My Grading System

Although My Grading System is clearly explained in The List, I feel the need to go over it again, just for funzies (this is kind of a filler post I guess).

Most people’s grading systems tend to be pretty simplistic. Normally a person grades out of 5, 10, or some other number. I, on the other hand, am odd with my grading system, and I will explain why.

A few people believe that maybe I grade out of five. This is incorrect. While a 5 is good on my scale, it’s not the best. It’s not even second best (it’s third best). This is what happened. Originally, I did grade out of five, but then I decided to go back and label the 5-rated anime that I consider to be classics, or in other words, really fucking good. Any show blessed with this marking: ^^, is a show that would be good enough for top ten lists, I’m talking really good shows, like Black Lagoon and Welcome to the N.H.K.

Pretty much, in a nutshell, to summarize, in general, I’d have to say that my grading sytem just got fucked up, but I never felt like changing it. I like my grading system. here, look:

5^^ = Instant Classic, Awesome, Top Ten Eligible

5* = Awesome Show, Not Quite as good as 5^^, but still above just a 5.

5 = Very Good show, quite enjoyable, but not really elite.

4 = Decently Good, nothing really stand out, but not bad.

3 = So-so, Not Really All That Great

2 = Horrible Anime, that was shitty

1 = Dropped, Sucks, Couldn’t Finish Watching if I Tried, Wrote An Angry Letter To The Producers (I doubt that I will ever give a 1)

Essentially, I grade out of 7, as there are seven options to grade, which is weird, but I’m not going to change it, and who the fuck wants to have a boring “out of 5” or “out of 10” grading system anyway? My unique grading system proves that I’m the best.