Eye Think it’s Time for an Update

Of all sorts of shit that I’m watching, and what I think of all of it.


Well, this is one of the shows that everyone has been raving about. Being a big fan of Akiyuki Shinbo myself, one could say that I’ve been destined to love this show. So then why am I still on episode 3? And why could I not even get through episode 4? I’m sorry, but I’d rather watch more Maria + Holic. This show is boring as fuck. If I wanted to watch a show comprised of debates and witty banter, I’d kill myself watch a talk show or something. This better get better.


Still on episode 14. At this point I’m beginning to think that I’ll always be on 14.

El Cazador de la Bruja

This show started off pretty awesome. There were fights, cool things going on…..I was enjoying it. But somewhere along the line (episode 7, which is the last one I saw) the show became infested with bulllshit and filler, and I did not like it. I hope this show pick up the pace a little, because I’m finding it very slow moving as of late.

Fight Ippatsu! Juden-chan!!

That’s right….slowly but surly, I’m still watching this. I’ll put on an episode every now and then, and honestly, it really isn’t that bad. I mean, once you get over the fanservice (which I feel is lessoning) it’s not horrible. Certainly better than K-On. As of now I’m on (finished) episode 6.

Umi Monogatari

9 episodes done, and I really don’t want to finish this. The art is awesome. The OP and ED aren’t even that bad (but they’re not good). The story is pretty good, and there’s one character that I love (Kanon). BUT, this is such a boring anime that it makes me want to gougue my eyes out just for some fucking action. The same fucking background music plays throughout, even during “exciting” scenes, like fight scenes. Do you know what that does to the scenes? It makes them worthless. God this anime is boring.

Other Shit

  • I actually watched TWO episodes of Ranma 1/2 for the first time in like….a year, and I actually enjoyed the episodes (but fuck, I HATE Happosai).
  • I started Berserk. I’m probably going to end up reading the manga afterward. Post forthcoming (duh)
  • InuYasha is fucking great.
  • I started reading Dan Brown’s latest book, Lost Symbol. It features Robert Langdon (main character from Angels & Demons and The da Vinci Code…..so you know it kicks ass).
  • I started Kampfer…..I already published that post.
  • My paychecks keep getting higher, but I’m working the same amount of hours. Explain that to me (not complaining at all though).

My manga really hasn’t changed.


26 thoughts on “Eye Think it’s Time for an Update

  1. i kinda dropped bakemonogatari after the first episode. Besides the art, the rest does little to impressed me and it took me forever to actually finished that one episode. I did it because a friend of mine wanted my opinion which prompted me to write review about it but that was it. I still don’t get it why it got so much rave. The show was boring (echo)

    Same goes for the other shits you are watching. I didn’t get pass the second episode.

    Jeez, I’m too picky.

  2. I’m one of the few that also doesn’t see the appeal of Bakemonogatari, even after marathoning it to watch that last episode everyone else was so thrilled about. I think Shinbo’s latest “win” for me was Natsu no Arashi, although I’ve yet to get through the second season of it. Frankly, Shinbou needs to stop doing so much, and focus on doing better.

  3. Is that a giant basketball robot >.>?

    Ranma 1/2 is like crack cocaine. brief, pleasurable and ultimately pointless. Actually it’s long as hell and not all that pleasurable.

  4. I’ll be shocked if you don’t end up reading the Berserk manga, because the anime choose a terrible ending point. I probably should’ve told you that earlier. Good luck!

  5. Some of the Bakemonogatari episodes are too dialogue heavy and kind of boring (like episode 3 or was it 4?), but some of the other ones are pretty good (the end of the Monkey arc).

    Yeah, Umi Monogatari was nice but kind of boring.

    The Berserk manga… as good as it is, at the pace it’s going now (a chapter every 2-3 months) it’ll never end.

  6. LOL I was surprised that you didn’t like Bakemonogatari, I thought everyone loved it and even chose it as their best of 2009 thing, I’m guessing people like it because there’s a lot of talking? its boring and stays boring except at one scene but I liked the ending tho :3 other then that, all the shows your watching are ones that I dropped long time ago, good luck with it 😀

  7. >Bakemonogatari
    >This better get better.
    NO. It will never be better. That’s why the anime is stuck on it’s 13th episode.

    So you’ve read Da Vinci and Angels and Demons? Shit you really are awesome! Well that’s if you liked it. Also, planning to read Lost Symbol but can’t since I have no money to buy a copy. ;_;

    • Did I read Angels and Demons and Da Vinci code………

      Um excuse me yes. Actually, I read each of them like…..7 times each……that’s right, I re-read books (if they’re good). Is that weird? Not as weird as the fact that I read the Harry Potter books more than 10 times each. THAT is weird (and true).

  8. I’m stuck on the exact same episode for El Cazador. Really want to start Bakemonogatari and Umi Monogatari, but I’ve just been too busy.

    Anyways, it seems like you’re stalled on a lot of series.

  9. Haha, at last u are watching Berserk. Do not be disappointed with the abrupt ending, just grab the manga after, which will explain all much better and the story goes way farther than in the anime. The anime ended like that because the lack of money. I was stuck at volume 15 of the manga for many months, because it wasn’t available anywhere but now I got it and I’m on my way to buy more volumes. DRAGON SLAYER! MAYHEM!
    After finishing the last published volume of A Song of Ice and Fire I found myself with no fantasy to read, so I bought “The Wheel of Time” by Robert Jordan. Big mistake, big disappointment. Just a generic long book with nothing original. He named the orcs “trollocs” just to be original, haha. Well, a great book needs more than that and thousands of pages.
    Im REALLY curious what your impression will be after watching Berserk!

    • Whenever I come across an anime with a lot of filler middle episodes, I always wonder why a studio decides to make them as long as they do. I, mean, if you instead make the series 12-13, they’d be so much more enjoyable.

  10. Judging by these reviews, you subject yourself to an awful lot of boredom.

    Watch Ladies versus Butlers! instead. 😉 And what do you do, work-wise?

    • Ladies versus Butlers? I don’t know about that show. I might check it out.

      work wise, I work teaching ski lessons and I also work at the YMCA during teen zone night thingy. Both jobs pay shit.

  11. “My paychecks keep getting higher, but I’m working the same amount of hours. Explain that to me”
    Bull! Lol… Let’s swap jobs!
    I have the exact same thing, the other way around.
    My job hours keep getting longer. But my paychecks remain the same. Sounds too good to resist huh? :p

    I love Basquash and Umi Monogatari. Both really stood out in their respective ways.
    Basquash really got the adrenalin pumping for me and Umi was pretty touching.

    But then again, I guess you really do need patience if you were to get to the good part.

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