Alright so I went on onemanga for pretty much no reason, and much to my happiness, I saw that chapter 20 of XBlade had been uploaded. With no time to throw a party, I quickly delved into the long awaited chapter, that to this point had been untranslated.


I was so excited that the chapter was finally out, that I almost pooped my pants. Instead, I read the chapter, and then pooped afterward….in a toilet.

So what happened? Well……not much. Truth be told I had a small time remembering just what was going on, and after a couple of pages I remembered that Misuzu most became a sword for that huge guy with the wierd hair, and said huge guys decides to come back and fuck shit up at Haru’ school. Needless to say, Haru and Mana were just about to fuck shit up when that chapter ended. Gay Balls!!! I’m going to take a break until a couple more chapters are translated, but before that, I would LOVE to thank Twilight Dreams Scans for translating this shit. Awesome job.

I don’t know how many chapters are currently out (raw)…..but I hope it’s like…..5 billion…..I also hope that Twilight Dreams Scans suddenly develops super powers that let them translate manga at a pace of one chapter per day. I also would like 56 billion dollars, but that’s probably not going to happen either.

I have to go buy a new microphone now so buy.