I Already Saw K-On Season 2

Everyone’s making a big deal about the new season of K-On, but none of them seem to realize that we all already saw the second season. First, let me break down the first season:

  • They form a band
  • They spend practices eating cake and playing dress up
  • Mio displays several personalities, none of which fit her character (or maybe they all do, seeing as she has no actual character)
  • They go to the beach.
  • They add a person to the band
  • They spend practices eating cake and playing dress up
  • Mio displays several personalities, none of which fit her character (or maybe they all do, seeing as she has no actual character)
  • They go to the beach

Do you see a cycle here? I sure do. Pretty much, it’s one stupid thing after another, and I think it’s pretty fair to expect more of the same from K-On season 2, because the first season was filled with the kind of shit that people apparently like. That’s right, some people actually liked K-On, which might surprise a lot of you (it surprises the shit out of me). But considering that people ate up all of the bullshit in the first season, I expect that the second season won’t be much different. I bet I could write a much better second season….

Glo the Legend presents

K-On: Second Verse

Remember how K-On was supposed to be a BAND? I think they were a band for two episodes in the first season.

EDIT NOTE: This is not what I think the new season of K-On will be like, this is my version, which would be better (although probably still inevitably suck).

Episode 1: The girls have finally got a gig somewhere, and actually practice for once. Sawako sensei turns back to her original self from episode 5, and goes crazy at the thought of performing in a gig. She beats the shit out of the girls (figuratively) by making them practice hardcore.

Episode 2: The girls arrive at the place of the gig, only to find that they aren’t the only band there. Another band, from another school is there, and their band is a lot better. They also are more on edge, as they have short hair and are mainly punky.

Episode 3: Ritsu’s band (that’s right, it’s her band) plays good, and the punk girls band plays good as well. However, the Punkgirls (I decided that that will be there name) are cocky as fuck, and think that they are better than Ritsu’s band.

Episode 4: The girls are back at school, eating cake and shit, when suddenly, Sawakko bursts in, foaming at the mouth and holding a paper for an upcoming battle of the bands sort of thing, which is a few months away. She says that they have been entered and that they need to practice. Just then the door bursts open and the Punkgirls are standing their with their advisor, who was in a rival band with Sawako during their days in school. Upon seeing each other, Sawako and the other advisor immidiatly decide to use their students bands as a way to decide once and for all whose band is better.

Episode 5: As Sawako gets more intense about training, the girls decide to skip out on practice, because they’re worn down, and instead go to the spa. This will constitute for the gay filler episode so that fans of the first season, who seem to hate interesting plot development and continuity, can enjoy.

Episode 6: The girls seem to be losing interest in the music club, due to Sawako’s intensive and split personality behavior (ex: in class, she’ll be normal, and then suddenly become crazed when something reminds her of the band, usually resulting in her throwing something or someone against a wall or out the window). However, just in time it seems, the Punkgirls show up to their school and kidnap Yui’s guitar. Yui starts to cry or do something stupid, and the girls decide that they have to do something to retaliate, so they contact that girl who is in their student council, and she sets it up where they will preform at the Punkgirls school.

Episode 7: Masked, the girls perform at the Punkgirls school, and as believed, they’re performance lured out the Punkgirls, whose egos are huge. At this point, they notice Yui’s guitar, and after going song for song, take the guitar back.

Episode 8: Instead of a beach episode, or a hot springs episode, Sawako Mugi decides it best to train in the mountains. However, instead of actual mountain training, they just camp out, and Mio gets scared of shit. Nothing is accomplished, and everyone is stupider for watching this bullshit episode. Cmon, I have to throw in a few episodes of bullshit for fans of the first season.

Episode 9: After returning to school, the group discovers that the music room as been taken over by the Male Beauty Club, which consists of all of the pretty boys in the school, who girls lust after. They say that because they are pretty, they have the right to use the room. Needing a place to practice for the upcoming Battle of the Bands, the group tries various ways to get the boys out, all of which are humorous. In the end Sawako asks them to leave nicely, but they refuse, so Sawako throws them out the window.

Episode 10: Nothing’s happening……nothing’s happening……..nothing’s happening……..something about a map…….nothing’s happening……it’s over. People in the audience look pissed.

Episode 11: The battle of the bands start and both Punkgirls and Ritsu’s band are both doing good. They talk smack to each other in between performances. Then the final between them two takes place.

Episode 12: The final battle takes place. Ritsu’s band loses because let’s face it. A band made up of girl’s who are punk, Japanese, and have short hair pretty much rule when compared to Mio and Yui. But for the sake of making fans happy, I guess Ritsu’s band would win. The Punkgirls are pissed, and kill Yui. In fact, Yui dies in every episode, just like Kenny from South Park.
Alternate Ending:

Everyone goes crazy and starts killing each other. Sawako bites someone’s head of.

Even More Alternate Ending:

Krauser-tan from Detroit Metal City (who is now the same age as Yui, Ritsu and all them) comes in with a band, and abruptly kills everyone else with awesome death metal. Sawako bites someone’s head off.

So ends my half serious, half completly not serious representation of a decent second season of K-On. However, we all know that every episode will be the same, and if this season is anything like the specials (yes, I did watch them) then this might be the first anime I give a 1 (if I even watch it, which I probably won’t).

Bottomline? K-On sucks, and watching a second season would be pretty much the same as rewatching the first season.

42 thoughts on “I Already Saw K-On Season 2

  1. I’ll bet that half of these predictions are dead accurate. It’d be nice to see them compete against a boy band though just to increase the amount of pain that viewers will have to sit through.

  2. your alternate version definitely better so beware of the raging fans because god forbids it has substance! I saw almost every shitty blog out there covered the return on K-ON (started with DC) and no one actually give second thoughts about Oofuri or Eve no Jikan. That pissed me off.

  3. RaWrRR! I are K-On fan!!! RageE! Hatezz! Lol..
    I have to admit. If your version of K-On ever gets screen-time. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

    I’m proud to say that until now, while blog-surfing, I have not come across a single post about K-On S2 at all. Goes to show how cool the peeps in my blogroll and my comments are! Hahaha!
    *Self-loving* LOL…

    You should talk about K-On specials. OMG! I feel the troll screaming!! Lol…

  4. Oh, look how intense and rebellious I am, doing another post amongst the millions of other posts in the blogosphere bashing K-On! And to top it off, I might just show my tremendous wit while I’m at it!
    Call me a raging fan if you must, but IMHO if you have nothing new to add to the conversation (boring, moeblob, etc), I don’t see the point… Either way, I have been trolled, so it’s my loss, I guess…

    • This is actually the only K-ON post in the blogosphere questioning the need for a second season based on the repetitiveness of the first. If the silence had gone on any longer, I would’ve written it myself.

      • Judging by the comments in this article itself, as well as countless other posts bashing the series, I’d say it’s the opposite and that the blogosphere is basically an echo chamber of the same ideas regarding the series for a long, long time. But, hey, I’m just a biased, raging fan. Keep on the good work saving anime from the cancer that is moe.

  5. If I was in charge of the second season of K-ON! I’d genderbend all of them and turn up the BL to 12. And then I’d watch it.

    They should put me in charge of things like this, huh?

  6. YEAH YEAH! It sucks right? No script at all, nothing happens. Any acknowledged bad MOE anime (well, I consider all of them bad) is a victory for me against the MOE menace. We need anime with violence and manhood, dudes.

  7. I’d watch that. not even armageddon would stop me from watching that. Yui dying every episode? I would tape it and show it to my grandchildren. It’d be as bold as endless eight, just less infuriating.

  8. Watching the second half of K-On! is literally the same as watching the first half, except with Azusa added in. Nobody ever addresses this when talking about K-On! criticism; it’s always, “You just can’t sit back and have fun watching a series!!” I’d have more fun with the series if it didn’t fucking repeat the first half!! (Seriously, I actually enjoyed the first half, and then … I watched it again and didn’t enjoy it nearly as much.)

  9. I actually really like your alt version, I’d watch that. (Though, a final episode where both bands lose, knocking the ego pegs on the punk girls down, without making Ritsu’s band the winner, would be something I’d like to see.)

    I couldn’t get past the first episode of S1, between the deformed hands and other anatomy problems that drove me mad, and the fact that the guitar was more or less handed over on a silver platter, when I think it would have been more interesting if she got a cheaper guitar instead and started to fall in love with it… So I’m sure that unless Season 2 resembles your alternate version, I’ll be staying far, far away from it.

    Damn… I actually really want to see your alternate version come into effect, because I like the idea of it.

    • My alternate version for shows kick ass. Usually they’re better than the shitty shows I make them for. All I do is take the original show, cast, ect, and remove all (or most) of the bullshit.

  10. I just have to say this….if your hating K-on why are you mouthing….STOP IT…nobody….i mean nobody forced you to watch…and nobody is forcing you to watch season 2…..stop doing your own plotting in someone else work….if you want a anime of your own then damn do it…you don’t need to fix things on someone else story…are you an Idiot???

    • Oh I’m sorry, last time I checked this wasn’t you’re site. Looks like you need to shutthefuckup! That’s what I would do if I were you. Shut. The. Fuck. UP.

      Please proceed to 3:14 for farther instruction.

      Tellin me what to do on my own site you must be out your DAYUM MIND. EYE SEDSO. GET IT!?

      I Said So? I do whatever the fuck I feel like doing. If I wanna re-write a shitty anime that sucks into a shitty anime that sucks a little less, than I can fucking do that! Maybe I’ll do six more, just for the hell of it. I’M CRAZY BITCH I’M CRAZY!

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  12. I understand why people don’t like K-On! and moe in general, but I find all this bashing and “moe is the cancer killing anime” remarks to be a little annoying. (Not that you were saying “moe is the cancer killing anime,” but it was certainly implied)

    But I just gotta say that I did enjoy these shows.

    I sat through the entire series of Lucky Star and K-On!. They aren’t my favorite series, and I don’t love them, but I do like them to some degree.

    The anime that I enjoy the most usually are very unique with a gripping storyline that they take to its full potential. I love an anime that makes me think with a complex plot, and I appreciate all that these series have to offer.

    Moe series aren’t complete crap, though.

    My ratings of a series depend on how bored I was while watching it. If a series can entertain me, whether it’s comedy, action, romance, or something intrinsic that’s hard to describe, then it’s a successful anime in my book.

    K-On! had good music paired with a lot of cute characters doing cute things. It’s not perfect. It’s not a favorite.

    But it’s not boring (at least not all too much).

    That’s why I’m really bothered by moe ranters like you. I know you found it distasteful. I know you saw no worthwhile “plot development,” but is it really not enjoyable in the slightest? Was there never a point where you thought “this is kind of entertaining?”

    If not, that’s fine. I mean, that’s just your opinion, man, and I can respect that.

    I’m wondering if you find an anime with a complex plot the only kind of anime that you can watch/enjoy. If that is the only thing you can enjoy, then I find you to be quite the elitist.
    I don’t mean to argue or anything, just to talk and discuss. 🙂

    On the other hand, your K-On! second verse episode scripting was awesome. I would totally love to watch that. xD Maybe if you become a gajillionaire you can move to Japan, create your own studio, and create such masterpieces.

    • And now is the time where I debunk most of this comment with a simple (and true) sentence:

      Lucky Star is one of my top 20 favorite animes (animes? Is it plural? Does it need the “s”?). I loved Lucky Star. It was awesome. It was actually funny, and it actually amused me. Some say that Azumanga Daioh is moe, and I loved the shit out of that too. There’s a couple shows that could be considered to have many moe aspects that are on my top ten page (located at the top), so moe bashing? I’m not exactly doing that. It’s true though that I don’t like “moe for the sake of moe.” That is, a show based on nothing but cute characters doing cute things for no apparent reason.

      Unlike Lucky Star or Azumanga Daioh or Pani Poni Dash (AWESOME show), K-On was a boring piece of shit with no merits of anything good, except for the music, which was heard mostly in the OP and ED. I think they might have spent about 30 minutes in the whole series actually playing music, which was too bad because I was actually really excited for the series before it actually aired. I was expecting music to play a much bigger role in the show, and it didn’t. What bothered me about K-On was the repetitive plot of stupidity. They took something stupid (cake, costumes) and just used it over and over again. Over and over and over.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like repetitive jokes, but in order for them to work, they actually have to be jokes. And while K-On can certainly be considered a joke, it’s for a different reason.

      They had two beach episodes that were almost identical for God’s sake.

      God I hate K-On.

      Episode 5 was good though.

      There are plenty of shows that have no semblance of coherent plot that I love, simply for their stupidity and retardedness. Puni Puni Poemi is probably as dumb as show as you can get (like Excel Saga), and I LOVED it. Hyakko was fucking awesome.

      You know what? There’s a lot of shows just like K-On (same genre sort of) that I loved:

      – Lucky Star
      – Azumanga Daioh
      – Pani Poni Dash
      – Hyakko
      – Mahou Sensei Negima (does that count? Not really. Threw it in anyway)

      I typically don’t mind the genre of “slice of life” (or whatever you would call it), but K-On was bad.

      NOTE: I have no idea what I’ve said in this comment. It’s probably really incoherent.

      OTHER NOTE: Long comments are awesome.

      • Sorry for misunderstanding you. I figured that if you hated K-On! and thought it had no plotline, then you probably would think the same of many other moe series. I should have checked your top anime list before simply assuming that you were a moe hater in general.

        Anyway, in the post, you didn’t really explain why you hated K-On! exactly. I thought you may have been one of those people where you ask them: “Why do you hate -anime title-?” and they respond with something like: “Well, because it’s shit.”
        That’s not really a reason, so I was curious as to why you really hated it. You may have written that in a post, but I haven’t been following your blog for that long, and I’m too lazy to go on a quest, so I figured I’d just ask.

        To be truthful, K-On! was one of the first anime I ever watched, so it’s been a couple years since I’ve seen it. If I rewatched it now, I may totally hate it and demote it to the shittiest of shit, but I don’t really think that’s likely. I did download some of S2, but I’ve been so busy watching other (more important) anime, so it’s been collecting a lot of dust on my hard drive. I really should at least try it out…
        From what I remember of the series, they didn’t really play music as much as I had wanted either, but I did still find them incredibly cute. >.< I HATED Azusa. I thought she was such a buzzkill, always nagging on everyone else to practice. Yui was awesome, though. I do agree that things did repeat over and over quite a lot, but for some reason I remember liking it. I'm very easily amused.

        This may seem random, but what series had a better second season? I don't know if this counts, but FMAB was much better than the original. The OVA of Tsubasa were WAAAY better than the terrible 50 episode borefest I sat through.

        I've heard that "anime" has no plural, but I think it sounds just fine either way. "All of my favorite anime" and "all of my favorite animes" seem equally acceptable, though I prefer the former more so.

        Oh God, Lucky Star was so damn cute. Some of the conversations they had were kind of boring, but their faces were so cute I couldn't give a fuck. I loved the OP and ED the most; the OP was catchy, and the ED was really unique. It was a really great idea to incorporate the characters singing karaoke into the ED. Even halfway through the series when they changed the ED to the real life one, it was still deliciously random and entertaining. It was so awesome how Konata and her dad were totally chill otaku; they seemed more like bros than father and daughter. By far, the best thing about every episode was the shorts at the end with the totally bipolar Akira and the normalfag Minoru. Those always had me laughing. xD

        Haha it's not incoherent at all. It's quite the opposite actually. Most people on the internet (esp /a/) hate K-On! and all moe shows, so I assumed you were the same. I apologize for making such an assumption. Even if I didn't agree with everything you said in the post, I still thought you were fucking hilarious. And when most people just rant about an anime and leave it at that, you actually took said anime and rewrote it. I read your version and thought "holy shit, that actually sounds really entertaining." Then, I realized that it was never to be. ;_; I'm still searching for the perfect balance between romance and action with good art and music to boot. Alas, Japan has not yet delivered.

        Hell yea. Long comments are the best comments. ^.^

      • I didn’t really notice the cuteness in Lucky Star. I actually liked the content (Konata). And the EDs? AWESOME.

        I too like using the term “anime” for everything, including plural. It just didn’t sound right for some reason in the context I used it. Oh well.

        Romance, Action, and Good Art: Yeah there really isn’t much out there.

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