Kamfer: The Animation Sucks, The Story is Weak, But….

Akane is a hilarious character. That’s probably the one thing that I can say about this anime.

What makes her so funny? At first, she may at first appear to be a shy, kind of awkward girl. But very quickly, you learn that she’s very quick to think that everything someone (mainly Natsuru) says is related to sex in some way shape or form. If I were a psychiatrist (which I’m not) then I would say that this stems from her subconscious yearning for Natsuru’s girthy man-chode. Even if I weren’t a psychiatrist (which I’m not) I would still probably have this same assumption.  This girl has sex on her mind more often than I do, which is a considerable feat. It is clearly evident that she wants his meat shaft, and in and around her mouth, vagina, and maybe even ass-hole. What a masochist slut!

So she mistakes everything to be sexually related……that’s going to get old fast.

Not true. I could watch 26 episodes of her doing this all episode long, and I would think that it’s funny. And what’s better about her, is that when she transforms into a Kampfer (or whatever the fuck happens) then she suddenly becomes a red-haired girl who is cocky, bad mouthed, and ready to kick ass, which is completely different from her personality as a…….er……non-Kampfer. This makes her even more awesome, because it gives her a bit of split personality. She has already won the best character for this anime, which otherwise, I don’t have much more good things to say about.

Kampfer so far (two episodes) is okay. Probably wouldn’t have bothered writing a post about if it weren’t for Akane. I have also started Berserk, which is great. I will probably read the manga when I’m done (for Berserk).

OH WAIT! One more awesome thing: They break the 4th wall by making fun of seiyu that voice characters in the actual show:

I fucking love that shit. This show wins my checkmark of approval:


7 thoughts on “Kamfer: The Animation Sucks, The Story is Weak, But….

  1. Akane was by far my favorite character in the show until someone else tied her for first place. That didn’t happen until after the halfway mark though, and nobody beats her at awesome misinterpretation. As long as your expectations aren’t very high, Kampfer is a lot of fun. I look forward to hearing if you still think she’s the breast best reason to continue watching after you get through a few more episodes.

  2. I enjoyed Kampfer because I never expected anything serious from it and enjoyed the extent to which it embraced its inherent trashiness. Nice to see a show that knows what it is and won’t bullshit around by pretending to be classy or above its content.

    Akane was my favorite in the beginning until Shizuku (the student council president) got a bigger role. She’s awesome.

    • I know, I’m liking it’s style a lot so far. It’s a fun show, as halfadeckshort already said.

      I can’t see Shizuku being a better character. although I should mention (irrelevantly) that as you get to know the rest of the characters more closely, you find out that they all kick ass. I mean, whatername that Natsuru likes is a huge lesbian, and now she likes Natsuru in girl form but hates him in male form, which is ironic because Natsuru wanted it the other way around……..Holy shit I’m rambling.

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