My Grading System

Although My Grading System is clearly explained in The List, I feel the need to go over it again, just for funzies (this is kind of a filler post I guess).

Most people’s grading systems tend to be pretty simplistic. Normally a person grades out of 5, 10, or some other number. I, on the other hand, am odd with my grading system, and I will explain why.

A few people believe that maybe I grade out of five. This is incorrect. While a 5 is good on my scale, it’s not the best. It’s not even second best (it’s third best). This is what happened. Originally, I did grade out of five, but then I decided to go back and label the 5-rated anime that I consider to be classics, or in other words, really fucking good. Any show blessed with this marking: ^^, is a show that would be good enough for top ten lists, I’m talking really good shows, like Black Lagoon and Welcome to the N.H.K.

Pretty much, in a nutshell, to summarize, in general, I’d have to say that my grading sytem just got fucked up, but I never felt like changing it. I like my grading system. here, look:

5^^ = Instant Classic, Awesome, Top Ten Eligible

5* = Awesome Show, Not Quite as good as 5^^, but still above just a 5.

5 = Very Good show, quite enjoyable, but not really elite.

4 = Decently Good, nothing really stand out, but not bad.

3 = So-so, Not Really All That Great

2 = Horrible Anime, that was shitty

1 = Dropped, Sucks, Couldn’t Finish Watching if I Tried, Wrote An Angry Letter To The Producers (I doubt that I will ever give a 1)

Essentially, I grade out of 7, as there are seven options to grade, which is weird, but I’m not going to change it, and who the fuck wants to have a boring “out of 5” or “out of 10” grading system anyway? My unique grading system proves that I’m the best.

28 thoughts on “My Grading System

  1. It’s not out of 7 if you never give 1’s. You need to give more 1s, the world definately needs more anime rated 1 when they trully deserve it.

    • I can think of one or two OVA’s that might deserve a one, (the Akane-iro whatever OVA would be a one). I don’t think I have many series that would be a one. The Akikan filler is a zero.

  2. You do have a very odd grading system, jkjk that’s a pretty good grading system xD I doubt much anime would be even rated a 5. I agree with Scamp you need to put one 1’s. 1+ for a amazingly horrible show (almost dropped it)…. 1 for yeah its horrible (dropped) and 1- for it sucks dropped on first ep

  3. With so much rage and sarcasms in your posts I always thought you have a whole shitload of 1’s. Xp

    In fact, I’m going to check in your 1’s now… Lol..

  4. The content of the review/criticism speaks for itself. The grading help summing up things about cannot always represent everything one want to say. Nevertheless, your grading sounds good ^^

  5. In movies, I rate VERY low scores but not the same in anime series. I follow the MAL rating in rating my watched anime.

  6. I don’t really tend to grade anime unless forced, e.g. on MAL. Otherwise I’ll basically stick to saying I loved it, or liked it, or hated it, or thought it was boring, etc.

    Ok, I mentioned this ages ago – podcast. Basically… its like having a little radio show that never shows up on radio, only on blogs. You come up with something to talk about, then gasbag for fifteen minutes or however the hell long you want. A few bloggers have done it, like on the now-dead Yukan! blog, and I think Baka-Raptor did one somewhat recently. I think it’d be funny to do one with you.

    • I would definitely do one (even though I really hate the sound of my own voice). I don’t know what you’d want to do it about. Like, would e just pick a subject and talk about it? Is it like…..we each record something separately or is it more like recording a skype conversation or something? Also, do I need to download anything? I assume I would need a microphone. Email me.

  7. when you first started doing this it would piss me off.. cuz when you gave something a 5, it seemed like you were giving it a 5 out of 5, although in reality, it was a 5 out of 7… HOWEVER, I have grown to enjoy your ranking system now that I have gotten used to it.

    Also, did you stop subscribing to my rss? because i feel like i have to tell you every time a put a new post up.. which is understandable because i stopped posting for a while, but this is changing.. i made another today and i am starting to watch anime again, so expect one of those

    lasty, KARI HAS A BLOG! i just found it the other day:

    • I am still subscribed, but I don’t check the subscriptions everyday. Also you’re kind of far down the list (it’s alphabetical….I have to scroll down to get to you since you’re “O” and I have like….50 subscriptions).

      Kari has a blog! WOW.

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