Seras Victoria

You don't even want to know how she killed her opponant (grinded her head against the wall until there was nothing left).


7 thoughts on “Seras Victoria

  1. yea HIIIII FLIPPIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    Also, they were thinking about making a movie with her as the focus, i dont know what has happened with that though

  2. @ oballer: I doubt that movie will ever happen, unless it does.

    @ klux: Hellsing? Seras? What’s not to know? SHE KICKS ASSSSSSSS!!!

    @ Ningyo: I assume you mean the head grinding. It was exactly as you would expect a head grinding to be. I guess you could say that Seras really grinded out a victory in this episode.

    @ Andrei: Hellsing Ultimate kicks ass.

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