Manga Mondays: Doubt

No, I am not going to review a manga every Monday. I just liked the title. Doubt kicked ass. The end. Well….not the end. I’m going to talk about how much ass it kicked.

Remember Higurashi? You know how it’s one of the most awesome anime like ever in history, mainly due to the fact that each arc starts off with everything all good and everyone all happy, and usually ends with someone(s) getting brutally murdered? Well this is kind of like that.

Basically, there is this game called Rabbit Doubt. It’s an online game, where the players are all rabbits. Now, in this group of rabbits is a wolf, disguised as a rabbit, who kills the rabbits. The object is to discover the rabbit, and kill said rabbit, before he kills you.

Now, one group of people from this game decide to meet up in real life, which turns out to be a big mistake, because they find themselves stuck in what appears to be an abandoned mental institute, locked in by someone among them, who wants to play the rabbit game for real.

Is there blood? Yes. Are there twists and turns? Many. Is the crazy  mindfucking? Oh yes, this is a mindfuck, and it also kicks ass. Here is a page:

Now, I chose this page randomly, but it does a good job of creating the type of feel that one gets from the manga. A kind of feel that says, WTF is GoiNg oN!? Every chapter ends in a cliffhanger, and that is why I was able to read this relatively short (20 chapters) manga in one sitting with ease. If you like psychological shit, horror, and all that goodness, then CHECK THIS MANGA OUT NOW.

11 thoughts on “Manga Mondays: Doubt

  1. Sure looks cool, I’ll add to it my manga list :3 the cover looks really funny, imagine a person wearing a giant rabbit head standing by the end of your bed ready to kill you, if there was a scene like that in the manga I would laugh really hard xD

  2. This is high up on my list of “OMGD WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED??” mangas, I’m so glad I picked it up when I still had time to read mangas.

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