Seikon no Qwaiser: Predictions

I’m going to keep this kind of short and sweet….maybe…..but anyway, this was one of the few (three) shows that I planned on checking out this season, mainly due to this dude (Sasha the Martyr), who has a bad ass appearance that just screams “bad ass appearance.”

If you know this show, then you realize that this is only this dude’s “normal everyday” appearance, not his bad ass appearance. His bad ass appearance is much more bad ass, but I’m not going to show you that one (because I’m too lazy to backtrack through the episode and take a screen shot). Basically, this is a dude who doesn’t take shit. Fuck, he doesn’t even take praise, he just handles business.

Anyway, that was the reason for me starting this show. Other than that, I had no idea what this was about. Apparently, it has something to do with God, and Alchemy as well as sick Alchemy fight scenes, which are sick, and awesome.

One thing I didn’t realize that this anime had was a shitload of boobs. There’s tits flying left and right in this show, and depending on which version you watch, these boobs can either be covered, or not. In fact, on of the ways that bad ass dude gets powered up is by sucking tits. He literally drink tit milk for power. Normally, I would find this funny, and awesome. but in this case, I feel like it kind of takes away from the bad assness that this show could be.

Don’t get me wrong, I love tits, but honestly, how can I take anything in this show seriously when there’s stuff like this going on? At least make it like…..match the anime better. Keep in mind that the above scene took place right in the middle of a fucking awesome fight scene, thus  making all of my adrenaline seize, and ruining the fight scene for several seconds (until the fighting commenced, at which point I didn’t care about this anymore). But I do feel like the fan service and bullshit like the above picture does take away from what I wanted out of this originally: Awesome Shit.

That being said, this show still kicks ass, and I am DEFINITELY going to keep watching it.

That being said, I may opt for the censored version, because I think I actually want less retardedness for this show. Here is why I like this show:


  • Clearly there are lesbians.
  • Clearly there is alchemy (because they say so)
  • Clearly there is a bad ass character who is also mysterious.
  • Clearly there are awesome fight scenes.
  • Clearly there is a mysterious background and other mysterious things happening in the shadows.

Taking Away From These Things Is

  • Lots of huge boobs.
  • Blatant and Funny Fanservice.
  • Boob Milk (that’s right, and it’s not even acidic!).
  • More boobs.
  • Girl’s with tremendously large boobs.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I love tits (in real life…hell I’ll like em in anime too if they provide humor), but throwing tits in this is like throwing tits in…..well…….a show where tits don’t really belong (maybe like FMA?). They just don’t go with the show. You might get what I’m saying….you might not.
  • There’s also the chance that I’m completely wrong and that the boobs will simply enhance everything.

Now, let it be known that I watched both versions of this first episode (duh), so I made a decision based on a comparison, which version I preferred. So let me say this: If you want some naked tits and some boob suckling, go for the uncensored version and have a blast (maybe even literally, if you like that kind of thing). If you’re looking for subsequently less fanservice, do what I’m doing and watch the censored version, which isn’t as bad, although some scenes piss me off, when there’s dialogue and sound effects, and all there showing is a fucking tree or something. That pisses me off a little, and might have me ending up watching the uncensored version when it’ all said and done. Either way, it’s a good show.

My Prediction

Mafuyu suckles on Tomo’s tits, and gets awesome power. I mean, Mafuyu and Tomo (do I even have their names right?) obviously need to bang by the end of this. Clearly they want to, Mafuyu keeps saying that she wants to get stronger, and the bad ass kid told her that she needs to get stronger. Usually that means that she’s going to get stronger. Likewise, tit milk obviously has a positive effect on people like the bad ass dude, and Tomo (if that’s her name) has huge fucking tits. It just seems like the most likely scenario.

And with that, I say that this show gets the Glo the Legend mark of approval, although it should be taken with caution.


14 thoughts on “Seikon no Qwaiser: Predictions

  1. I’m probably going to go for the uncensored version, mainly because the censorship isn’t fluid. Stuff like this:

    If you’re looking for subsequently less fanservice, do what I’m doing and watch the censored version, which isn’t as bad, although some scenes piss me off, when there’s dialogue and sound effects, and all there showing is a fucking tree or something.

  2. I have watched both versions too and conclude that I just need to forget about the anime and just read the manga. It was far better animated, ironically, and the tits sucking didnt get in the way of an awesome fight.

  3. This is honestly the worst season ever. An anime for Bra and Panties, an anime for breast-sucking, an anime with moe-blobs running around in kindergartens. The only possibly good shows are Durrara and Nodame:Finale (which is exclusively reserved for Nodame Cantabile fans only).

    Ah well, this is a good opportunity to catch up with the stuff I missed out. Gasaraki, anyone? 😉

  4. @ Baka-Raptor: Oops, looks like I used the wrong form of “there”….it should have been “they’re”. Oh well.

    @ klux-o-saur: I’ll end up sticking with the censored version…..although some other shows I am dropping all together.

    @ egress63-saur: There’s a lot of shit. But were there’s shit, there’s also awesome, like Baka to Test.

  5. I also like Sasha, his looks are a bit different from the typical harem male lead but I’m not happy with a particular aspect: they made him look like a complete shota. That being said, yuri? I don’t know why I act surprised considering the theme of this show. Ah well, I’ll continue for a few more eps..but this whole sucking of milk is the biggest turn-off.

  6. o yea.. i was watching this and i realized there is one GIANT reason that i cannot see sasha as a badass…. HES RUSSIAN….. i hate him… easily my least favorite character… because hes russian

  7. Lol, I didn’t see the “predictions” heading for the predictions section lol. But mmm, I doubt that, because neither are qwasers…or people who can manipulate an element. The only good it’d do is for fanservice really…which is probably what you were talking about, but just saying.

    I really like this show, and the boobs is half of the show. I don’t think it takes away from anything quite honestly. It’s staying true to the manga relatively speaking and people love it 😛 And me too. I’m covering Seikon No Qwaser till I die.

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