Nascar Can DIE

Guess why I’m pissed off this time? If you guessed that it was because I have a really small penis, well then you’re wrong, because I have a great penis. No, no, no. The reason why I’m pissed off is because of this bullshit article I read on, which stated that espn will be carrying a lot more nascar races this year. OHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK. STOP THE PRESSES, I AM ANGRY!

Look at this piece of shit......HE'S A FUCKIGN PIECE OF SHIT!!!!

Look at this piece of shit.......HE'S A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!

First of all, why do people like this joke of a sport? It’s got to be the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard of. One time I tried watching it once, and after 5 minutes of the same bullshit, I ended up going outside and blowing up my car. Thanks a lot, nascar, because of you, I now have to take the bus to work. Do you know how shitty public transportation is? All sorts of shit can happen.

What is the actual point of nascar, other than to waste thousands of gallons of gas per year, thus raising the price of gas for all of us? As stated before, the drivers don’t do anything but drive in a circle. I mean, there’s no real obstacles in front of them, other then other cars.Nascar would be better if they threw some obstacles in the courses, like small, bratty children. This would kill two birds with one stone. On one hand, you would have nascar be slightly more interesting, and on the other hand, if your kids are ever misbehaving, you can threaten them by saying that you’re going to have them appear on nascar, or maybe actually do it. Trust me, they’ll never be bad again (or in some cases, alive). But honestly, it’s not the actual sport that I hate, it’s more of the fact that people like the sport, and more importantly the actual people who like the sport (that was kind of a confusing sentence).

What do I think of when I hear the word, “nascar”……usually, I think of shitty, fucking, rednecks. Who doesn’t. I remeber reading a study that tallied up the average IQ of nascar fans, and that the result placed nascar fans far below the average IQ for the nation. What does that tell you? It tells me that we should start hunting redneck, and eventually kick them all out of the nation. Send them to China or Russia or some shitty country like that. Better yet, send them to Mexico. No one in Mexico has any clue what’s going on anyway.

Rednecks have a way of turning where ever they live into a third world country. Have you seen some of the redneck areas? Here are some pictures (found via Goolge):

To reiterate....ALABAMA SUCKS.

If you want to know more, type in redneck in google, and have fun. Okay, I’m sort of getting off topic here. I was supposed to be talking about nascar, and somehow I started ripping on rednecks. I mean, I don’t really need to rip on them. Everyone knows that rednecks suck, except of course, rednecks, who for some reason think that they’re witty and smart simply because they are rednecks. God damn it I hate rednecks.

Back to nascar. Well……what more can I say? It’s a stupid sport, and I don’t want it taking up air time on espn. I’d rather watch anything else…..even infomercials are more entertaining than nascar. Nascar sucks, and I hate it more than anything else in the world. Even more than hippies and hobos (who I don’t mind as much thanks to Tokyo Godfathers).

What more can I say here? I hate nascar and I hate rednecks.