So I Was Continuing Chu-Bra, When Suddenly…..



11 thoughts on “So I Was Continuing Chu-Bra, When Suddenly…..

  1. I’m enjoying this anime quite a bit, which is odd. It seems shallow, but there is some good stuff under the surface.

    • The only good thing I saw was that sensei speak in Engrish. Other than that it’s just girls talking about what bras are good for them and stuff. I don’t feel like watching a tutorial on bra and underwear shopping. But hey, if you can enjoy it, more power to you.

    • That line made me throw up my hands….then I tried to watch the episode later and got about halfway through before I decided enough is enough. I’m sure it probably gets better (because it can’t get worse), but I’m not interested enough.

  2. Duude, I friggin love this show lol. Like furreal 🙂 Anyways, a great day DOES start with undies! At the moment, I have on some under-armour compressions because they’re so luxurious!

    But seriously though. I like this show and think it’s a great show just to watch and relax to.

    • I couldn’t take this episode, only because I feel like I’m being sold women’s underwear, not watching an anime. The characters aren’t bad, but there’s just not enough substance for me.

      Even the plot isn’t that bad, although I think it’s poorly expressed. Not enough funny.

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