2010 is Going to RULE.

EDIT: I just found this…..it’s like….a month old…..so…..uh…….whatever, here it is, but first, a picture that relates to the matter of said (this) post:

So why is 2010 going to kick you in the teeth? There are several reasons:

  • Zero no Tsukaima Season 4 – February 2010!? I don’t care what anyone says, I still like this show.
  • More Shakugan no Shana
  • New Lloyd Banks cd
  • New My Chemical Romance album
  • Cat Shit One – Cute Animals Killing each other in war (it’s 3d animated, and looks fucking hilarious/awesome)
  • New Ironman movie
  • More Black Lagoon (OVA).
  • Dissapearance of Haruhi Suzumiya – I am EXCITED.
  • Fate/Stay Night Movie – I am REALLY EXCITED.
  • Trigun Movie – I am REALLY FUCKING EXCITED.
  • Unless my ISSS implodes, I’ll reach 100 K!!!

Anything I forgot?


33 thoughts on “2010 is Going to RULE.

    • Are you sure no ZnT? I heard it was coming out from several sources (but I do doubt Feb 10th….surly there would be a PV by now if that were the case).

      I’m just going to keep hoping that they do make one.

  1. I really really can’t wait for the Suzumiya Haruhi movie. (Either it will be epic win or epic fail.)
    And Hell yes! More shana and more Black lagoon and moreover Bakuman is getting animated.
    Now we only need the third season of Full metal panic! and 2010 would be perfect.

  2. New trigun movie? holy shit?
    well, the iron man trailers make it look like they made a bit of a joke of the 2nd movie, but I’m still going to watch it for that war machine like suit at the end.

    UBW will be awesome as well, but when I think about it, Archer did like what, 1 UBW in the blade works arc? That lasted like 20 seconds cuz he ran out of energy and then had to retreat? shirou blade works isn’t half as cool >.>

  3. Man, I’m so OUT of this season that those anime titles do not mean anything to me. YAY! Of what I should be aware of? Hahaha… Any violent gritty anime in there? I DO NOT LIKE KIDDIES! I like anime with no jokes! neah, I kinda like Kuroshitsuji (a lot, matter of fact) and a little Nyan Koi, but just a little. But more Black Lagoon would be great! GRITTY! UHA!

  4. I might get shot in the head for this. Even though I am familiar with Shana and the whole franchise thingy, I have not watch the show itself. Maybe the time has come for me to start watching the show >_>

    And I am (not so secretly) envious of your ISSS hits

  5. # More Black Lagoon (OVA).
    This better be true! Cause I’m hyped…

    # Fate/Stay Night Movie
    # Trigun Movie
    Looking forward to these too. But can’t compare to the anticipation for Black Lagoon.

  6. ZnT season 4… Shakugan no Shana 3… Disappearance of Haruhi… totally cannot wait.

    Oh and, you missed out the second movie of Eden of the East, the new Wolverine movie and K-ON! season 2 (<- lol).

    • Holy, shit, I was going to respond to his sooner, but instead I played soccer because it was so nice out.

      I forgot about the Wolverine movie….I hope it’s better than the last one, which was filled with bad cliches as opposed to good ones.


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