I Already Saw K-On Season 2

Everyone’s making a big deal about the new season of K-On, but none of them seem to realize that we all already saw the second season. First, let me break down the first season:

  • They form a band
  • They spend practices eating cake and playing dress up
  • Mio displays several personalities, none of which fit her character (or maybe they all do, seeing as she has no actual character)
  • They go to the beach.
  • They add a person to the band
  • They spend practices eating cake and playing dress up
  • Mio displays several personalities, none of which fit her character (or maybe they all do, seeing as she has no actual character)
  • They go to the beach

Do you see a cycle here? I sure do. Pretty much, it’s one stupid thing after another, and I think it’s pretty fair to expect more of the same from K-On season 2, because the first season was filled with the kind of shit that people apparently like. That’s right, some people actually liked K-On, which might surprise a lot of you (it surprises the shit out of me). But considering that people ate up all of the bullshit in the first season, I expect that the second season won’t be much different. I bet I could write a much better second season….

Glo the Legend presents

K-On: Second Verse

Remember how K-On was supposed to be a BAND? I think they were a band for two episodes in the first season.

EDIT NOTE: This is not what I think the new season of K-On will be like, this is my version, which would be better (although probably still inevitably suck).

Episode 1: The girls have finally got a gig somewhere, and actually practice for once. Sawako sensei turns back to her original self from episode 5, and goes crazy at the thought of performing in a gig. She beats the shit out of the girls (figuratively) by making them practice hardcore.

Episode 2: The girls arrive at the place of the gig, only to find that they aren’t the only band there. Another band, from another school is there, and their band is a lot better. They also are more on edge, as they have short hair and are mainly punky.

Episode 3: Ritsu’s band (that’s right, it’s her band) plays good, and the punk girls band plays good as well. However, the Punkgirls (I decided that that will be there name) are cocky as fuck, and think that they are better than Ritsu’s band.

Episode 4: The girls are back at school, eating cake and shit, when suddenly, Sawakko bursts in, foaming at the mouth and holding a paper for an upcoming battle of the bands sort of thing, which is a few months away. She says that they have been entered and that they need to practice. Just then the door bursts open and the Punkgirls are standing their with their advisor, who was in a rival band with Sawako during their days in school. Upon seeing each other, Sawako and the other advisor immidiatly decide to use their students bands as a way to decide once and for all whose band is better.

Episode 5: As Sawako gets more intense about training, the girls decide to skip out on practice, because they’re worn down, and instead go to the spa. This will constitute for the gay filler episode so that fans of the first season, who seem to hate interesting plot development and continuity, can enjoy.

Episode 6: The girls seem to be losing interest in the music club, due to Sawako’s intensive and split personality behavior (ex: in class, she’ll be normal, and then suddenly become crazed when something reminds her of the band, usually resulting in her throwing something or someone against a wall or out the window). However, just in time it seems, the Punkgirls show up to their school and kidnap Yui’s guitar. Yui starts to cry or do something stupid, and the girls decide that they have to do something to retaliate, so they contact that girl who is in their student council, and she sets it up where they will preform at the Punkgirls school.

Episode 7: Masked, the girls perform at the Punkgirls school, and as believed, they’re performance lured out the Punkgirls, whose egos are huge. At this point, they notice Yui’s guitar, and after going song for song, take the guitar back.

Episode 8: Instead of a beach episode, or a hot springs episode, Sawako Mugi decides it best to train in the mountains. However, instead of actual mountain training, they just camp out, and Mio gets scared of shit. Nothing is accomplished, and everyone is stupider for watching this bullshit episode. Cmon, I have to throw in a few episodes of bullshit for fans of the first season.

Episode 9: After returning to school, the group discovers that the music room as been taken over by the Male Beauty Club, which consists of all of the pretty boys in the school, who girls lust after. They say that because they are pretty, they have the right to use the room. Needing a place to practice for the upcoming Battle of the Bands, the group tries various ways to get the boys out, all of which are humorous. In the end Sawako asks them to leave nicely, but they refuse, so Sawako throws them out the window.

Episode 10: Nothing’s happening……nothing’s happening……..nothing’s happening……..something about a map…….nothing’s happening……it’s over. People in the audience look pissed.

Episode 11: The battle of the bands start and both Punkgirls and Ritsu’s band are both doing good. They talk smack to each other in between performances. Then the final between them two takes place.

Episode 12: The final battle takes place. Ritsu’s band loses because let’s face it. A band made up of girl’s who are punk, Japanese, and have short hair pretty much rule when compared to Mio and Yui. But for the sake of making fans happy, I guess Ritsu’s band would win. The Punkgirls are pissed, and kill Yui. In fact, Yui dies in every episode, just like Kenny from South Park.
Alternate Ending:

Everyone goes crazy and starts killing each other. Sawako bites someone’s head of.

Even More Alternate Ending:

Krauser-tan from Detroit Metal City (who is now the same age as Yui, Ritsu and all them) comes in with a band, and abruptly kills everyone else with awesome death metal. Sawako bites someone’s head off.

So ends my half serious, half completly not serious representation of a decent second season of K-On. However, we all know that every episode will be the same, and if this season is anything like the specials (yes, I did watch them) then this might be the first anime I give a 1 (if I even watch it, which I probably won’t).

Bottomline? K-On sucks, and watching a second season would be pretty much the same as rewatching the first season.