Eye Think it’s Time for an Update

Of all sorts of shit that I’m watching, and what I think of all of it.


Well, this is one of the shows that everyone has been raving about. Being a big fan of Akiyuki Shinbo myself, one could say that I’ve been destined to love this show. So then why am I still on episode 3? And why could I not even get through episode 4? I’m sorry, but I’d rather watch more Maria + Holic. This show is boring as fuck. If I wanted to watch a show comprised of debates and witty banter, I’d kill myself watch a talk show or something. This better get better.


Still on episode 14. At this point I’m beginning to think that I’ll always be on 14.

El Cazador de la Bruja

This show started off pretty awesome. There were fights, cool things going on…..I was enjoying it. But somewhere along the line (episode 7, which is the last one I saw) the show became infested with bulllshit and filler, and I did not like it. I hope this show pick up the pace a little, because I’m finding it very slow moving as of late.

Fight Ippatsu! Juden-chan!!

That’s right….slowly but surly, I’m still watching this. I’ll put on an episode every now and then, and honestly, it really isn’t that bad. I mean, once you get over the fanservice (which I feel is lessoning) it’s not horrible. Certainly better than K-On. As of now I’m on (finished) episode 6.

Umi Monogatari

9 episodes done, and I really don’t want to finish this. The art is awesome. The OP and ED aren’t even that bad (but they’re not good). The story is pretty good, and there’s one character that I love (Kanon). BUT, this is such a boring anime that it makes me want to gougue my eyes out just for some fucking action. The same fucking background music plays throughout, even during “exciting” scenes, like fight scenes. Do you know what that does to the scenes? It makes them worthless. God this anime is boring.

Other Shit

  • I actually watched TWO episodes of Ranma 1/2 for the first time in like….a year, and I actually enjoyed the episodes (but fuck, I HATE Happosai).
  • I started Berserk. I’m probably going to end up reading the manga afterward. Post forthcoming (duh)
  • InuYasha is fucking great.
  • I started reading Dan Brown’s latest book, Lost Symbol. It features Robert Langdon (main character from Angels & Demons and The da Vinci Code…..so you know it kicks ass).
  • I started Kampfer…..I already published that post.
  • My paychecks keep getting higher, but I’m working the same amount of hours. Explain that to me (not complaining at all though).

My manga really hasn’t changed.

Kamfer: The Animation Sucks, The Story is Weak, But….

Akane is a hilarious character. That’s probably the one thing that I can say about this anime.

What makes her so funny? At first, she may at first appear to be a shy, kind of awkward girl. But very quickly, you learn that she’s very quick to think that everything someone (mainly Natsuru) says is related to sex in some way shape or form. If I were a psychiatrist (which I’m not) then I would say that this stems from her subconscious yearning for Natsuru’s girthy man-chode. Even if I weren’t a psychiatrist (which I’m not) I would still probably have this same assumption.  This girl has sex on her mind more often than I do, which is a considerable feat. It is clearly evident that she wants his meat shaft, and in and around her mouth, vagina, and maybe even ass-hole. What a masochist slut!

So she mistakes everything to be sexually related……that’s going to get old fast.

Not true. I could watch 26 episodes of her doing this all episode long, and I would think that it’s funny. And what’s better about her, is that when she transforms into a Kampfer (or whatever the fuck happens) then she suddenly becomes a red-haired girl who is cocky, bad mouthed, and ready to kick ass, which is completely different from her personality as a…….er……non-Kampfer. This makes her even more awesome, because it gives her a bit of split personality. She has already won the best character for this anime, which otherwise, I don’t have much more good things to say about.

Kampfer so far (two episodes) is okay. Probably wouldn’t have bothered writing a post about if it weren’t for Akane. I have also started Berserk, which is great. I will probably read the manga when I’m done (for Berserk).

OH WAIT! One more awesome thing: They break the 4th wall by making fun of seiyu that voice characters in the actual show:

I fucking love that shit. This show wins my checkmark of approval: