Search For “1” – Phase A: Eiken

This was the first show I decided to watch. Is it the one to get a ranking of “1”? The suspense must be killing you I’m sure.

The thing about Eiken was only a two episode OVA series, so I can’t help but put an asterisk next to it. I mean, it’s not a real anime series, if you catch my drift. Maybe I should explain that a bit.

If an OVA is attached to an anime series, chances are, you don’t even know I watched it. I don’t record it anywhere. I watched OVAs for most shows (like one episode OVAs and stuff), but I don’t grade them separatly (or at all), and in general, I will count it simply as part of the series, (unless it’s like….12 episodes long). However, an OVA that is by itself (such as DMC or Puni Puni Poemi) can be graded, because it isn’t broken off from a longer series. Get it? No? If you don’t understand what I’m saying, then that sucks, because I’m not explaining it.

This bear was actually one of the stupider aspects about Eiken.

That being said, Eiken was one of the stupidest shows I’ve ever seen. It made the cast of Queen’s Blade look like lolis, and contained such extreme blatant fanservice, that I pooped myself on several occasions. The animation was abysmal, and at times, characters wouldn’t move for ages…..sometimes, not even their mouths. BUT……it is my belief that Eiken is one of those shows that is so bad it’s good (sort of).

However, there was not only a multitude of perverted humor, but the show also seemed to make fun of itself. Basically, this is NOT a show to be taken seriously…..In fact, it doesn’t even take itself seriously, and I’ll let you know right now that Eiken is not going to get a 1, even if it did have a story that was jumbled, random, unexplained, and shitty. Keep in mind that the reason for this is that Eiken was an OVA that expects one to have read the manga first). From what I understand, the OVAs are taken from volume 3 of the manga. I have not personally read the manga (nor will I ever), so it can’t be fair to judge this OVA at all. If I HAD read the manga, I would say that I would give this a classic 3, based on the fact that it’s completely retarded, and perverted, all of which are things that I like in an anime that is supposed to be retarded and perverted. In fact, had this been a series, I might even give it a 4.

Back to the perverted humor:

The next girl teaches her how to do it properly (not even lying, she deep throats it).

I’m a big fan of sexual innuendos (who isn’t). Likewise, I can’t help but like moments like these, and for me to give an anime a 1, I need to hate pretty much everything. Not the case in Eiken. Therefore, despite it’s “Queen’s Blade-Style” retardedness and utter ridiculous fanservice, Eiken gets a non-counting


*: I told you, asterisk. This grade doesn’t count until I read the manga, but that’s never going to happen, so this grade doesn’t count. If there were no manga, and this were just by itself, and the episodes were the same…..this would have gotten a 2 or 1 easily, but you have to factor in the manga.

Next up will beeeeeeeee…..

hmm…well since I can’t find Mars of Destruction ANYWHERE (in both the Japanese and English names), I guess I’ll be starting (by random choice):

Hanaukyo Maid Team

EDIT: Eiken was about a kid who is in a club with girls that all have gigantic tits. In case you don’t know how to use something like google to figure it out yourself.