Ai Kora Fetish

Well, I was over at a site that’s miles better than this piece of crap (which could be any site really), and I was reading an interesting post. Then I clicked a link. The link went here. That made me go here, which in turn made me go here. Now…..well now we’re here.

Ai Kora

Ai Kora is your typical “Glo the Legend will love this shit” manga. It’s about a kid who loves specific parts of a girl, in other words, he is a “parts fetishist”. If a manga or anime has the word “fetish” involved somewhere, there’s a big chance that I’m going to love it. Let me break down the specific parts he is looking for:

  • Specific Eyes
  • Specific Legs
  • Specific Voice
  • Specific Breasts (duh, this is obviously important….although not really to me, as much as I lead on)

Awesomeness ensues. He goes to a high school in Tokyo just so he could have a better chance to meet a girl that has these parts, and wouldn’t you know it, he meets 4 girls, all of which each have one part that he desires, right off the bat. All of them are incredibly cliche, which is completely fine with me. In fact, I might say that this is an incredibly cliche manga. Here are the main girls:

  1. A tsundere (eyes)
  2. A hot sensei (the older woman, legs)
  3. A shy girl with glasses (and huge cans)
  4. A small ninja girl (she has the voice)

These are all very cliche characters, I haven’t seen anything to confirm my beliefs yet (I only read one chapter), but I have a hunch that the sensei is going to like to drink (because that would be cliche). Anyway, the situation is that somehow, Hachibe, (main character) has moved in with all of these girls (well, in a shed on their property, which is the girl’s dorm). You can probably see where it’s going.

Is this another cliche harem? I don’t like those.

Yes you do, you just don’t want to admit it. Everyone likes cliche harem. Although, I wouldn’t consider this a harem at all. Why? Well, I don’t know, it’s not like every girl wants to go…..hmm….it probably is a harem. And yes, it is horribly amazingly cliche, but cliche never bothers me, as long as it’s done correctly, which, in this case, it seems to be.


ANOTHER EDIT/UPDATE: Well, now I’m on chapter 22, and this manga is just fucking awesome.


Milk Grappling! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

ANOTHER FUCKING EDIT: Chapter 35 might be one of the funniest manga chapters I’ve ever read in my life ever.


8 thoughts on “Ai Kora Fetish

  1. When I heard about ‘parts fetish’, I was expecting something wierder than just eyes, legs, voice, breats…maybe it’s just me that’s wierd 😛

    • Oh, this gets awesome. I’m at about chapter 60 now, and it’s just awesome. There’s all sorts of fetishes coming out of the woodwork, and the characters really aren’t as cliche as I originally thought.

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