Bleach: Explain This To Me

So I started watching Bleach again, seeing as I’m about…….ohhhh sayyyy……150 episodes behind (rough estimate…I have no idea what episode it’s up to right now). Anyway, I’m watching the filler arc about the princess girl. Yea, that’s how far back I am.

To be honest, the arc really isn’t that bad, especially if you skip the repetitive bullshit, and just watch the important stuff which would be anything with Ichigo, since no one else really has anything meaningful to say in this whole arc. I mean I don’t care what the captains do, because we all know that in the end, they really aren’t going to play that big of a part as to doing the actual saving of the princess and the actual defeating of the main foe.

So as I was watching this, there were several moments when I started thinking, “What is this bullshit?”

Number One: Soul Society is Bullshit

When people die, they go to Soul Society, right? But in Soul Society, people fight, and there’s a possiblility that they can die…err………again? How can you die if you’re already dead, and what happens when you….err…… Where do they go? Do they go to Soul Society II or something? Are there just like…..50000 billion zillion trillion Soul Societies? Or do you become human again? Or do you become a hollow? No, no, no, none of this is making any sense to me!

Number Two: The Captains Are Morons

They never think before they act, and it’s always the same thing.

  • A problem happens.
  • Ichigo somehow ends up as the bad guy running around Soul Society.
  • Ichigo has a perfectly rational explanation to back up his actions, and offers to explain it.
  • None of the captains want to hear it/don’t believe him.
  • They attack Ichigo which hinders the plan.

Sometimes hit first ask questions second is a good thing. Most of the time, it’s not. Where’s the thought process, people? I mean, the shinigami in Soul Society don’t even try to grasp situations, they’re all just morons. They have no strategic thought process, and you know what that makes them? It makes them dumb animals with swords. Talk about a disorganized….er….organization. I would be hailed as one of the most skilled tacticians ever if I were a shinigami in Soul Society (which I probably am anyway). You’d think they’d learn by now that pretty much anything that Ichigo does is always right.

Number Three: Walls?

In one episode, a mass of shinigami are going to fight in a training thing. However, they get  stuck in a dead end and thusly become stuck. When this happened, I thought, “How are they stuck? Can’t they fly and shit?” Apparently they can’t jump or do much of anything to get over the short walls, which are not very tall at all.

Are you kidding me? I could parkour that shit like it was nothing! At this time, they don’t even think of flying. Yet later, it shows a number of shinigami hovering high in the sky, fighting those huge hollow dudes.

That one guy in the middle is horizantal. That's the kind of flying they can do, yet they can't get over a tiny wall?

Explain that.

Come to think of it…..when the fuck did they all learn how to fly? In the first arc everyone was on the ground, then one day everyone suddenly knew how to fly.

As for my current viewing…

Well, even though it’s just a filler arc, I’m actually somehow finding myself become addicted to Bleach again. I can’t stop watching it. Cheers! And PS: UCONN BEAT #1 TEXAS!!!!


11 thoughts on “Bleach: Explain This To Me

  1. I don’t even know why are you questioning things in the filler arc…

    but here goes.

    1. When shinigami died, they died. No more coming back shit. When they died the first time their sould was contain into a body (after life or some shit like that) and lives in the Rukongai and if they were lucky, they would have extra special powers that allowed them to be shinigami by attending the academy and shit like that. But yeah, when shinigami is dead, they will be buried. End of story. No re-incarnation shit like that.

    2. I agree. The captains are morons. Why? Because the old fuck is a moron. The people are only as good as the leader. They are even more moronic in filler arc for some reason. I have said this many time but the captains should call a mutiny and fucking kill the old fuck. Only then Soul Society would actually wins war without the help of Ichigo.

    3. referred to my reply on Baka-R’s comment.

    4. You should really just skip the fillers. But it ain’t half bad as the bounto arc I guess.


    • Now that I’m going back and actually replying, I will say that I can accept these terms. The old fart is a complete moron, and lacks a thinking process.

      I will watch the filler arcs, because they’re not bad (I actually thought that the bount arc was part of the manga, because it started at the end of the previous arc, which is the only place where fillers should be added….I mean, look at One Piece, they add filler arcs at the end of actual arcs, and it makes is so much more enjoyable to watch (unless you’ve read the manga).

      Individual filler episodes I will not watch, because they suck. Although I admit I skipped around in the filler arc this time, because they stupidly decided to put it right in the middle of a fight in the actual story.

    • seconded. if anything, least they still got the OPs in the bag.

      and I rofl’d. I’ve always had that soul society re-die discussion with my friends, but it never seemed to have gotten anywhere.

  2. ive been reading the manga because i hate the fillers… teh manga is nasty.. and when the anime catches up itll be sick

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