Sasameki Koto: First Impressions

So, usually, I finish a show before I start another one. You may have noticed that I finished a few shows recently, but I also picked other ones up. Right now I am currently watching too many shows to keep up with, and there’s a lot of shit going on. So what do I do?

I start another show.

What the hell is wrong with me? I can’t keep up with this shit, I still haven’t finished shows from summer. Well, I felt like I needed some yuri, and decided that I would check this out. First episode? Awesome yuri.

Here we have the out in the open lesbian (Kazama), and the closet lesbian (Sumi). Kazama likes cute girls, while Sumi, Kazama’s best friend, is in love (apparently) with Kazama. Of course, Kazama thinks of Sumi as a friend, so pretty much everything sucks for everyone (mainly Sumi). Although there is a boy who seems to like Sumi a lot, so who knows what could happen! Needless to say, this kind of simple plot has me hooked (because of lesbians)………..then I watched episode two, and everything got turned upside down….to summarize. Sasameki Koto contains the following:

  • Lesbians
  • Unrequited Love
  • One of the oddest love triangles I’ve ever seen.

This show gets a

That is all, I suck.

PS: Girls can’t dunk like this:

Everyone knows that girls can't perform one handed slams.


13 thoughts on “Sasameki Koto: First Impressions

  1. didn’t yuri ALWAYS have the same thing (either or): lesbian, unrequited love, love triangle.

    It seems like once you see a yuri anime, you have seen all of them.

    The same can be said for yaoi but in the end they always managed to get it on. Somehow.

    • Yup, yuri is pretty much always very similar, but I don’t care….in fact, I prefer it.

      I have never seen a yaoi anime (nor do I intend to). I once started Gravitation, then, after the first episode, I realized what it was, and I dropped it. I have absolutely no interest in yaoi, that’s more for girls.

  2. Hehe, nice observation about the dunk 🙂
    I’ve started this show a while age but has recently put it on hold due to, well, too many shows to keep up with.

    • That’s why I only “marathon” shows (sort of, not a real marathon though).

      I watched this show in two days (two very busy days…..technically, I watched this show only during the morning).

  3. Can’t take my eyes off her bloomer. Can’t blame me, we don’t get any bloomer action where I come from.

    Can’t wait to start Sasameki Koto now…

    Well, actually, can’t wait to start any anime that Glo approves. Except Inuyasha. Cause if I did, I would have to start from episode 1… Lol.

    • You should be so lucky! I would LOVE to start InuYasha from episode 1, because then I’d have 167 more episodes of InuYasha that I’d be able to watch. (although that’s just me, a person who really likes InuYasha).

  4. I keep putting this off because I’ve already read the manga… Watching it feels like deja vu. Anyway, “Girls can’t dunk like this” should be “Girls can’t dunk.” J/K… not really funny.

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