Ode to the InuYasha Parody

I can’t hold back any longer. I just watched the latest episode of InuYasha: The Final Act (it was awesome, and reminded me why I love InuYasha), and immediately, I went to myspace video to check out these parodies, which everyone must surly know of by now.

Before I get into these, I must tell you. I use almost half the lines in these parodies in daily life. From classics such as “See ya later Larry!” to simpler ones like, “surprised expression?”. I either say or think these lines on an almost daily basis, and have been doing so since……errr…..2006? Without further adu, here are….you know, I have actually mentioned these once or twice on this ISSS, but never in this kind of detail….anyway, for real this time:

InuYasha Parodies

As made by some dude named Chris

InuYasha Parodies, as made by this guy, are funny as fuck, even though they make no sense (for the  most part) and are generally centered around randomness. The voices are dead on (especially the old dude). Okay, some of it might be kind of dumb. but I’ve watched these things so many times that….well……I know them all. Because they’re  myspace video, I can’t actually embed them (I mean, I tried, and these are what I got) just click on them. Below I listed my favorite quote from each. I really took this way too far.

EDIT: I found 5 of the parodies on youtube so those you can just watch.

Inuyasha Parody Clip 1: PORN STASH!

Inuyasha Parodies | MySpace Video

Best Quote: “Sweet, potato chip porn!”

Inuyasha Parody Clip 2: MIROKU’S BREAST EXAM!

Inuyasha Parodies | MySpace Video

Best Quote: “See ya later, Larry!”

Inuyasha Parody Clip 3: DJBOUTI POWER

Inuyasha Parodies | MySpace Video

Best Quote: “Yup……I’m starin at the ground.” (there’s actually a lot of good ones in this one)

Inuyasha Parody Clip 4: DNA

Inuyasha Parodies | MySpace Video

Best Quote: “Surprised expression?”

Inuyasha Parody Clip 5: INUMAN

Inuyasha Parodies | MySpace Video

Best Quote: “Kamekaze watermelon.”

Inuyasha Parody Clip 6: ROFFLECAKES!

Inuyasha Parodies | MySpace Video

Best Quote: “Heh, and the demon’s like, ‘Heh I’m going to kill you’, and I’m all like, ‘Heh, no you’re not.’ (laughter)”

Inuyasha Parody Clip 7: KEG PARTY!

Inuyasha Parodies | MySpace Video

Best Quote: “If Aunt Jemima wants to take us down…”

Inuyasha Parody Preview Clip 8: PREVIEW!

Inuyasha Parodies | MySpace Video

Best Quote: “Amazment!?”

That’s the best I can do for you. But yea, this is kind of a filler post. I don’t really need a filler post, since I post way too much as it is, but there you go.


Idea For A New Anime

Once in a while, an idea comes along that is so perfect, so genius, so incredibly superior to all other ideas, that you have no choice but to somehow intact that idea, or at least make a post about it on your blog or ISSS. Well ladies and gentleman, I have realized that idea. And it’s actually silly…..it’s been right in front of me the whole time, just sitting there, waiting for me to notice it, kinda like that girl in class who you don’t really notice, but then you see her 2 years later and she’s hot as fuck. That’s right, an analogy such as that must surly have let you know that I’m serious, and so now, here is my idea for a show:

My Anime!

By Glo the Legend

The Premise

Uhhh…………well, the premise doesn’t really matter much, so I’m going to skip it……meh, I’ll make something up really quick, (I’m a genius so it will probably be great anyway)……and at some point, you might think that this is a “troll post” (I hate that word), but it’s not……well it kind of is, but I’m letting you know now to expect something dumb, so it’s not. There’s also going to be a plethora of spelling and grammar mistakes, please ignore the shittiness.

Let’s see, uhhh……okay.

Studio – Hmmm, I feel like it’s a show with randomness, so SHAFT might be good, but I don’t really want that kind of animation. I like what Silver Lining did with Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, so I’ll pick them.

Genres: comedy, school, maybe throw some romance in there or something. There will be fanservice, but not much, and it will all only be for the sake of comedy. No panty shots or still frames of girls covering themselves up while going, “Nyaa~!” or any bullshit like that.

In a school in Japan, there is a girl named, oh hell, Aiko. There’s also another girl named……let’s sayyyyy Rin. Aiko and Rin are rivals, and the school happens to be split down the middle with fanclubs. Half of the school loves Aiko, and the other half loves Rin. In the school, they’re almost like political parties….this is also an all girl’s school, by the way. This is a co-ed school, by the way, although both Aiko and Rin are quite obviously girls. So anyway, the school has two fanclubs, and the fanclubs are obsessed with their idols (this includes teachers, who display their bias in many many ways). It’s kind of like a school filled with only Red Sox and Yankees fans, so basically everyone gets on everyone’s nerves and argues over which is better.

However, Aiko and Rin are both completely oblivious to this. They don’t even know that they have fanclubs.

One day, a boy named Yoichi (I love that name it sounds sick) transfers to school. Yoichi is a typical piece of shit. He’s bounced around from school to school, and, although he is actually very smart, he never does well in school, because he has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). However, his OCD only relates to people’s clothes being either too tidy or too messy. So anyway, on the first day he notices Aiko, who is really hot, but also really laid back (and sort of a slob actually…yet she still has a fan club). Needless to say he goes crazy at how she’s dressed and immediatly rushes over to fix her clothes. Aiko and he immediately hate each other, therefore, Aiko’s fanclub hates him as well (I don’t think I need to explain the fanclub shit anymore, right?).

Next, he meets Rin. As you may have guessed, she dresses way to neat, and is probably rich. Yeah, she’s really rich, and has like…..bodygaurds and shit. She’s very conceited. Her and Aiko hate each other, because they have clashing personalities (slob vs neat freak). So Yoichi sees her and fixes her to be less neat. And so she hates him now too. This basically makes the entire school hate him right off the bat, and he is thrust into a group of the only kids who aren’t fans of either Aiko or Rin which include:

Yuki – She is the most perverted girl ever, and sometimes will be seen randomly tied up in bondage ropes.

Saito – This dude is normal, and becomes good friends with Yoichi. He just doesn’t feed into the whole fanclub deal.

Katsu – He loves to set traps. He sets them all over the place. Sometimes they can’t be explained (like a piano falling out of a cupboard) but his traps will go off, someone will get hit with something, and the show just goes on, ignoring what happened.

Anyway, the rest is kind of cliche, Aiko falls for Yoichi, and so does Rin, and all the while the fanclubs are going at it, and the outcasts get brought into the mix, and everything gets crazy. I just made that up as I went. Personally, I like it.

On to the cast, which is the real meat and potatoes.

The Cast

Aiko – Rie Kugimiya

She is a lazy sloth, but is really hot, and her fanclub loves her slobbiness, which they mistake for a laid back attitude (she’s really just a complete slob). She keeps to herself mostly, and gets annoyed easily. The only thing that she gets really serious for is….uhhh…….hmmm…………..you know what, you guys suggest something in the form of a comment. What is it that Aiko gets serious about?

Rin – Rie Kugimiya

Woah, woah, woah…….both lead females are played by the same seiyu! If you think that that’s bias and retarded, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Anyway, Rin is pretty much a complete stuck up bitch, and does the thing where she laughs into the back of her hand…..can we get a clip?

Perfect. That’s pretty much who she’s going to be.

Yoichi – Rie Kugimiya

Rie can play a guy, don’t think she can’t. You can probably see where this is going, and if you want to stop reading this post now I don’t blame you, that would just mean that you’re a person who can never finish what you start. Now Yoichi is your typical guy. Smart, not too bad looking. Pretty athletic. But he has OCD, where he need people to be dressed in a way that isn’t too tidy, but isn’t too sloppy. Shirts tucked in, but ruffled. High socks not too low, but not pulled up all the way. He feels the same way about bedrooms (only bedrooms).

Yuki – Rie Kugimiya

This girl is perverted beyond your imaginations. She relates everything to sex, and loves to be abused, or to abuse. If you’ve ever seen Puni Puni Poemi, she’s kind of a slightly less random (or some of you might call it, “annoying”) version of…..well, pretty much that whole show.

Saito – Rie Kugimiya

He’s normal. Let’s give him some glasses too. He’s a normal kid with glasses, which means that he’s not normal at all, and is in fact really smart.

Katsu – Rie Kugimiya

He loves to set traps. He sets them all over the place. Sometimes they can’t be explained (like a piano falling out of a cupboard) but his traps will go off, someone will get hit with something, and the show just goes on, ignoring what happened. Yes, I copied and pasted this from above.

All of the People/Extras/Dogs, that don’t have any actual lines (or do) but might still make sounds like the dog/cat/thing in Aria (Pyuu) – Rie Kugimiya

This can include the leaders of the fanclubs, teachers (who would play a part but I never named) and everything in between.

OP/ED – Original, Anime Related Tracks by Chatmonchy

I’ve been obsessed with Chatmonchy lately.


Chances are, you aren’t even reading this anymore. But if you are then let me know if you got this far I’ll tell you this:

The whole point of this post was to produce a show where Rie Kugimiya plays every part, although if you want, I guess you can substitute your favorite seiyu in there, although everyone’s favorite should be Rie Kugimiya. You might think that Rie Kugimiya playing every character would be stupid, because you wouldn’t be able to tell who is who and who is talking. Well you can go to hell, this is my ISSS and I can dream can’t I? CAN’T I!?

With this post, all credibility of Eye Sedso has now turned into dog shit has remained the same.

Guess What? I Finally Finished Umi Monogatari, and What I Thought Was….

Thank God this bullshhh (new favorite word) is over and done with. By episode 6 I had had enough of it. By episode 8 I was struggling. Episode 10 just pissed me off.

Umi Monogatari

Holy pufferfish! This anime was more up and down than waves as depicted by a kindergarten student using Paint:

Why is that exactly? Well let me tell you all a tale. A tale of tales that has been told since the telling of tales was first told during a telling in the form of a told tale that was tol-

We get it. Move on.

Err…right. so I don’t actually have a tale to tell, I just wanted to use the words tell, telling, tale, and told a bunch of times.

You should be banned from the internet. Idiots like you shouldn’t be able to have blogs.

It’s not a blog, it’s an ISSS.

You’re fucking retarded aren’t you?

I’ll ignore that for now, but I’m still going to continue talking. I’m going to tell you a story based off of Hobokon New Jersey. There’s going to be porn involved. Oh, whoops, I completely ripped off a parody.

You still haven’t said a thing about Umi Monogatari.

Yeah, I’m pretty much just having a retarded conversation with myself, which I not so cleverly disguised with the name Voice of Reason. So on to Umi Monogatari.

Umi Monogatari

For real this time

Obviously, the name is perfect for this anime, because it includes the 4 letter word, “mono”. Have you ever had Mono? It’s pretty shitty, and you’re always fucking tired, lethargic, slow…….all words that can describe this anime, which is very slow paced. The thing is, it started off pretty interesting, and I think it was due to these facts:

  • They had in-show fanservice. In otherwords, other characters noticed the fanservice (which, these days, can’t really be called fanservice at all, in fact, no one else probably even noticed it).
  • It had comedy.

Then the comedy and fanservice left (they kind of went hand in hand with each other), and we achieved what every bad anime achieves: Repetitive Bullshit.

Yes, Repetitive Bullshit, the cornerstone of suckage. I will now dutifully reveal the RB in UM.

  1. Everyone: Oh no! We have to save Piss! I mean Urin! We have to save Urin! (snicker)
  2. Karin: I’m depressed about my boyfriend. Or ex-boyfriend. Or boyfriend. Oh, now I’m fine. Oh now I’m depressed.
  3. Turtle: You girls need to use the light.
  4. *Marin: Cries

Repeat in no specific order. If I could watch this again, I would stop where Urin get’s captured, and skip to the last episode, because everything else is just retarded. In fact, the end turns out to be a stupid piece of shit as well, and I’m going to tell you right now what it was. Sedna (the main bad person) was “the accumulation of darkness in everybody’s hearts”……..what the fuck is that bullshit? That’s the laziest way to end a show. Basically, there was no antagonist. Basically, the antagonist was a naturally occurring phenomenon. That’s incredibly cliche and stupid. What a piece of shit. “People threw away their darkness” please. Bullshit. That’s what it was. And then the even more ending was even more bullshit.. And I will tell you that ending now as well. Urin manages to now disappear because of bullshit. Marin hugs her and the darkness and the light “understand each other”. This was so stupid I feel like shitting on something important…..like a statue.

At the very end of the episode, I started enjoying it a bit more, because they brought the comedy back. (I’m talking about like….the last 30 seconds). This anime was good in terms of the following:

Art – Superbly done

Story – lol yea right the story sucked…I mean it started out pretty good, then it got dumb.

Comedy/Fanservice – They were doing this awesomely at first, then they stopped.

*I put an asterisk next to crying. There is a lot of fucking crying, almost as much as Aoi Hana. Now, in my review for Aoi Hana (I think, it might have been something else) I stated that whenever girls use “crying attack” against me, it’s super effective, ie, I’m a sucker for girls crying (I stole this pretty much word for word from blur….I see you blur). Anyway, in Aoi Hana, the crying girls appealed to my nature. In Umi Monogatari, I wanted to punch every single girl in the ovary and throw them off a cliff into a pit of lava. The crying was more annoying that Maria’s howl from Umineko no Naku Koro ni. God damn fucking crying girls.

I actually enjoyed the first 5 or so episodes. I liked them a good deal, but after that, this anime shit the bed, HARD. And the good things about Umi Monogatari aren’t good enough to make me give this anime any higher than a


Bill filled Umi Monogatari with so much darkness that it killed itself.

Ai Kora Fetish

Well, I was over at a site that’s miles better than this piece of crap (which could be any site really), and I was reading an interesting post. Then I clicked a link. The link went here. That made me go here, which in turn made me go here. Now…..well now we’re here.

Ai Kora

Ai Kora is your typical “Glo the Legend will love this shit” manga. It’s about a kid who loves specific parts of a girl, in other words, he is a “parts fetishist”. If a manga or anime has the word “fetish” involved somewhere, there’s a big chance that I’m going to love it. Let me break down the specific parts he is looking for:

  • Specific Eyes
  • Specific Legs
  • Specific Voice
  • Specific Breasts (duh, this is obviously important….although not really to me, as much as I lead on)

Awesomeness ensues. He goes to a high school in Tokyo just so he could have a better chance to meet a girl that has these parts, and wouldn’t you know it, he meets 4 girls, all of which each have one part that he desires, right off the bat. All of them are incredibly cliche, which is completely fine with me. In fact, I might say that this is an incredibly cliche manga. Here are the main girls:

  1. A tsundere (eyes)
  2. A hot sensei (the older woman, legs)
  3. A shy girl with glasses (and huge cans)
  4. A small ninja girl (she has the voice)

These are all very cliche characters, I haven’t seen anything to confirm my beliefs yet (I only read one chapter), but I have a hunch that the sensei is going to like to drink (because that would be cliche). Anyway, the situation is that somehow, Hachibe, (main character) has moved in with all of these girls (well, in a shed on their property, which is the girl’s dorm). You can probably see where it’s going.

Is this another cliche harem? I don’t like those.

Yes you do, you just don’t want to admit it. Everyone likes cliche harem. Although, I wouldn’t consider this a harem at all. Why? Well, I don’t know, it’s not like every girl wants to go…..hmm….it probably is a harem. And yes, it is horribly amazingly cliche, but cliche never bothers me, as long as it’s done correctly, which, in this case, it seems to be.


ANOTHER EDIT/UPDATE: Well, now I’m on chapter 22, and this manga is just fucking awesome.


Milk Grappling! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

ANOTHER FUCKING EDIT: Chapter 35 might be one of the funniest manga chapters I’ve ever read in my life ever.

More Bullshhh That I Did This Week


In a year.

Oh…. Well okay then.

Here’s what happened lately:

I have been obsessed with this OP:

The song is Shojo S and the group is Sandal. It is an awesome song. I love this song. I want the song. I will thusly get the song. 0:35 seconds when the beat drops it’s awesome. The background music is done well. Look at the fucking actual video for the actual song:

I love the video. It’s great. Moving on.

Anyway, what else happened….Oh, I watched episode 3 of

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 3

Here is my episode review:

Anybody notice the fountain in this scene? I pointed it out in the above screen shot in case you didn’t. Youve seen, I’m sure, statues where a boy is “pissing” water (aka the water is coming out of his dickhole) well this statue is shitting water, and that’s ten times better than pissing it. And throughout this scene, the amount of water it shits out constantly changes. I thought this was very funny.

Why, because you love shit?

No, because I love when there’s a scene with both a fecal…I mean focal point, (which in this case would be the conversation and the people involved) and something else retarded happening in the background. In this scene, most people will be looking at the characters, not at the shitting fountain. I myself didn’t notice the shitting fountain until the end of the scene (I obviously replayed the scene to see the shitting fountain). But Baka to Test does a lot of this. They have very small details that are funny if you pay attention enough to notice them. Like in one scene, part of Yoshii’s head falls off (like a broken piece of ceramic). Now, I’m not going to die laughing my ass off at this, but it’s pretty cool and I like that short of random ass shit. That’s it. That’s my review of the whole episode.

Back to


So I’ve watched abot 50 episodes in the past 2 days (literally, I’ll be caught up probably by Tuesday…..in fact, I’ve been watching so much anime lately it’s almost ridiculous. I think I’ve been averaging about 15 shows per day for the past 5 days). So I have a new favorite character. It’s a girl (strangly, most of my favorites are girls). My past favorite character was probably Kenpachi, who is bad ass and awesome. He might actually still be my favorite, who knows, but I just watched episode 223, and it just amplified the awesomeness of a character whom I already thought was one of the best. I am talking of course, about Soifon (Soi Fon?), the captain of division 2.

Awesome silhouette picture, isn’t it? Soifon is a cocky bitch, but not the kind of cocky that is out there. Instead, she just has a cockyness that is almost……..covert? (get it because her division is the covert…..never mind). It’s almost a hidden cockyness, but she deserves to be cocky, because she knows what’s going on. Her entire fight with that guy (I don’t know who he was), she literally just observing him to get ready for an Espada, and then she’s like “Okay, so now I’m going to kill you, and you won’t even be able to tell.” And then she did it. BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM. She BAMs. Here’s another cool picture:

Wow, she’s like the James Cameron of “to be continued” screens (she has the top two, and James Cameron has the top two grossing movies worldwide of all time).

Let’s move on to


Per Baka-Raptor’s request, I started watching Berserk. Now I’ve only seen one episode, as it’s very hard to watch multiple episodes in a row.

So I sat down and got to watching the first episode, which featured guy’s getting shot in the head with arrows, sliced in half……the usual (although less blood than I thought there’d be, which is where the manga comes into play after). Now, I like watching shows where people get sliced in half and shot in the head with an arrow or two. In fact, I’d say that Berserk has a lot of things in it that I like to see in an anime:

  • Huge bad-ass dude slicing people/demons in half with a giant sword, but not in a fake Bleach sort of way, but instead in a realistic kind of way (I’m not hating on Bleach, I love that show when it isn’t fillers). In other words, when you see someone like Ichigo slice a hollow in half, it’s not surprising, nor does it seem like a great feat. But when Guts from Berserk does it, it’s just bad ass and a show of toughness.
  • Huge bad ass dude.
  • Hints at a pretty good plot. Ex: the mark on Berserk’s neck. Questions have already been raised this early in the show. I like where this is going.

So why did I only watch one episode? Well, after watching an episode, I felt like I really, really had to hit the gym hard. I mean, watching Guts kill guys and shit makes me want to just bulk up. I realize I might sound like a huge fag, or a “bro” (they’re synonyms), but it’s kind of cold to go out in the woods and throw boulders like I usually do to work out (I don’t really do that at all), so I went to the gym, and hit it hard. By the end of this series, I might be able to lift a building (this is actually true). My triceps are sore just from typing this, I love it.

So what does this do to me? Well, this changes everything. I might have to revoke some laws that I made, because if anime can make me huge, then I would surly pull down [more] pussy. Holy shit, Berserk is so bad ass that it goes against anime.

One more thing.

Pani Poni Dash

See? I gave artist info.

I was watching this for some reason, and have decided that the character who I assumed was my favorite (Himeko) is actually not, and that Ichijou is actually my favorite. There’s really no contest here, and I don’t know what I was thinking with Himeko. I mean, Ichijou is so odd that it’s awesome, not to mention her eyes are always as depicted. If I ever met a girl with eyes like that, I would date her (yea right). I now must update the character page. By the way, it’s nearly impossible to find this anime subbed anywhere. I can find random parts on youtube (the parts not taken down) but not full subbed episodes. I can find the dubbed, and they aren’t really that bad, but the subbed are better. Pani Poni Dash is still awesome.

I guess I’ll leave it at that. I really just wanted to talk about the OP. The rest is kind of just bullshit. With school starting, expect the same amount of posts from me, because I have no priorities.

XBlade 21: More of the Same (aka, AWESOMENESS)

Ala Atra has translated another chapter of XBlade into English, and as usual the quality is outstanding. These guys deserve a medal. Anyway, this chapter included BAM moments. That’s right, plural.

Haru and Mana decide it’s time to cut this mofo down before he causes anymore trouble, and then they realize that this dude’s blade is none other than they’re friend and peer, Fukuhara. Will Haru somehow be able to defeat this angry mofo without killing her? I’m not going to tell you, because that would be a spoiler, which is the same reason I can’t show you the two BAM moments, because they’re kind of spoilers. I will tell you that both have to do with things getting cut. If you’ve read the manga, I’ll tell you the page numbers that the BAM moments are on:

BAM #1: Page 35-36 (That was an awesome and surprising move!)

Other: On page 40, it looks like Fukuhara might be regretting her choice, and then

BAM #2:Page 47 (Bangshaft!)

This manga kicks ass.

Bleach: Explain This To Me

So I started watching Bleach again, seeing as I’m about…….ohhhh sayyyy……150 episodes behind (rough estimate…I have no idea what episode it’s up to right now). Anyway, I’m watching the filler arc about the princess girl. Yea, that’s how far back I am.

To be honest, the arc really isn’t that bad, especially if you skip the repetitive bullshit, and just watch the important stuff which would be anything with Ichigo, since no one else really has anything meaningful to say in this whole arc. I mean I don’t care what the captains do, because we all know that in the end, they really aren’t going to play that big of a part as to doing the actual saving of the princess and the actual defeating of the main foe.

So as I was watching this, there were several moments when I started thinking, “What is this bullshit?”

Number One: Soul Society is Bullshit

When people die, they go to Soul Society, right? But in Soul Society, people fight, and there’s a possiblility that they can die…err………again? How can you die if you’re already dead, and what happens when you….err……..re-die? Where do they go? Do they go to Soul Society II or something? Are there just like…..50000 billion zillion trillion Soul Societies? Or do you become human again? Or do you become a hollow? No, no, no, none of this is making any sense to me!

Number Two: The Captains Are Morons

They never think before they act, and it’s always the same thing.

  • A problem happens.
  • Ichigo somehow ends up as the bad guy running around Soul Society.
  • Ichigo has a perfectly rational explanation to back up his actions, and offers to explain it.
  • None of the captains want to hear it/don’t believe him.
  • They attack Ichigo which hinders the plan.

Sometimes hit first ask questions second is a good thing. Most of the time, it’s not. Where’s the thought process, people? I mean, the shinigami in Soul Society don’t even try to grasp situations, they’re all just morons. They have no strategic thought process, and you know what that makes them? It makes them dumb animals with swords. Talk about a disorganized….er….organization. I would be hailed as one of the most skilled tacticians ever if I were a shinigami in Soul Society (which I probably am anyway). You’d think they’d learn by now that pretty much anything that Ichigo does is always right.

Number Three: Walls?

In one episode, a mass of shinigami are going to fight in a training thing. However, they get  stuck in a dead end and thusly become stuck. When this happened, I thought, “How are they stuck? Can’t they fly and shit?” Apparently they can’t jump or do much of anything to get over the short walls, which are not very tall at all.

Are you kidding me? I could parkour that shit like it was nothing! At this time, they don’t even think of flying. Yet later, it shows a number of shinigami hovering high in the sky, fighting those huge hollow dudes.

That one guy in the middle is horizantal. That's the kind of flying they can do, yet they can't get over a tiny wall?

Explain that.

Come to think of it…..when the fuck did they all learn how to fly? In the first arc everyone was on the ground, then one day everyone suddenly knew how to fly.

As for my current viewing…

Well, even though it’s just a filler arc, I’m actually somehow finding myself become addicted to Bleach again. I can’t stop watching it. Cheers! And PS: UCONN BEAT #1 TEXAS!!!!