Idea For A New Anime

Once in a while, an idea comes along that is so perfect, so genius, so incredibly superior to all other ideas, that you have no choice but to somehow intact that idea, or at least make a post about it on your blog or ISSS. Well ladies and gentleman, I have realized that idea. And it’s actually silly…’s been right in front of me the whole time, just sitting there, waiting for me to notice it, kinda like that girl in class who you don’t really notice, but then you see her 2 years later and she’s hot as fuck. That’s right, an analogy such as that must surly have let you know that I’m serious, and so now, here is my idea for a show:

My Anime!

By Glo the Legend

The Premise

Uhhh…………well, the premise doesn’t really matter much, so I’m going to skip it……meh, I’ll make something up really quick, (I’m a genius so it will probably be great anyway)……and at some point, you might think that this is a “troll post” (I hate that word), but it’s not……well it kind of is, but I’m letting you know now to expect something dumb, so it’s not. There’s also going to be a plethora of spelling and grammar mistakes, please ignore the shittiness.

Let’s see, uhhh……okay.

Studio – Hmmm, I feel like it’s a show with randomness, so SHAFT might be good, but I don’t really want that kind of animation. I like what Silver Lining did with Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, so I’ll pick them.

Genres: comedy, school, maybe throw some romance in there or something. There will be fanservice, but not much, and it will all only be for the sake of comedy. No panty shots or still frames of girls covering themselves up while going, “Nyaa~!” or any bullshit like that.

In a school in Japan, there is a girl named, oh hell, Aiko. There’s also another girl named……let’s sayyyyy Rin. Aiko and Rin are rivals, and the school happens to be split down the middle with fanclubs. Half of the school loves Aiko, and the other half loves Rin. In the school, they’re almost like political parties….this is also an all girl’s school, by the way. This is a co-ed school, by the way, although both Aiko and Rin are quite obviously girls. So anyway, the school has two fanclubs, and the fanclubs are obsessed with their idols (this includes teachers, who display their bias in many many ways). It’s kind of like a school filled with only Red Sox and Yankees fans, so basically everyone gets on everyone’s nerves and argues over which is better.

However, Aiko and Rin are both completely oblivious to this. They don’t even know that they have fanclubs.

One day, a boy named Yoichi (I love that name it sounds sick) transfers to school. Yoichi is a typical piece of shit. He’s bounced around from school to school, and, although he is actually very smart, he never does well in school, because he has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). However, his OCD only relates to people’s clothes being either too tidy or too messy. So anyway, on the first day he notices Aiko, who is really hot, but also really laid back (and sort of a slob actually…yet she still has a fan club). Needless to say he goes crazy at how she’s dressed and immediatly rushes over to fix her clothes. Aiko and he immediately hate each other, therefore, Aiko’s fanclub hates him as well (I don’t think I need to explain the fanclub shit anymore, right?).

Next, he meets Rin. As you may have guessed, she dresses way to neat, and is probably rich. Yeah, she’s really rich, and has like…..bodygaurds and shit. She’s very conceited. Her and Aiko hate each other, because they have clashing personalities (slob vs neat freak). So Yoichi sees her and fixes her to be less neat. And so she hates him now too. This basically makes the entire school hate him right off the bat, and he is thrust into a group of the only kids who aren’t fans of either Aiko or Rin which include:

Yuki – She is the most perverted girl ever, and sometimes will be seen randomly tied up in bondage ropes.

Saito – This dude is normal, and becomes good friends with Yoichi. He just doesn’t feed into the whole fanclub deal.

Katsu – He loves to set traps. He sets them all over the place. Sometimes they can’t be explained (like a piano falling out of a cupboard) but his traps will go off, someone will get hit with something, and the show just goes on, ignoring what happened.

Anyway, the rest is kind of cliche, Aiko falls for Yoichi, and so does Rin, and all the while the fanclubs are going at it, and the outcasts get brought into the mix, and everything gets crazy. I just made that up as I went. Personally, I like it.

On to the cast, which is the real meat and potatoes.

The Cast

Aiko – Rie Kugimiya

She is a lazy sloth, but is really hot, and her fanclub loves her slobbiness, which they mistake for a laid back attitude (she’s really just a complete slob). She keeps to herself mostly, and gets annoyed easily. The only thing that she gets really serious for is….uhhh…….hmmm………… know what, you guys suggest something in the form of a comment. What is it that Aiko gets serious about?

Rin – Rie Kugimiya

Woah, woah, woah…….both lead females are played by the same seiyu! If you think that that’s bias and retarded, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Anyway, Rin is pretty much a complete stuck up bitch, and does the thing where she laughs into the back of her hand…..can we get a clip?

Perfect. That’s pretty much who she’s going to be.

Yoichi – Rie Kugimiya

Rie can play a guy, don’t think she can’t. You can probably see where this is going, and if you want to stop reading this post now I don’t blame you, that would just mean that you’re a person who can never finish what you start. Now Yoichi is your typical guy. Smart, not too bad looking. Pretty athletic. But he has OCD, where he need people to be dressed in a way that isn’t too tidy, but isn’t too sloppy. Shirts tucked in, but ruffled. High socks not too low, but not pulled up all the way. He feels the same way about bedrooms (only bedrooms).

Yuki – Rie Kugimiya

This girl is perverted beyond your imaginations. She relates everything to sex, and loves to be abused, or to abuse. If you’ve ever seen Puni Puni Poemi, she’s kind of a slightly less random (or some of you might call it, “annoying”) version of…..well, pretty much that whole show.

Saito – Rie Kugimiya

He’s normal. Let’s give him some glasses too. He’s a normal kid with glasses, which means that he’s not normal at all, and is in fact really smart.

Katsu – Rie Kugimiya

He loves to set traps. He sets them all over the place. Sometimes they can’t be explained (like a piano falling out of a cupboard) but his traps will go off, someone will get hit with something, and the show just goes on, ignoring what happened. Yes, I copied and pasted this from above.

All of the People/Extras/Dogs, that don’t have any actual lines (or do) but might still make sounds like the dog/cat/thing in Aria (Pyuu) – Rie Kugimiya

This can include the leaders of the fanclubs, teachers (who would play a part but I never named) and everything in between.

OP/ED – Original, Anime Related Tracks by Chatmonchy

I’ve been obsessed with Chatmonchy lately.


Chances are, you aren’t even reading this anymore. But if you are then let me know if you got this far I’ll tell you this:

The whole point of this post was to produce a show where Rie Kugimiya plays every part, although if you want, I guess you can substitute your favorite seiyu in there, although everyone’s favorite should be Rie Kugimiya. You might think that Rie Kugimiya playing every character would be stupid, because you wouldn’t be able to tell who is who and who is talking. Well you can go to hell, this is my ISSS and I can dream can’t I? CAN’T I!?

With this post, all credibility of Eye Sedso has now turned into dog shit has remained the same.


33 thoughts on “Idea For A New Anime

    • By the time it went into production, I would have probably added a lot of different stuff. I most likely would have added a girl with a split personality who is psycho, and changed the plot around a bit. But I wrote it as I went.

      Nah, it would still be dropped by everyone.

    • I disagree. For example, Rie Tanaka has the ability to play many different roles, by changing her voice. Rie Kugimiya can do the same. She can have a really high pitched voice (Potemayo) to a tsundere voice (Shakugan no Shana) to a male voice (Fullmetal Alchemist….although she still sounds like a tsundere voice a bit).

      I would like to see an OVA episode of some voice actor/actress voicing every character.

    • I was expecting this comment coming from someone. I would actually love to see this too. I feel like he doesn’t get enough chances to display his complete awesomeness. He needs more main roles.

      • Curses, my thunder has been stolen D:
        so this guy has… balancing OCD? Pretty intense. When you get it on air I’ll do episodic blogging of it.

  1. Hmm, I think I should be allowed to make an anime, too… let’s move to Japan and start our own anime studio. It’ll be great.

    • Holy shit. Best Idea ever. We’re doing that now (you’re going to have to lend me some money….like a couple thousand dollars, but don’t worry, it will be worth it in the end).

      • Hmmm… money… do we know any cute bloggers we can pimp out? Bonus points if they look underage, act underage, but aren’t underage.

      • if you do that im coming with you… ive had some GREAT ideas for animes… i can be a writer for the show… not an artist tho… i leave that to you jeffrey

      • Hey, we can make visual novels too. Totally kick Key’s ass, I’d be great at making visual novels. Then we can adapt them into anime, but they’d be badass, not all girls crying in the snow and shit.

      • Damn, lets get our fucking plane tickets. Anyone know decent Japanese? I can converse on the level of Chi’s Sweet Home!

      • I took introductory Japanese in college like….a year and a half ago….I got a B+!

        I can’t remember anything though, and truth be told, I failed pretty much every test, I don’t know how I got a B+.

        One of these days I might watch Chi’s Sweet Home….even though it’s about a cat.

      • Well, snap, there’s already an idea for another of the shows we can make! A show about Americans learning Japanese and being stupid about it!

        I got a C+ average over the course of five semesters of Japanese.

        Watch Chi’s Sweet Home. Its ridiculously adorable.

      • I don’t really do adorable, but since I keep seeing the name I’m almost garanteed to watch it at some point. Same goes for that Kindergarten show.

        C+ over five semesters beats the shit out of my one semester B+, which was misgraded anyway. I think if I took Japanese all year round without any other courses I could be fluent in a year, of course that can be said about anything when you don’t have distractions. Japanese is a course I would actually try in, which I can’t say for any other course I’ve ever taken.

      • Even if you don’t do adorable, you will after watching Chi’s Sweet Home. It could melt the heart of Attila.

        My theory about Japanese is that if I could somehow land a JET position, I could manage to pick up Japanese by being constantly immersed in it.

    • Yea if you’re surrounded by any language really you can pick it up pretty fast. My school is having studying abroad to Japan over summer. I want to go so bad but it’s too much money. One of these days…..

  2. I don’t think I’ll get pass the first episode. I’m sorry Glo but there’s a saying that sometimes, things should be done in moderation. Or something like that (is totally making it up)

  3. Katsu is totally my favorite character. I already have the Japan-only PSP game pre-ordered. It’s a ripoff of Tecmo’s Deception, where you have to set traps all across the school and lure students into them. I was too late to get the special edition that has the vinyl figure of Aiko and Rin posing seductively on Katsu’s piano, though. Sucks to be me.

  4. This anime would be one of those typical ‘high-school’ bullshit and harem kind of show. But I love it that you want just the right amount of fanservice since TOO much fanservice hurts. WAIT WHAT!? Don’t like SHAFT animation? Bullshit!
    If you would ask what my idea for an anime, no, don’t. It wouldn’t be good to hear.

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