Ode to the InuYasha Parody

I can’t hold back any longer. I just watched the latest episode of InuYasha: The Final Act (it was awesome, and reminded me why I love InuYasha), and immediately, I went to myspace video to check out these parodies, which everyone must surly know of by now.

Before I get into these, I must tell you. I use almost half the lines in these parodies in daily life. From classics such as “See ya later Larry!” to simpler ones like, “surprised expression?”. I either say or think these lines on an almost daily basis, and have been doing so since……errr…..2006? Without further adu, here are….you know, I have actually mentioned these once or twice on this ISSS, but never in this kind of detail….anyway, for real this time:

InuYasha Parodies

As made by some dude named Chris

InuYasha Parodies, as made by this guy, are funny as fuck, even though they make no sense (for the  most part) and are generally centered around randomness. The voices are dead on (especially the old dude). Okay, some of it might be kind of dumb. but I’ve watched these things so many times that….well……I know them all. Because they’re  myspace video, I can’t actually embed them (I mean, I tried, and these are what I got) just click on them. Below I listed my favorite quote from each. I really took this way too far.

EDIT: I found 5 of the parodies on youtube so those you can just watch.

Inuyasha Parody Clip 1: PORN STASH!

Inuyasha Parodies | MySpace Video

Best Quote: “Sweet, potato chip porn!”

Inuyasha Parody Clip 2: MIROKU’S BREAST EXAM!

Inuyasha Parodies | MySpace Video

Best Quote: “See ya later, Larry!”

Inuyasha Parody Clip 3: DJBOUTI POWER

Inuyasha Parodies | MySpace Video

Best Quote: “Yup……I’m starin at the ground.” (there’s actually a lot of good ones in this one)

Inuyasha Parody Clip 4: DNA

Inuyasha Parodies | MySpace Video

Best Quote: “Surprised expression?”

Inuyasha Parody Clip 5: INUMAN

Inuyasha Parodies | MySpace Video

Best Quote: “Kamekaze watermelon.”

Inuyasha Parody Clip 6: ROFFLECAKES!

Inuyasha Parodies | MySpace Video

Best Quote: “Heh, and the demon’s like, ‘Heh I’m going to kill you’, and I’m all like, ‘Heh, no you’re not.’ (laughter)”

Inuyasha Parody Clip 7: KEG PARTY!

Inuyasha Parodies | MySpace Video

Best Quote: “If Aunt Jemima wants to take us down…”

Inuyasha Parody Preview Clip 8: PREVIEW!

Inuyasha Parodies | MySpace Video

Best Quote: “Amazment!?”

That’s the best I can do for you. But yea, this is kind of a filler post. I don’t really need a filler post, since I post way too much as it is, but there you go.


8 thoughts on “Ode to the InuYasha Parody

  1. Ah, abridged series. They’re funny for everyone but become exponentially better for those who have watched the series in question. That said, most of them suck and everyone knows the good ones.

    I just thought of a formula: F = A^Lf

    where: F = funniness
    A = Absurdity
    Lf = Level of fandom

    • Level of fandom always helps, although I’ve never seen Yu-Gi-Oh and I’m watching the abridged series that scamp recommended below, and am still finding it funny, although this might be because I have a general idea of what Yu-Gi-Oh is about, and may or may not have tried to watch an episode when I saw it on tv, so I know the voices (btw, I couldn’t get through 5 minutes on tv, it was brutal).

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