Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu is God Damn Awesome

Dudddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. This show ROKS. That’s R O K S, ROKS (the C is silent). Wow, relavant reference right off the bat!

Klux already pointed out some of the more awesome aspects of this series (like great humor and things such as blood)… fact, she pretty much covered all of the awesome aspects of this show….so what the fuck am I trying to do here? Why am I even bothering to write up a post? Because, it’s THAT GOOD.

Here, I’ll try and break it down a bit, so that I’m not completely ripping off klux (which I could do if I really wanted to, because I’m the fucking man, but won’t, because I’m the fucking man).

Aspect #1: Characters

I love characters. I consider characters to be the most important aspect of an anime. Generally, if a shit show has awesome characters, I’ll like it. For example, if someone made my piece of shit show into an actual show, I would literally shit bricks for weeks (actual bricks). Take this dude for example. He plays the role of the voyeur to such a great extent, that people (Yoshii) actually call him, “Voyeur”:

And in case you're wondering, light blue.

Now, there have been voyeur characters before, I’m sure (I mean, it’s anime. It’s made in Japan. Put 2 and 2 together). But Kouta takes it to the extreme. He’s got his camera. He’s on the ground. He’s not even trying to hide it! No, no…..this dude is playing his role like a champ.

Other characters include Hideyoshi, the typical trap (I guess). What gender is he….she………….it? Yoshii believes Hideyoshi to be a girl (and nothing will change his mind), but Hideyoshi clearly states that:

What a fag. I mean, you’re a dude, but you’ve got shit in your hair, and…….Jesus Christ, at least try to look like a guy…….at least you’re an anime character and not a real life person, otherwise people wouldn’t be having your whole basic situation (no, that is not a Jersey Shore reference). Anyway, like the other characters, more jokes are made out of this aspect, and they are all great.

I’m not going to get into the other great characters, who are all unique but at the same time cliche. I think it’s time that I actually explain the plot (or overview or whatever), so that you have a fucking clue what I’m talking about.

Aspect #2: The Plot (or overview of whatever)

Fuck a duck. This plot is ass kickingly grand. Basically, you have a school. This school does things differently than others. Not only does it separate students into a caste system (shitty students on the bottom, in a shitty room….good students on the top, in an awesome room……our cast is cast to the bottom of the caste (gonna give myself a pat on the back for that bit of writing [I actually did it too]).

That sounds okay, but nothing special.

That’s true, but that’s because there’s a twist. You see. each class can challenge another class, and if they win the battle (which I will attempt to explain), then the winner can take over the class of the loser. Therefore, Class F (the shittiest class) can beat Class A, and then would be able to switch facilities with class A. However, the battles are a bit…..different.

Basically, everyone has a bodygaurd (in the form of a chibi character of themselves) that does the battles. These characters are awarded points based on the scores of their last tests. Example. A good score will give that person higher points. While a lower score gives them shit for points. Apparently points can be awarded for subjects too (although I’m hazy about that). I’m just going to stop explaining here, because this is all I get relating to the battles. Here’s a picture:

Get it? I kind of do, so you can get it too, I’m sure. anyway, this plot might sound kind of dumb (that’s what I thought at first), but it’s actually the most awesome thing ever. This show is freaking sick nasty, and I reccomend that you pounce on it ASAP. That is all. It earns the Glo the Legend Approval Mark: