I got from Monster. Brilliant shit.


Afro Samurai

This kind of fighting is probably the best kind of fighting there is. This, and Samurai Champloo (which have very similar animation styles) were both at the top of my list for best action anime. They just get me hard (not in like, a turned on kind of way, but in the kind of way that the President from DMC “gets wet” [pretty sure she actually gets wet though]). I want more. More anime like these.


Akiyuki Shinbo

I couldn’t find a picture of this guy anywhere, so here is a picture from one of his latest works, Bakemonogatari. Shinbo is the man. Shinbo is a visionary. Shinbo gives me anime that are awesome, unique, stylized, humorous, and portrayed with just the right amount of randomness.


Hayao Miyazaki

At this point, anyone reading this should bow. Yea, that about sums it up.


Rie Kugimiya

I know you’re all probably shocked by this choice, but let me explain. I really like Rie Kugimiya’s voice acting. In fact, if I were a stalker (which, sadly, I’m not), this would be my target. Ooooo that’s WEIRD.


Norio Wakamoto

Yea, this one’s a no brainer. Who doesn’t like Norio Wakamoto?


Welcome to the N.H.K.

InuYasha has finally been passed. I realized this as I was re-watching this series.

Wow, I almost made a mistake, Welcome to the N.H.K. was very very very awesome, but unfortunately, I watched 4 straight episodes of InuYasha: The Final Act a couple days ago, and my mind has been latched on the show ever since.

InuYasha/InuYasha: The Final Act

I know I’m probably the only person who would consider this my favorite anime (in the past decade/ever [they’re the same thing for me]), but let me explain:

InuYasha was, at it’s peak, the most popular anime in Japan (I’m pretty sure I just made this fact up, but I know that the manga was acclaimed for all sorts of shit). It even took a few years off, and then came back. I even liked the FILLER EPISODES. In fact, I could watch a whole season of InuYasha fillers and be completely happy. Why is this? It’s because I not only liked the characters, story, etc, etc…I like the whole WORLD that the characters lived in. The feudal Japan world with demons to kill and all that good stuff that Rumiko created was one that I would gladly live in. Boo guns, hooray swords and fists! Besides this, I feel like the story is one of the most intricate, multi-faceted stories I’ve seen (I mean, there are MANY of these, but I like how each character was trying to accomplish their own things individually, and still collectivly destroy Naraku. Ex:

Sango wishes to get her brother back/kill Naraku

Miroku is worried about the Wind Tunnel/Sango/wants to kill Naraku

Shippo does nothing/wants to watch Inuyasha and the others kill Naraku

Do you understand what I mean? Okay, I’m obviously having a difficult reason explaining why I like InuYasha so much (this is what, the fifth time I’ve tried explaining?), but no other anime occupies my thoughts in spare, non anime watching time, like InuYasha has. InuYasha wins, and the new season is fucking awesome. I want live action now (directed by me, with no relevance to the original story whatsoever [I have obviously thought about this, and have a plot formed in my head])

EDIT: It was ranked 20th out of the top 100 anime series in the year 2006…it’s top 100 anime series all time, up to that point, not just anime made in 2006, so I was kind of right before.


This girl's face makes it looks like she has to shit or something.


Hurry up and FINISHHHHHHH. I want to read it through, the last chapter I read was 304, and I’m waiting for it to become close to finishing before I read anymore (maybe like 3 years of a wait…or more. Gantz kicks everything’s ass. InuYasha is second.

If XBlade were ever FUCKING TRANSLATED, then IT might have actually become first (yea, I like it that much).

Now, here are some other awards:





The Onion

This movie was literally side splitting. My sides hurt at points from laughing. The Onion kicks ass.



You can go ahead and call me a pussy, but I got choked up, I’d say, 6 or 7 times over the course of this movie, and I even shed a tear or two. I don’t know how this could happen, but it did. I mean….shit…..maybe it’s because I never watch sad movies (the only other movie I’ve seen that I thought was sad was The Perfect Storm. Another sad movie was some old thing with Robert Redford, where he traveled into the past, I have no clue what the name of it was, and I only saw the last 15 minutes of it….it was probably a pretty dumb movie overall, considering that I saw the last 15 minutes and understood the entire movie. Let me look for the name…….


Kill Bill vol 1 & 2

Okay, so this wasn’t actually an action movie. Whatever, I don’t care. Oh, by the way, this wins best story of the decade as well. Go fuck yourselves. The Matrix would wins this, but it was 1999. Quentin Tarantino also wins best regular director of forever. (he already won next decade as well).

That’s all can really do, but I don’t want to abruptly end thi-