XBlade 21: More of the Same (aka, AWESOMENESS)

Ala Atra has translated another chapter of XBlade into English, and as usual the quality is outstanding. These guys deserve a medal. Anyway, this chapter included BAM moments. That’s right, plural.

Haru and Mana decide it’s time to cut this mofo down before he causes anymore trouble, and then they realize that this dude’s blade is none other than they’re friend and peer, Fukuhara. Will Haru somehow be able to defeat this angry mofo without killing her? I’m not going to tell you, because that would be a spoiler, which is the same reason I can’t show you the two BAM moments, because they’re kind of spoilers. I will tell you that both have to do with things getting cut. If you’ve read the manga, I’ll tell you the page numbers that the BAM moments are on:

BAM #1: Page 35-36 (That was an awesome and surprising move!)

Other: On page 40, it looks like Fukuhara might be regretting her choice, and then

BAM #2:Page 47 (Bangshaft!)

This manga kicks ass.