Sasameki Koto: Glad I Waited

This series just ended. I’m happy now, that I waited until it did before watching it, because this would not have been nearly as enjoyable if I watched it week to week.

Sasameki Koto

Figure A

Before I start, I should warn you that there are some spoilers in here. If you haven’t seen this show, then that’s too bad, because you’re missing an awesome review. I suggest you watch this anime (that’s a recommendation) and then read this review, because I wrote it, and I am awesome.

In case you don’t already know, this anime is a yuri (lesssssssbian) based anime. Of course, as a person, I am generally bias toward lesssssbian based anime (except Kanamemo, which sucked something awful, and should never be viewed by anyone [except the last episode, which was actually good {I think that no matter how shitty a show is, there is always one good episode}]) Anyway, so yea, yuri, right.

Why do I like lesssssbians? Why am I using so many “s”s in the word, “lesbian”? I may not know the answer to the second question, but as for the first question, lesssssbians are just do damn cool…..I mean…….they’re freaking lesbians! (see how I use logic to back up my statements?) For the sake of an argument, I’m going to compare Sasameki Koto to the last yuri I watched, Aoi Hana.

Now, there are many similarities and many differences between the two:


  • Tall lesbian in glasses whose name ends in -umi (Fumi for Aoi Hana, Sumi [short for Sumika] for Sasameki Koto)
  • Two friends of whom the tall lesbian girl likes the shorter friend, however, the shorter friend does not know how the taller one feels.
  • Lessssssbians
  • Other lesssssssbians who befriend the two main friends.


  • Sasameki Koto has a boy who likes the tall girl with glasses, Aoi Hana does not (and in fact, is mainly girls).
  • Sasameki Koto has much more humor.
  • Sasameki Koto has awesome facial expressions (Figures A and B).
  • Aoi Hana has more scenes of girls crying they’re asses off, (as Baka-Raptor has said) while Sasameki Koto has like….2.
  • In Sasmeki Koto, the tall lesbian with glasses is not an open, main lesbian of the two friends, In Aoi Hana, she is.
  • In Sasameki Koto, the tall lesbian is kind of crazy, and out there, but in Aoi Hana, she is much more reserved, and a pussy.

Figure B

Okay, to get things clear, I actually really enjoyed Aoi Hana (I’m bias toward lessssbian shows….or did you forget that in the last 30 seconds?), but I must say, by comparison, I enjoyed Sasameki Koto much more. It was just more fun to watch thatn Aoi Hana, the pacing was faster, and Sasameki Koto has a pretty cool setup of love triangles (or pentagons? or………..a triangle with a tangent?). I mean, you have Sumi. She likes Kazama (her best friend and full scale lesbian). However, Kazama only likes cute girls, such as Akemi, who is actually a boy named Akemiya,  and is student council member with Sumi, whom he likes. Acting as the tangent, Azusa is a random girl who likes Sumi (but no one really like likes her….at least not yet as far as I know). Let me see if I can draw this out:

I did the squiggly mark because she only likes Akemi for like, only a few episodes.

This may not look too wierd, but it is, and that’s awesome.

Now, besides a great love setup (imo), Sasameki Koto has great humor, which, at times, reminded me of Nyan Koi in a way (it is the same studio, albeit different directors) Howso? Take into consideration Figure A. I love those ultra cartoony facial expressions, and will always agree with an anime that has them. Fullmetal Alchemist features them at times, therefore, I think it funny at times (and generally awesome always). An expression like this can say so much. Maybe it says, “Is this person I’m talking to actually serious with what he/she is saying?” Or maybe it says, “I just realized something I didn’t before and now I look/feel like an idiot in the current situation.” An expression is awesome, especially these expressions.

Take into account Figure B. I love it when a cure girl suddenly turns away to the camera and gets a sinister, super detailed face that makes him/her look older. Kyo no Go no Ni did this alot, as did Minami-ke, as did Sasameki Koto (in this one scene. Anyway, the expressions kicked ass.

I don’t really have much else to say, other than Sasameki Koto gets a


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